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LK War-X

- - - - - Locke and Key Mechanics Droid Combat

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John Locke

John Locke


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  • Intent: To create a battle droid for sale by Locke and Key Mechanics

  • Image Source: Artstation

  • Canon Link:  N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: LK Pred-X


  • Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics

  • Model: LK War-X 

  • Production: Mass Produced

  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi, Closed Market

  • Modularity: No

  • Material: Myomer, Electronics, Durasteel, Quandanium Steel




  • Heavy Weapons package: The War-X is designed with one thing in mind and one thing only, it is a combat machine. It features a heavy weapons package capable of handling almost any combat situation.

  • Heavily Armoured: More heavily armoured than the Pred-X the War-X is able to shrug off most small and heavy hand held weapons as well as light vehicle based weaponry.

  • Can be Ridden: The size of the War-X is analogous to a horse, and like a horse the War-X is capable of being ridden. Riding a War-X is possible, both in and out of armour, but unlike a horse the solid metal construction of the War-X makes it uncomfortable to ride without armour or a padded saddle of some kind.

  • Stronger, faster: The Myomer Actuation System allows the War-X to maintain a more feline and natural movement. The system provides more power and speed than standard droid actuators giving the War-X an impressive bite that can take people by surprise.

  • Networked: The network allows the droids to share data about the world around them, allowing one War-X to provide data on the battlespace to another War-X, this lets them function more smoothly as a pack and respond faster than if they had to send the data as bursts. It also allows the pack to learn and share information, such as a weakness in an opponent or a strength, what one member of the pack knows they all do. Between the Mithril and the Hermes Locke and Key had made this network as secure as possible.

  • Learning: The War-X has a heuristic processor that allows it to learn as it goes, and thanks to it's networking capability it is able to share what it finds with the other members of its pack. It's Gabonna Memory Crystal gives it the ability to handle this data flow without being overwhelmed.

  • Loyalty: The War-X contains a personality processor to allow it to develop a bond and a sense of loyalty towards its rider. A War-X will sacrifice it'sef to protect it's rider, which is both a strength and a weakness if exploited correctly.


  • Forward Facing weapons package only: All of the weapons on the War-X, the guns, claws and teeth all face in one direction, forward. The War-X is unable to attack in any other direction without re-angling it’s body.

  • Unable to defend effectively against flanking attacks: The War-X has no defenses, no weapons at it’s flanks aside from a spike tail to swipe at opponents. This leaves almost every square inch of the droid vulnerable to being attacked with no reply. If you can get and stay behind it then the droid can’t do anything to peel you off.

  • Heavy: Weighing in at over half a ton the War-X is not a light piece of machinery. This means that crossing ice, thin bridges or other delicate terrain is a no go for the combat unit. There is also the issue of momentum to take into account, once the War-X gets upto speed stopping or turning is not easy.

  • Limited Vocabulary: Like the PRed-X Locke and Key did not install a vocabulator capable of speaking in common, but rather allowed the droid to speak in roars and purrs like a big cat. And other communications must be done via commlink, although the War-X is capable of understanding common.

  • Limited Time: The Myomer Actuation system allows the War-X to move faster and provide more power than one would expect, but it is also a significant drain on the power of the War-X. The War-X is not designed for long term use without charging, it can last through a battle, but if you aim to take the droid on an extended trip provisions need to be made for charging since it will run out of power faster than other droids.

  • Controls: Unlike a horse or other natural mount the War-X cannot be controlled with reins or with your knees but relies on the spoke word or commands sent via commlink to respond. This means that in combat there has to be a level of trust between the droid and it’s rider built up over time otherwise their reaction time might be slower than they’d like which can be lethal on a battlefield.

  • Misinformation: If the network the pack uses is breached then not only can one machine be corrupted, but every War-X unit is vulnerable to being fed misinformation and being corrupted by the slicer. Furthermore, if you purposefully feed one member of the pack false information, the entire pack can be drawn into a trap.



After the successful launch of the Pred-X John Locke took a step back to examine the droid. While it proved successful he realised that it was a very niche product that filled a variety of roles. The Pred-X was part tracker and part combat droid, perfect for security or bounty hunting but primarily because it was a jack of all trades.


There were more uses for the droid though if it were specialised into its roles. To this end Locke and Key and it’s engineers took the design back to the drawing board to develop specialised versions of the Pred-X for Combat and tracking. The War-X Tiger was the first of these specialised forms to be released, a droid with one primary purpose, to make war. It was capable of laying down heavy damage to any opponent in front of it, charging through and breaking enemies lines and devastating their troops. As with any combat unit, compromises had to be made, but the final result was a droid that Locke and Key could be proud of.

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The Major

The Major

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Under Review.

Kudos to your Misinformation weakness. Really like how it balances this tech's strengths. John Locke

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The Major

The Major

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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