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NPC Fleet Template Upgrade - Size Expansion

- - - - - NPCs Fleet template

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Fleet Template


Over the past few months we've had a consistent request to broaden the horizon on our original Task Force Fleet Template which allowed for only smaller fleets. The Task Force template was used as Codex's test-run into the Fleet template usage with the goal to help make fleeting a bit more approachable to less experienced or newer members. The results have looked pretty good.


So we've expanded the limitations on our Fleet template with a new maximum meterage of 15km (set to match the T6 Company limit). Fleet and ship sizes are still controlled by the rule-sets in place within the Factory depending on faction status and company tier, but we hope this will open up new opportunities for fleeting and give you battle-crazy nuts a new way to organize your space toys.


Without further adieu, the new Fleet Template:



Fleet Template

This template may be used to construct a fleet of various sizes for various designations.


Your meterage allowances for lead ship and fleet total can be referenced in the factory rules here.





  • Intent: [State why you are making this submission.]

  • ​Image Credit: How to properly source your images

  • Role: [What role does this fleet play?]

  • Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.]


  • Fleet Name: [What is the name of your fleet? Does it have an official designation? A nickname?]

  • Allegiance: [Major Faction, Minor Faction, or T1–6. Please LINK to faction page or company submission.]

  • Lead Ship: [The name and model, with canon or Factory link, of the command ship. For maximum lead ship meterage, refer to Table 1: What Can Be Fielded.]

  • Composition: [The names and models, with canon or Factory links, of the rest of the ships in the fleet. If needed, list different configurations / versions / subdivisions of your fleet.]

  • Total Length: [The total length, in meters, of your Lead Ship and Composition. The absolute maximum is 15 km. For specific fleet size limits in regards to company Tiers, refer to Table 1 above.]

  • Notable Characters: [Any PCs or NPCs who play a role in your fleet, as well as their ranks or functions. Approved Codex Ship Crews may be linked here.]

  • Ports of Call: [Assigned patrol sectors / routes, places visited frequently, secret bases, space stations, or other relevant canon locations or Codex / Factory submissions.]


  • Strengths: [At least one situation or mission profile where this fleet may excel.]

  • Weaknesses: [At least one situation or mission profile where this fleet may struggle.]

Description: [Include any useful context or details, such as prior allegiances, notable battles, insignia/color schemes, realistic reputation, and the history behind how this fleet was formed.]


Please keep in mind that you are not limited to submitting only one fleet. You may submit as many as you like -- use this to your advantage while crafting fleets for specific battles and needs.


Now go get your Pew Pew Pew! on.


~ The Codex Team

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Gilamar Skirata

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Mahet Have I told you you're the best today? 


You're the best.


In fact all you Codex judges are the best.



Sanya Val Lerium

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*glomps @Mahet* Thankyou sooo much for this 


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