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Oltan Metalworks

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Ryvan Oltan

Ryvan Oltan
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  • Workshop Name: Oltan Metalworks
  • Location: Vandelhelm
  • Specialty: Weapons (Specifically Melee) and Armor
  • Tier: I

Oltan Metalworks is a small and humble business on the planet of Vandelhelm where we put quality over quantity. With access to abundant metals, Oltan Metalworks forges weapons and armor with the secrets passed down from generation to generation.


Oltan Metalworks is always open to commissions and will try to create the best quality product we can make. We serve anyone that comes through our doors, human, twi'leek, and whatever the galaxy throws at us! We believe that if the customer is not happy, then the product must be redone. Customer satisfaction should always be our number one priority! 


The workshop itself is simple in design with two rooms. The front room is a reception area that displays products proudly on the walls. The back room contains an anvil and forge. 


The current owner, Ryvan Oltan, gained possession of Oltan Metalworks in his father's dying will. Honoring his fathers dying wish, he accepted the ownership of the workshop. He now works alone in his forge welcoming anyone who comes through the doors. His main driving purpose is to keep the Oltan name alive by enjoying his work. He has been in possession of this workshop for 2 years and he doesn't plan to stop there. 


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