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Coratanni Cartel

Coratanni Cartel


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  • Intent: To sub a rebellious Thawne child that makes Natalia sad sometimes
  • ​Image Credit: 18 (Leonidas Sun)
  • Role: Daughter, Assassin, Coratanni Lieutenant
  • Links: SIN


  • Age: 19
  • Force Sensitivity: Untrained
  • Species: Kiffar
  • Appearance: 

Oddly enough, Lucy, along with her sister Teslyn, resembles her mother Natalia quite a bit. Through whatever means of the galaxy, Lucy's facial structure, eye color, and even natural hair color resemble that of her mother.
Whether this is a fluke or some piece of fate, it is a fact that up until recently Lucy took a lot of pride in. She is a beautiful young woman, lithe, small, and very well aware of this. Though she does not wear the dresses and other outfits of her sister and mother, she is well aware of her physique and wears clothes that reflect this. Tight tops and form fitting jackets give her a very well planned appearance, though often they are exchanged for clothes that allow her to better blend in.

Ever since the 'incident' Lucy has begun to change her appearance. In a stubborn act of rebellion she began to wear colored contact lenses and cut her hair short, a way to set herself apart from her mother and sister. Oddly enough however she kept the natural red color of her hair, most likely due to the fact that Jerick was always fond of it.

  • Name: Lucy Thawne
  • Loyalties: Her Siblings, Coratanni Cartel
  • Wealth:

​Unlike the other children, Lucy is not reliant on her parents for their wealth. Though once she had only the expense accounts of SIN and the Cartel, since she's felt her 'betraya' she has created her own funds. Though she is hardly rich, if she wanted to Lucy could live out a comfortable life on her own means.

  • Notable Possessions: 

​-Small Pendant Containing a Photo of her and Jerick Thawne
-VT-Sliid Gun
-SI Stealth Blaster
-Stealth Suit
-Cybernetic Arm & Leg

  • Skills: 

Lucy, like her sister Emma, is an exceptionally gifted assassin.
Unlike her sibling, Lucy does not utilize the skills of a sniper. Instead her parents trained her in fighting up close, something in which she was naturally gifted in from even early childhood. Utilizing her natural born litheness, Lucy slips in and out of combat quickly. Her preferred weapons of choice are knives and blades coated in poison. The way she fights is quick, but oddly brutal and harsh, often leading to quite a bit of blood being spilled.
Oddly enough, though perhaps not for her species, Lucy is also sensitive to the force. This gift has only manifested itself in one way; the ability of psychometry. Lucy is naturally gifted in this talent of the force, and she is able to quickly and effectively read the memory of objects even in the middle of combat.

  • Personality: 

At one point in time Lucy was an incredibly happy and almost chirpy personality. She was an odd sort of reflection of Emma, and the two girls spent almost every waking hour together. This changed however when the 'incident' befell Lucy, and almost instantly the young woman became far more stoic, rebellious, and outright angry at everyone save for the rest of her siblings.
Though once as loyal as the rest of her siblings, Lucy is no longer a stalwart defender of her parents. Instead she is far more independent, doing things for herself, making her own decisions, and at times even going against the Cartel if she believes it will benefit her.
The only thing that keeps Lucy from running away completely is the fact that she still loves her siblings. She is deeply devoted to her brothers and sisters, even those that she holds no particular love for. Lucy cares about the people she grew up with, and because of this she sticks around the Cartel and still follows her parents orders at times. In her heart she believes that eventually her siblings will see her point of view, and they will all band together to wrest control of the Cartel from her parents.

  • Weapon of Choice: Knife, Poison
  • Combat Function: 

Lucy is an incredible combatant who is well versed in the arts of fighting with blades and bare hands. Unlike her sibling Lucy prefers to get right up close to her opponent, tearing into them with a knife and cutting them apart. Since she's received her cybernetic limbs she has also taken to using them as weapons, her claw like fingers often being used as extra knives.

It is this reason why Lucy suffers when fighting ranged opponents. She prefers not to wear heavy armor, and those that can keep their distance and fire on her from afar will generally find a great amount of success in fighting her. It's quite easy to keep her pinned down, though approaching her is an incredibly dangerous task.

How Lucy came into the family is not as important as how what happened to her several years later.


Suffice it to say that Lucy was taken from her original family just as many of the Thawne Children were. Adopted by Natalia and Slevin before she received her typical Kiffari Facial markings, Lucy was taken at the tender age of only three years old, and like many of the other Thawne's was later genetically aged and enhanced.


Her life was a happy one, and like the others she grew up with the attentions of her mother, father, and various siblings.


She was groomed and trained alongside her sister Emma, eventually growing to become one of the Cartel's premiere assassins.


It was years after, when she'd already been well versed in her role in the Cartel, that the 'incident' occurred. Though having no official name and most definitely not acknowledged by either Natalia or Slevin, Lucy experienced a failure on a mission that brought her a great amount of trauma.


The mission was a relatively simple one, given to her just like any other. She was to kill a rival business man who was attempting to set up an operation on Rishi. The assassination went as expected, with Lucy succeeding in her task within only a short amount of time. It was in her escape that the failure was had. As she ran through the jungles of Rishi Lucy fell and broke her ankle among the roots of the great forest trees.


Unable to run and get away Lucy was captured by the servants of her target.


This capture lead to her imprisonment, and over the course of several months Lucy was tortured, abused, and brought to the edge of death several times.


All throughout this Lucy prayed and hoped to be saved, all the while knowing that her mother and father were looking for. It was only after nearly a year that she was broken free, though not by her parents. Jerick Thawne, one of her siblings that had always held a particular fondness for Lucy managed to find her and break her free.

After killing their captors Lucy fell into Jerick's arm, holding him and thanking him for her freedom.


It was only after this, when Lucy found out that Jerick had saved her on his own initiative that her faith within her parents was broken. She saw them for what they were, not true parents but rather sociopaths and sycophants who only wanted to use her and her children to get ahead.


Though she tried to tell her other siblings things, none listened.


Frustrated to no end, but still loving and loyal to her siblings, Lucy decided to stay within the Cartel. She would follow orders and do as she was told, though unlike the others refused to be a simple little sheep. 

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Coratanni Cartel


Under review.


Feeto Chivaro

Feeto Chivaro

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Coratanni Cartel


Approved, pending secondary.


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