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Adelle Ciryal

Pilot House Arenais The Repertoire

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  • Intent: The creation of an NPC for which to watch over the children of Lady Kay and Veiere Arenais as the twins grow and learn to explore the Galaxy outside of Commenor's borders. 
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  • Role: Bodyguard and Personal Chaperone of Caedyn Arenais & Loreena Arenais.
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  • Age: Thirty Two Standard Human Years.
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User.
  • Species: Human, Commenori.
  • Appearance: 

​Adelle Ciryal is of an athletic build, not overly muscular nor petite but rather a fine balance of both and resembling the appearance of someone who has trained excessively and partakes in daily physical activity. 


Her facial structure is not of an intimidating build, her eyes are gentle, hair long and brown and cheeks holding warmth to compliment her caring demeanor for the children that she has been employed to protect and watch over.


Her typical attire while on duty is a variation of military and tactical uniform offering maneuverability and protection while too looking every bit the part of a well cared for pilot and representative of the Commenor Systems Alliance for which she hails from.



  • Name: Adelle Ciryal.
  • Loyalties: House Arenais, Caedyn Arenais & Loreena Arenais.
  • Wealth: Reasonable, employed by the King and Queen of Commenor under private commission, living expenses catered for.
  • Notable Possessions: 

​- Defender Class Adaptable Armor.

HC Mallet Charric Hand Cannon.

- The Shadow of Commenor: "The Repertoire".

  • Skills: 

​- Former Starfighter Pilot/Naval Combat Training.

- Close Quarters Hand-To-Hand Combat Training.

- First Aid Responsive Training.

  • Personality: 

​Adelle Ciryal is very calm on the outside, self-taught to keep her doubts and insecurities close within, she rarely shows her vulnerability though she isn't void of them in any sense. She's an independent woman with no children nor family of her own and thus over time has become rather attached to the twins Caedyn and Lori; her protective instincts and general nature over them mimics the concerns of the children's parents recognizing the hostility of the galaxy and wishing for their safety and ultimate enjoyment of life. While she doesn't understand the complexities of the Force she does her utmost to help to guide them in whatever their struggles might be.


Towards others, Adelle comes off as confident with a side of sarcasm and dry humor. She's skeptical of those she doesn't know well and outside of the systems alliance she knows not to trust any with sensitive information that might endanger her companions nor her ship the Repertoire.



  • Weapon of Choice: 

​Adelle favors the side-arm for which is comfortably holstered against her right hip. The HC Mallet Charric Hand Cannon packs one hell of a punch with a mighty kick yet against all her recoil the blaster pistol has the power to drop most light armored foes with a single shot to the chest. For heightened range compared to most blaster pistols however, the hand cannon comes with a decreased load-out of ammunition, Adelle having to reload often should her aim fail to land her marks or their armaments best her initial tactics.

  • Combat Function: 

​Aboard the 'Shadow of Commenor', Adelle's piloting skills are excellent and her tactics in evasive maneuvers have saved her from many a fatal encounter. She has a rather extensive history of military operations and missions undertaken in the name of the Commenor Systems Alliance since the world's expansion into a major government influence across the Galaxy. Since retiring from the military however and taking on this private commission under the Royal family, the specifications for which her newest vessel was built for favors a quick retreated as opposed to long term exposure to enemy vessels and the like of dog-fighting she used to have a knack for.


On the ground, Adelle is most effective at short to mid-range; armed with a high powered pistol and the training in hand to hand combat, she is most often on the move and keeping herself low to the ground in order to be a difficult target to pin down or hit. If able to get in close to her opposition, she would sooner revert to close quarters tactics and seek to disarm those who would do her harm. Incapacitation is most likely the outcome of any battle that she can gain control over, she doesn't enjoy the act of killing in the slightest and would prefer to solve most encounters through verbal communication where possible.



Adelle Ciryal was born on the world of Commenor to parents whom took pride in their duty to the trade world's small naval forces during a time before it's queen Lady Kay had been voted into leadership, back then as president of the smaller world still isolated in it's small time priorities and self interests.


Raised to be a patriot of Commenor, her love of her home-world has ensured she never be away from home for too long despite her love for all things fast and flying. At the age of eighteen, Adelle enlisted within the Commenori Naval Forces and spent many of her years as a lower ranking Airman. Her aspirations to rise up the chain of hierarchy took less priority over her complacency to merely serve in the best interests and need of her people and it was this attitude that over time earned her the notice of Vikras Ansion whom soon began to follow her career.


By the time the new monarchy had come into power over Commenor and Lady Kay had turned the tide of authority away from the formerly democratic leadership to a confederate rule, Adelle Ciryal had come to support the growing rumors of Commenor's expansion and intent to offer security to her neighboring worlds and nations. Volunteering to take part in the earlier patrolling runs of formerly foreign sectors, she and her squadron encountered a number of assignments turned hostile thanks to the likes of piracy and criminal movements formerly left undeterred by the lack of a strong military presence. By the time Commenor had grown into the Commenor Systems Alliance, Adelle had earned the promotion to Staff Sergeant and had become the number two pilot of the Starfighter Squadron "Recluse" nicknamed for it's tendency to take on missions within the lesser known regions during the governments attempts to bring in new peoples under their care.


Adelle's leave of the Commenori Navy didn't come until much later around the time of the Twins, Caedyn and Loreena's birth; she taking it upon herself to resign in order to care over her parents who had fallen ill due to age and natural causes. By this time she had earned a comfortable living and been situated within an upper district of Chasin City. Following the loss of her parents, a few years would pass before she would find herself being called upon by none other than Commenor's Grand Admiral Vikras Ansion, requesting her consideration for a private commission under the service of Veiere Arenais.


Thus, the story of today.

Active Characters: Caedyn Arenais & Ylva Solveig

Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

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Hello, I will be judging your submission :)




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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

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Pending final approval :)




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