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Justiciar-Class Defence Station

- - - - - First Order

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Emilia Ravel

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Credit: "Horizons" by Mary Rosenblum.



Intent: To create a unique space station for a location submission.

Image Source: "Horizons" by Mary Rosenblum.

Canon Link: N/A.

Restricted Missions: N/A.

Primary Source: N/A.


Manufacturer: The First Order, First Order Engineering Corps.

Model: Justiciar-Class Defence Station.

Affiliation: The First Order.

Production: Unique.


  • Durasteel hull.

  • Duravium blast doors.

  • Impervium bulkheads.

  • Ferrocarbon plating.

  • Matrix-armour emplacement housings.


Classification: Defence Station, Interdiction Station.

Length: 3300m

Width: 3300m

Height: 3900m

Armament: High.

Defenses: Very High.

  • Semira Shield System.

  • Redundant Deflector Shield.

  • Reinforced Durasteel hull with Ferrocarbon plating.

  • Long-range communications array

  • 3x redundant short-range communication array.

  • Automated blaster turrets, (interior.)

  • Deployable Duravium barricades (interior.)

  • Duravium blast doors.

Hangar:: Low. 3 squadrons.

Maneuverability Rating: Very Low. (The Justicar-Class is capable of slow rotation around the vertical axis, or normal axis, only.)

Speed Rating: None.

Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow: 10



  • Gravity Well Projector.

  • 2x Tractor Beam Projector, (dorsal and ventral.)

  • Standard life support systems.

  • Fire/decompression sensors, (interior.)

  • Escape pods, (ventral.)

  • Airlocks.

  • Docking bays.

  • 6x hypermatter annihilation reactor.




  • [+] Interdiction -- When the Gravity Well Projector is activated, the Justiciar-class is capable of ripping nearby ships from hyperspace.

  • [+] Strong defences -- A powerful shield system, coupled with heavy durasteel armour means the massive Justiciar-class can take a lot of fire from enemy capital ships.

  • [+] Heavy armament -- A large complement of short-to-mid range turbolasers, and point defences, make the Justiciar a fierce and dangerous enemies to any ships that dare to get close enough.

  • [+] Semira Shield -- The Semira Shield System is capable of boosting its own shields by siphoning power from nearby vessels, OR granting extra protection against capital-grade weaponry for a brief period.

  • [+] Mass Sensor -- The Gen.1 Advanced Mass Sensor can roughly detect large ships arriving from hyperspace, however its accuracy is very poor.


  • [-] Sluggish -- The Justiciar is unable to move through realspace, is capable of turning slowly through only one axis, and has an incredibly slow hyperdrive.

  • [-] Sensors -- While the Semira shield system is engaged, it is capable of protecting the station’s hull. However, due to bleedthrough damage not absorbed by the shield, the sensor arrays can still be easily destroyed through precise fire.

  • [-] Tractor Beam & Docking bays -- Similarly to the sensors, bleedthrough fire from capital damage can cause significant damage to the lightly armoured docking bays and Tractor Beam Projectors, rendering them inoperable.

  • [-] Hyperdrive -- Due to safety measures, and the vast size of the station, the hyperdrive will not engage if the station has sustained significant damage. This is because the strains of hyperspace travel could result in a catastrophic structural failure for the damaged station.

  • [-] Visability -- Due to its massive size, the Justiciar-class had difficulty tracking or detecting objects close to its surface, or in its trenches.

  • [-] Overload -- Internal sabotage to any one of the 6 reactors on the station, resulting in an overload, would result in crippling damage to the platform, likely rendering it unusable.

Description: The Justiciar-Class was developed following the First Order’s blockade of the Galactic Alliance held Hydian Way. After defending the blockade, and bringing an empty sector of space within their influence, the First Order required a way to defend the newly captured territory without using too much of their fleet, which was needed for the larger war effort. The solution was a massive interdiction defence platform. It would sit in the centre of the sector, supplying and sheltering the patrolling ships. In the event of a campaign against the Alliance via the sector, the Justiciar station would act as the last major stopping point before the front line. Upon its completion, the massive station houses more than 65,000 permanent residents, and can directly supply a full task force of First Order ships, greatly reducing the strain on First Order support ships from the fleet.

Edited by Emilia Ravel, 11 January 2018 - 12:08 AM.


Voice: Saoirse Ronan

Battle Equipment: C-51 | SB-U01 | FO-X1 | Baton |

Arken Lussk

Arken Lussk

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Under Review.

Arken Lussk

Arken Lussk

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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