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The Republic Remnant

Republic Remnant

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Ever Dawnracer

Ever Dawnracer

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Ideas. Ideas can never be destroyed. So long as someone exists who believes

in the idea, it will live on. It is for this reason that we can never truly defeat the

Empire or the Sith, and it is for this reason that we must remain vigilant at all times.

- Unknown Galactic Republic General



The Galactic Republic has long since fallen, but there remains a glimmer of hope within the galaxy. With the rise of the Galactic Alliance, the fight remains against the forces of darkness that seek to overthrow the galaxy. But while the Alliance remains to fight, it's shimmer of purity has long since disappeared. The First Order grows stronger, as does the Galactic Empire and the Sith Empire. The Alliances forces are not, alone, enough to hold all three at bay. Not any longer.


But hope does remain for a brighter future.


A shadow remains of what the Republic was meant to be. Broken, its forces had scattered to the wind, with some going to the Alliance and some disbanding altogether. But some, the few who saw what the Republic was meant to be, what it could be, remained true to the calling, taking forces and the core of the Republic, the Senate, into Wild Space to rebuild itself as something new, something better. The Republic is an idea, and these few remain true to it. No longer a full fledged Republic, this Remnant, hides away in several systems, rebuilding its forces, strengthening its fleets, growing a new Senate with the goal of never letting what happened before happen again.


There will be no supreme chancellor. War crimes will not be tolerated. The Jedi will not be allowed to exist outside the laws of the Republic.


For those who seek a brighter future, where fairness and equality are achieved, the Republic calls out to you once more. Join us in making something better than what once was, and join us in fighting back against those that seek to oppress you. Your voice is important to us. We hear your cries. Come home to us. We welcome you with open arms.














The Republic Senate


Like its predecessor, the Remnant's version of the senate consists of senators and a chancellor. The chancellor is elected from the senate body by the individual senators. This position retains no more power than the individual senators, other than being the face of the senate and the one who directs proceedings. Ultimately he is the liaison between the Republic and the rest of the galaxy, but can make no decisions without majority support of the rest of the senate. There are two types of senators within the republic, those whose worlds are within Republic space, and those whose worlds are not. The latter are referred to as Senators in Absentia. They represent worlds who were, or desire to be, part of the Republic, but due to geographic restrictions cannot be. They are present for Senate proceedings, and may provide counsel, but they lack any voting power. The Senate holds all power in the Republic. No actions are taken without Senate approval.








The Republic Army


Like its predecessor, the Remnant maintains a full standing army made up of several different divisions ranging from armored to paratrooper. The Remnant recognizes a need to defend its worlds in a hostile galaxy and does not believe in the practice of disarmament because it is an invitation to destruction from the forces of Evil. This branch of the Republic is ever growing and changing, with new divisions constantly being added, including the Republic Rangers: an elite expeditionary force sent in prior to most Republic forces when conflict is entered, or sent in with special orders to complete outside the parameters of the rest of the military. The army is ultimately only what the people make of it.








The Republic Navy


The navy is the backbone of the Republic. Without these forces to defend her worlds, she remains vulnerable. Even the army relies on her to transport them to and from worlds. A strong navy is a strong deterrent to outside forces. A few of the admirals of the old Galactic Republic remained loyal and came with the Remnant forces, ultimately being responsible for the training of new admirals to be their replacements. This fighting force has taken a vow to be stronger and more tactically sound than its predecessor, and will not make excuses for failure. The men and women of the navy are greatly admired, as are all members of the Remnant military.








Republic Starfighter Corp


The starfighter corp exists as its own entity separate from the navy because of its propensity to also include planetary fighter defense forces. These pilots are not necessarily tied to naval vessels, though they can be, and possess their own elite units of pilot commandos, planetary defense forces, and space combat forces. The Remnant relies on its fighter pilots to be the front line of defense, often engaging the enemy before any capital ship enters the battle, and providing picketing forces along the perimeter of Remnant space. Starfighter pilots are often revered above and beyond the soldiers of the army and officers of the navy because of their bravery.





Common Questions


Aren't you just another Galactic Alliance?

No. The Alliance is a different form of government, and has taken a more hard-lined militant tact of late. The Remnant is a Democratic Republic, with senators elected to represent worlds in the governing body. These senators then act in the best interest of the member worlds by forming laws and making decisions. The military only acts with the approval of the Remnant's member worlds, which is not necessarily the case with the Alliance. We view the Alliance as a sister faction. We don't want to compete with her, we want to help her out.


Are you competing with The Resistance?

No, quite the opposite. The Remnant views the Resistance as a compatriot in the battle against the forces of darkness and will sometimes unofficially assist them in their battles. You can be a member of the Resistance and the Remnant both. The former does not intend to become a government the way that the Remnant does. Both exist to combat evil, but the Remnant also exists to maintain order and government as well.


Do you intend to go major?

Eventually. We don't intend to make this a fast process. It is our intent to build a solid base of members and work before ever attempting to go major. This may take several months to do, but will be beneficial to the faction in the long run.


Do you have a Jedi Order?

No, but that isn't to say you can't make one within Remnant space. You are welcome to do so. The Remnant does not treat Jedi as being different from anyone else, and subjects them to the same rules and laws. They may be members of the military or even the senate, but they are treated the same as if they were not able to utilize the Force.


Can I make my own fighter squadron or military group?

Absolutely. Everyone is free to make of the faction what they wish. Make your own elite special forces unit or your own elite fighter squadron. Do what you feel is fun.







The Republic Rangers serve as one of the Army's elite fighting units. They are an expeditionary force designed to be sent in ahead of the bulk of the army for reconnaissance and espionage missions. They are highly trained, and excellent at fighting standard military and even Force Users. The Rangers are easily recognizable because of their specialized gear, but that same gear is capable of blending into most environments, allowing them to move about virtually undetected until forced to engage in a combat role.


The Rangers were founded on the planet Nadiem by individuals who were seeking out the Republic, and were initially trained by retired Galactic Republic soldiers before receiving additional training by Republic Remnant forces. They operate out of whatever location of the Republic Army they need to at any given time, and all missions the Rangers undertake are fully sanctioned by the Republic.





For the Republic;

For the Galaxy.



Spectre Squadron is the elite fighter squadron of the Republic Remnant Starfighter Corp. They exist as an unknown entity, for the most part, operating solely as this squadron when on missions that cannot be publicly sanctioned by the Republic, such as support missions for the Resistance or espionage missions. They are ghosts even within the Republic outside of high command. This is for both operational security of their missions, and for plausible deniability for the Republic.


When operating on official Republic missions, Spectre squadron goes by White Squadron and flies a series of Standard fighters rather than their specialized StealthE's. Again, this is for operational security reasons. Spectre squadron will never fly an officially sanctioned mission for the Republic Remnant, but White Squadron does so all the time, and no one knows, aside from High Command, that White Squadron is a secret Starfighter Corp squadron known as Spectre Squadron.






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Stephanie Swail

Stephanie Swail

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Ever Dawnracer I wish you well! You have the full support of the Silver Jedi Order and it's allies in this movement of the Light. :)

Jyoti Nooran

Jyoti Nooran


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Aww yiss. I look forward to working with you all in the Republic. 

Ever Dawnracer

Ever Dawnracer

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Updated to include two of our current special units.