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Coratanni Cartel

Coratanni Cartel


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  • Intent: To give Natalia more babies
  • ​Image Credit: mckadesinsanity
  • Role: Son, Coratanni Enforcer, Executioner
  • Links: SIN


  • Age: 22
  • Force Sensitivity: None
  • Species: Echani
  • Appearance: 

Matthias could be described as neither handsome, nor particularly bad looking. The image he cultivates is one of intimidation mixed with just the tiniest bit of upper crust civility. 


It is very clear to anyone that looks at Matthias in a glance that he doesn't really care about his own personal image, but rather the great 'brand' of the Coratanni Cartel. His body is covered in Tattoos, but all of them can easily be hidden beneath a suit or regular clothes. His knuckles and forearms are covered his scars, his head is shaved, and his eyes hold an incredibly intense stare.


Matthias carries himself like a Soldier, observational, straight back, and almost always ready to spring into the nearest fight. His demeanor in general is incredibly intense, and this comes off even at a single glance at him.



  • Name: Matthias Thawne
  • Loyalties: SIN, Coratanni Cartel, Natalia & Slevin Thawne
  • Wealth: 

Matthias holds no personal wealth, though she has access to various bank accounts connected to SIN and the Coratanni Cartel.

  • Notable Possessions: 

-A13 Desert Blaster

-VT Spark Gauntlet

-Phase Knife

-Asheran Armorweave

  • Skills:

Matthias' primary focus within the Coratanni Cartel is as an Enforcer. He is not a Hitman like Nikolas or an assassin like Emma, instead he is a plain old soldier. The skills he carries reflect this to a T.


Out of all of the Thawne Children Matthias is one of the best trained in combat. Though he specializes in close quarters, Matthias is well trained in the use of Blaster rifles, pistols, and even sniper rifles. His primary role is that of an Enforcer within the Cartel, meaning he acts as the hammer of the criminal organization. Matthias is the one that conducts and operated most 'military' style operations that the Cartel conducts.


Due to this Matthias is also a decent military strategist, and although no match for many of the galaxies greatest Generals or Admirals he can assess a battle quite well.

  • Personality:

Despite his rather intimidating appearance Matthias has an incredibly mirthful personality. He is one of the Thawne children that genuinely loves and enjoys humor. Though he himself is terrible at telling jokes, he laughs like no one else.


Even when he is by himself Matthias is almost always chuckling about something. This merry nature makes him popular in the ranks of the Coratanni Cartel, and he is often found drinking, singing, and enjoying himself with even the 'lower' members of the Cartel itself. Among the other more 'serious' Thawne children Matthias is considered to be a bit of a fool, though this opinion is mostly held only by Nikolas and Teslyn.


His personality blends very well with Emma Thawne, his younger sister, and the two have a close bond to one another. 


Despite this merry personality, Matthias has an incredibly dark side. Like the rest of his siblings Matt was raised to be absolutely brutally effective at his job. When he'd working, Matthias will not hesitate to slaughter, kill, and even torture anyone that might oppose the Cartel in even the slightest way.



  • Weapon of Choice: Close Combat
  • Combat Function: 

Matthias is an incredibly gifted combatant. He has been trained by various enforcers, soldiers, and executioners within the Coratanni Cartel to be the best at what he does.


He can, and should be, considered to be one of the most well rounded soldiers. Equivalent to a veteran who has seen combat in multiple wars, Matthias excels in the use of blasters and sniper rifles, though is particularly gifted in areas of close combat. He is capable of taking on most opponents, and often participates in underground fighting rings that are run by his younger brother Jerick.


The unfortunate oversight of his training is Matthias lack of experience in fighting force users, as well as his vulnerability to long range attacks. In the end he is not genetically enhanced, he has no super solder serum, and no cybernetics. Matthias is only human, a species of human which excels in fighting, but still human.



Matthias' history within the Thawne family is not a spectacular one, in fact out of all the kids Matthias probably has the most boring story of them all.


Unlike the most of the other Thawne Children, Matthias had no parents to be stolen from. Like his sister Mara, Matt was an orphan from a young age. He never knew his mother, he never knew his father, and he most certainly never met any of his extended family. He was dropped off at an orphanage on Coruscant just a few days after his birth and spent most of his life there until the age of fourteen.


All throughout his life growing up Matthias was an incredibly stoic and silent child, hardly ever speaking. 


None of the other kids ever picked on him however due to his rather large size, a fact that allowed him to coast along in relative silence until one day while traveling through the streets of Coruscant he was kidnapped by a group of Human Traffickers.


Captured and slated to be sold into slavery, Matthias was only saved when the group that caught him ran afoul of the Coratanni Cartel. It was a stroke of luck that set the young man free, his rescuers breaking him out of his prison. It was then that he was spotted by Natalia Thawne, and with an almost delightful glee was offered a space in the family.


It was this that makes Matthias unique.


He is the oldest child ever to join the family already being fourteen when he was adopted into the Thawne's. Despite this however Matthias is incredibly loyal to his mother and father, both for the saving of his life and for providing him with the family he'd always wanted.


It was within the Thawne Family that Matthias' personality changed. He became joyful, merry, and intensely protective of his younger brothers and sisters.


Matthias is one of the few Thawne children that has not endured a single method of brainwashing or conditioning, and instead he finds himself loyal simply because of what Natalia and Slevin have done for him.


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Coratanni Cartel


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Coratanni Cartel


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