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Orenth-class Heavy Walker Carrier

- - - - - TSE Walker Carrier

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Darth Carnifex

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  • Intent: To make a vehicle that can carry in the AT-SP
  • Image Source: Click - FractalSponge
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Vehicle Transport
  • Length: 100 meters
  • Width: 95 meters
  • Height: 15 meters
  • Armament: Very Low
    • ​3x Light Dual Turbolasers
  • Defenses: High
    • ​Armor
      • ​Reinforced Armor
      • Deflector Shields
    • Anti-Missile Defenses
      • ​Warhead Countermeasures
  • Hangar: None
    • ​Can Carry 1 AT-SP
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average



  • N/A


  • Tough Nut to Crack: The armor and shields of the Orenth are rather robust, making up for the lack of weaponry with layered defenses and reinforced armor.
  • Rapid Deployment: Lingering the air is a death sentence for a vehicle transport, as both you and your cargo risk being blown out of the sky by anti-air cannons. The Orenth is equipped with advanced engines and atmospheric maneuvering systems that allow the transport to speedily rush in, deploy an AT-SP, and then get out of there just as fast.


  • Weak Weapons: The weapon systems on the Orenth seem more like an afterthought than a feature, with two dual turbolasers mounted on the wings and one just below the cockpit. None of the weapons are powerful enough to destroy armor, but they can make paste of any infantry unfortunate enough to come into range.



With the development of the All Terrain Siege Platform came the need for a vehicle large enough to transport the gargantuan walker to the battlefield, and then rush off once its deployment was completed. An unorthodox design was pitched to the Empire's War Cabinet, and after many trials the Orenth was officially adopted as the signature transport for the AT-SP. 


Seeming more at home in the depths of the ocean or in a spider's lair than in the air, the Orenth-class Heavy Walker Carrier swoops through the sky with six insectoid legs dangling from its hull. These appendages are outfitted with magnetic clamps that can cradle the body of the AT-SP and hold it tightly against the Orenth's underbelly. The Orenth then descends through the atmosphere, and after locating a suitable landing zone gently lowers the walker to the ground before releasing its magnetic grip.


Because of this singular purpose the Orenth has little in the way of offensive weaponry, with a single dual turbolaser mounted beneath the bridge and two ancillary turbolasers on the wings. Its true strength is its heavy armor, robust deflector shields, and state-of-the-art engines that swiftly propel it across the battlefield.

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Rolf Amsel

Rolf Amsel

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Under Review.



Rolf Amsel

Rolf Amsel

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Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.

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Lily Kuhn

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