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Aster Spaceworks

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Kemoth of Asteria

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Aster Spaceworks, holds to its name a reputation tracing back centuries, and one they hope to reclaim. It holds to its name the sense of an establishment that was founded to bring to the galaxy the greatest and the latest, to honor its namesake of that Arkanian colony that Kemoth hails from, and to grow past the boundaries set by certain parties to include people of all kinds of faces and all kinds of shapes. You are one of our people, and we welcome you to Aster Spaceworks today.

Founded by those who were able to see past the glare beset upon them by life, and realize that their rival was far from on the right path, Aster Spaceworks is a 400 year old company that came out of the galaxy-wide dark age. It was caused by a lunatic artificial intelligence, and this very definition of a dark age - an era where computer technology and electronics were close to death - spawned Aster Spaceworks.

Today, we are classified as a Tier II corporation. Our Executive President, Kemoth of Asteria, may not be a Mon Calamari, a Bakuran, or a Yuuzhan Vong, but she believes that she will be our most capable leader yet. She is the embodiment of Aster Spaceworks’ ambition for greatness, and greatness we will have.

We have serviced nations old and new. Our ancestors have serviced long-dead civilizations, and new ones alike. Aster Spaceworks may not be its origin company, or the gargantuan megacorporation it had been at one point during its first golden age, but it carries all of its origin company’s experience, and it will get there again. Welcome to the big kid’s table. Welcome to Aster Spaceworks.



Our mission statement is simple. To reacquire and exceed the greatness that our rivals once held, and that greatness when we have reclaimed; to excel in sophistication, quality, and dependability; and to diversify into a conglomerate made up of many companies of many different types with products ranging from hold-out blasters, to droids, to the starships that have our name.

Aster Spaceworks is cliche in that. We strive to be the very best. It is our end goal. We are to acquire a fleet capable of protecting ourselves and the worlds we operate on, to redefine the industry standards in a myriad of fields on our terms, and to continue to build something that has been beloved by centuries of generations - with products defending their homes and their children - and will be beloved by countless more - our products doing much the same in the name of Aster Spaceworks, and our endearing consumer base.



+ Employee - Employees here hold a variety of positions ICly, and there are simply too many to list for them all to be filled with IC positions. Similar to the Writer position in many ways, it is a way to help you find your place in Aster Spaceworks. You can be just about anything you want in Aster Spaceworks. If you have any concerns about what you’ll be or if you can be something, then just ask!

+ The Acquisition Team - Kind of like Aster Spaceworks’ own special operations organization, the Acquisition Team is made up of the best and greatest. While one day their duties might expand to be something much more than it is now, right now they still serve an ever-important purpose. Not existing officially, the Acquisition Team, put simply, acquires technologies and assets that Aster Spaceworks could not have otherwise, most of the time in illegal ways. Whether they steal a blueprint, an entire experimental starfighter, or infiltrate a rival company in a long game of tricks and lies so that they may steal some of the galaxy’s greatest technologies, the Acquisition Team has an important purpose, and that’s helping to insure Aster Spaceworks’ survival.

+ The Corporate Navy - Made up of difficult starfighter pilots with a relationship status of “it’s complicated”, genius admirals who might need to take a vacation to a paradise world because of those pilots, and bad*** marines who serve for glory, honor, and a decent paycheck alike, the Aster Spaceworks’ Corporate Navy is a truly professional force for a variety of people. Whether you lead as the Field Marshal of the Corporate Marines second only to the Grand Admiral of the Corporate Navy, or serve as the simple, yet ever-important enlisted, almost everyone can find a place for a character in the Corporate Navy. The Asterian Corporate Navy gets access to the greatest and the latest, serves as the testing grounds for brand new technologies before our customers get to see them, enjoys training of many kinds and the assurance that they’ll definitely get into a fight with enemies that could range to pirates to our enemies in a corporate war, it is as much home to the test pilot of a new starfighter or test crew of an experimental cruiser design who help out with both dev threads and field testing alike (not to mention many other things; you’re a hot shot, mate… or maybe you prefer something a bit colder? It’s up to you!) as it is to the Grand Admiral, as much home to the Grand Admiral as it is to the Field Marshal, as much home to the Field Marshal as it is to the Force-sensitive admiral who uses battle meditation to its fullest, and is as much home to those commanders as it is to Aster Spaceworks’ usuals - the cadets, ensigns, lieutenants, commanders, and captains alike with other ranks in-between - who, quite frankly, could be the best or the worst that you’ve ever seen.

+ Asterian Corporate Marine Corps - The ground forces of Aster Spaceworks, their primary security presence, and possibly the best trained component of any given corporations military forces, the Asterian Corporate Marine Corps serve as security, infantry, the armored forces, artillery, and whatever other ground force role that they need. Whether you serve as the security or boarders on a warship, man city walls, or ride in a freaking awesome main battle tank, the MCCMS is going to be a heck of a lot of fun for you folks! Led by the Field Marshal, you are going to be the average, above average, and far, far above average of Aster Spaceworks. You protect us, we make sure you get a decent paycheck and good weapons. Awesome, right?

+ The Merchant Fleet - Different, yet in much the same ballpark as the Corporate Navy and MAster Privateers, the Aster Spaceworks Merchant Fleet has a place for your professional freighter pilots and your swashbuckling ones alike. Freighters and traders here in the Merchant Fleet go off on commercial missions, help ship Aster products, might serve as tugs for larger vessels or those we need to deliver, and may even provide more secret service in the form of acting as couriers for messages delivered during your usual deliveries, so that no one is any the wiser. The Merchant Fleet is made up primarily of non-combat vessels that likely will serve Aster Spaceworks through thick and thin, through ion storms, and even during times of war. The job can be as dangerous as it can be mundane, but the pay is good, and you never know when you might be called upon for something extra.

+ Aster Privateers - Sponsored unofficially for the most part, the Aster Privateers are both part of and separate from the company’s Corporate Navy, and the Asterian Corporate Marine Corps. The Aster Privateers are made up of both those mercenaries who do best on the ground, and those who do their best work in a starship; it even has a few who work on seas of water rather than seas of stars, and some who do things even more different. When it comes to privateers, you want them to be on your side, to harass your enemies and rivals and protect you rather than simply protecting themselves, and harassing you. The Aster Privateers serve Aster Spaceworks and its associates by functioning as the fleet and marines away from the fleet and marines. Made up of mercenary Mandalorians that work best on the ground, professionals who come for a single job on sea, ground, or in space, professionals who came for a single job but then decided to get more steady work, private assassins, not to mention the pirate who is paying Aster Spaceworks back as some kind of restitution, and the pirates who just wanted a decent paycheck and a fun job, the Aster Privateers are made up of everything from the largest pirate fleets in the Calamari sector, to small teams of mercenaries functioning separately from our proud marines because, sometimes, you just need a professional. In the Aster Privateers, you are part of an organization that is made up of many organizations. When you hold this position, we fully encourage you to create said organizations more officially so that you can take advantage of such a thing - though, of course, being part of an organization is not necessary - and serve Aster Spaceworks as a truly separate entity that helps make up something greater.

+ Lower Board of Directors - Not having many holding the word ‘chief’ in their title, for the most part, the Lower Board of Directors is similar to minister positions that rest outside of the cabinet of a ruling government. Here, are positions like the Director of Networking, the Director of Medical Affairs, and more! Whether you tend to patients personally, or handle data storage and networking, there the Lower Board of Directors is larger than the Upper Board of Directors, but you’re certainly not just a number. You’re never just a number, especially as a Director of Aster Spaceworks.

+ Upper Board of Directors - The Upper Board of Directors is made up of the “cabinet”, people who, in all likelihood, probably have the word ‘chief’ in their title. Here are the likes of Executive President, leading everyone dutifully, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Research Officer, the Grand Admiral of the Corporate Navy, and more. They fulfill in-character roles and, if wanted, will fulfill out-of-character roles that can be volunteered or applied for when they open up (some of which might be themed based on your title!).

+ Featuring Internal Organization! - Aster Spaceworks is not an unorganized company. Internal organization is key to our success as a company. As a result, it is organized internally first by company (main or subsidiary), then by division (coming soon! This will take some time to create), and, lastly, by position. Please, enjoy your organization today, on behalf of Aster Spaceworks.


| OOC Positions |

+ Writer - Writers form the base of Aster Spaceworks’ membership. From the lowly accountant, to the Chief Financial Officer, writers can be anything that they want to be as long as it fits the site. Whether you be the seasoned space squid, or a Tapani noble who was poached from another company for a high-ranking position at the company, Aster Spaceworks believes that every writer is important. You are not just a number. We never intend for you to just become a number. As a faction admin for the Admiralty, I have personally recruited several members, and tended to each of them individually. Neither I nor other future company admins will ignore you. Enjoy writing, mate.

+ Contributor - A contributor is like a writer, but… different. Whether you be a general contributor, or you specialize in a specific kind of factory or codex application, you’re here making something. Forging the world, better products, and insuring that you catch the eye of the people who are smart enough to be watching. As a contributor, you have a direct line to the company administration. Joint projects, worked on via Google Drive, having a say in discussions about what the best route is to take something, and even competing for your product to be used as the primary piece of equipment of that type for the company all have a part in the role of a contributor. Put simply, you’re a writer who brings us an example of their work - or maybe an entire portfolio - and hopes to become a writer with a job, as that is how you earn this position. Ranks here matter.

+ Representative - There are a more than a few types of representatives at Aster Spaceworks. Ambassadors to Aster Spaceworks from outside companies or factions, representatives from Aster Spaceworks who represent us with outside companies or factions, and even representatives who handle advertisements, storefront, advertisement, and/or company page maintenance, representatives of individual subsidiaries, and more! Like with the contributor, representatives earn their position or are given special assignment. If you have connections to many outside factions either ICly or OOCly, then you can definitely find a place as a representative here. If you show skill in maintaining, enhancing, or beautifying storefronts, advertisements, and/or company pages in some way, you’ll find a place as a representative here. If you are an ambassador to Aster Spaceworks, who are we to reject you? We’re all friends here, after all.

+ Subsidiary Executive - Though Aster Spaceworksis only a Tier II at this point, it is expected to both grow and acquire. When that happens, I believe that it is in the best interest of the company to have subsidiary executives. Leading the subsidiary both OOCly and ICly, subsidiary executives fulfill the role of the company owner, but on a smaller scale. Subordinate technically? Sure, but that doesn’t stop much. Free to grow the subsidiary, organize it internally, host subsidiary events, and join in on the executive chat? Definitely. The position of subsidiary executive is one earned by competence and experience. Not just anyone can be one.

+ Company Admin - Serving as the highest ranking members of Aster Spaceworks are our company admins, from the Company Owner Arventum (which is me, by the way), to our future leaders and our heirs. We lead Aster Spaceworks in every way. We command, we probably create, we tend to our members, and we protect them both ICly and OOCly. We stand to handle the harassers you might deal with, and mend problems that will be had, as though we have taken needle and thread to an old but torn blanket handmade by grandma. Basically, we protec, we attac, but most importantly… we Asteria! (AKA we shine)

Edited by Kemoth of Asteria, 09 January 2018 - 02:30 PM.