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Name: DT-2319

Alias: N/A

Faction: The Core Imperial Confederation

Rank: Death trooper

Role: Sniper/Marksman/Covert agent

Homeworld: Kamino


Species: Human/Clone

Gender: Male

Age: Physically 25

Height: Over 6 feet

Weight: 170 lbs

Force-sensitive: No




DT-2319 was created to be a simple soldier, and nothing more; as part of a batch of clones for the Imperial Army that were altered to be even more loyal and subservient than before, the alterations affected DT-2319's personality directly. He is, overall, emotionally stunted - feelings ranging from affection and love to anger and rage, while present, are present to a far lesser level than most other humans experience; this has led to 2319 developing into a highly logical, goal-oriented soldier, extremely loyal, and with no qualms against comitting any actions that might be requested of him. However, due to the traumatic nature of the missions he is a part of, as well as adverse effects of the enhancements he received upon induction into the Death trooper program, he has to be subjected to emotional baseline tests repeatedly after every mission to ensure that he does not develop an emotional response outside of his proper range, which could negatively impact his performance ability. These enhancements have already caused a minor aberration compared to what his previous programming was - hyper-aggression, coupled with a very callous disregard for enemies and non-Imperial non-combatants; however, as these do not adversely impact his performance, they have not been considered problematic or worth re-conditioning him.




DT-2319, as one of many clones of his batch, can not be considered to have a particularly out-of-the-ordinary appearance. He is somewhat taller than the galactic average, and his training and regular exercise as a member of the Imperial Army Stormtroopers and later Death trooper Command has left him extremely fit and lithely muscled, moreso than most beings in the galaxy. He has blue eyes, light brown hair (generally kept somewhat short, although one of the few personal affectations DT-2319 has is having hair that he can style), and a closely-cropped beard. None of this is noticeable when he is seen in his normal environment, however, due to wearing the body-encompassing Death Trooper armour.




DT-2319 is naturally strong, due to the gruelling training and physical exercise he has to undergo as a Death trooper, as well as inheriting the natural tendency towards high fitness that the genetic donor for the clone batch possessed. He is also fairly dextrous, and with a hardy constitution to match; he was altered and designed for war, facts which are obvious in his physical makeup. Mentally, he is very intelligent, with a powerful mind for tactics, memorizing the details of an operation, knowledge of weaponry and armour, and any other facet of learning that would apply to his work as a Death trooper; however, he is relatively unlearned beyond that, and has no plans to ever change that. He is not, however, particularly wise. While he is observant and can pick up details very easily, he was bred to be loyal to the Empire and to those above him in the chain of command, and not critical or free thinking (to an extent: if given a sub-optimal order, he will question it and suggest otherwise); as well, while he can draw on his experiences and learn from them to better determine what to do later, he is entirely amoral, existing only to serve as he was created to. He is not charismatic, either, and fully accepting of his current status at the bottom of the chain of command, despite his effectiveness as a Death trooper. In many ways, he is an ideal soldier.


Overall, the special surgeries and other enhancements that are done on Death troopers as part of their induction into the program have served to ensure that 2319's operational capacity will remain at the level of his peak physical condition, serving to counteract the problems that can arise from years of combat, as well as, eventually, the physical degradation he will undergo as a clone. However, these modifications have also led to the potential for him to become emotionally unstable due to alterations to his brain; where before this wouldn't have been an issue, the side effects of these modifications are the reason why 2319 has to undergo an emotional baseline test after every mission, to ensure that he doesn't deviate too far from the parameters he was initially programmed with.


With an X-72 blaster rifle or DLT-29, DT-2319 is an expert shot, and generally fulfills one of the marksman roles in the squad he is a part of. He is also trained in hand-to-hand and melee combat should he need to engage in either, though those and other forms of close combat are not his specialty. His experience with explosive ordnance is also rather limited, though his training as a Death trooper as ameliorated this somewhat.




Proficient Marksman
Skilled Hand-to-Hand defensive combatant

Logical mind

Ideal soldier




Not good with explosives

Not good (overall) in close combat

Emotionally stunted/potentially volatile

Overly loyal/trusting of superiors


Combat Equipment


(1) DLT-29 Heavy Blaster Rifle (standard armament)

(1) G-9 Disruptor Rifle

(1) G-11F Blaster Rifle (standard armament)

(1) BR-212 Adaptive Combat Rifle

(1) WESTAR Blaster Carbine (when disguised as a Mandalorian or Mercenary)

(1) Merr-Sonn Type CC Blaster Pistol (standard armament)

(2) WESTAR Blaster Pistols (when disguised as a Mandalorian or Mercenary)

(2) ISDC-01 grenades

(1) Vibroknife

(1) Mark IX 'Katarn' Armour Set (Krennic-pattern; modified with Stygian-triprismatic polymer in place of the normal Duraplast, to fulfill 19's more stealth-based requirements; flat black colouration)

(1) Death trooper armour set (Defunct)



Born from a clone vat on Kamino, DT-2319 (originally TK-2319) was first given his serial number when he began the flash training that would prepare him for service to the Galactic Empire; early on in his training, his superior marksmanship skill and determination were both noted (compared to the rest of his batch), and he was marked down as a potential future candidate for Death trooper training. His growth was accelerated, so that by the time he was nine years old he was the equivalent of an eighteen year old average human male, and had completed his basic training and conditioning and was then sent off on various missions. His high level of effectiveness was noted again, and coupled with the notes from when he first began his flash-learning, he was pulled from his unit and sent off into Death trooper training, at which he excelled much the same as in the average Imperial Army/Stormtrooper training. He has taken to his role as a Death trooper particularly well since being inducted into the group, working alongside Corric Tassadar, known as "Jabber" in their squad, and having since been named "Redgum" by the man, although "Jabber" is the only one to whom DT-2319 will actually respond to that nickname with.

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    "DT-0029 Reporting for Duty!"

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Good profile! Our characters should meet up together and conversate, it might be fun- or maybe not.






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Well, if he doesn't die in this skirmish and gets leave time (haha that one's not going to happen) they might be able to talk.

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