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Phi-class Heavy Dropship

- - - - - TSE Heavy Dropship

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  • Intent: Bigger walkers means a bigger transport to haul them in
  • Image Source: Click - FractalSponge
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Heavy Dropship
  • Length: 155 meters
  • Width: 70 meters
  • Height: 40 meters
  • Armament: None
  • Defenses: Very High
    • ​​Armor
      • Deflector Shields
      • Reinforced Hull
    • Defensive Weaponry
      • 6x Quad Laser Cannons
    • Electronic Defenses
      • Cap Drain
      • De-Ionizer
      • Socketguard
    • Anti-Missile Defenses
      • Warhead Countermeasures
  • Hangar: No Starfighter Squadrons
    • First Interior Configuration
      • 2 AT-AW
      • 4 AT-HAW
    • Second Interior Configuration
      • 2 AT-AW
      • 12 Repulsorlift Tanks
    • Third Interior Configuration
      • 4 AT-HAW
      • 12 Repulsorlift Tanks
    • Fourth Interior Configuration
      • 200 Imperial Legionnaires
      • 20 Speeder Bikes
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average


  • Communication Systems:
    • Communication Wave De-scrambler
    • Encryption Module
    • Frequency Jammer
    • Holonet Transceiver
    • Hyperwave Transceiver
    • Ranger Transceiver
    • Subspace Transceiver
  • Environmental Systems:
    • Artificial Gravity
    • Brig
    • Distress Beacon
    • Escape Pods
    • Environmental Converter
    • Inertial Damper
    • Infantry Barracks
    • Life Support
    • Medical Bay
    • Navigation System
    • Ray Shields
  • Propulsion Systems:
    • Hyperdrive
    • Ion Drives
    • Maneuvering Jets
  • Sensor and Targeting Systems:
    • Anti-ion Emission Tracer
    • Aural Sensor
    • Com-scan
    • Comm laser
    • Hyperwave Signal Interceptor
    • Life Form Indicator
    • Long-range Sensor
    • Sensor Dampener
    • Targeting Laser
    • Targeting Sensor
    • Tri-Tracker
    • Wide-range Sensor


  • N/A


  • Vehicle Transport: The Phi's primary objective is to ferry a large amount of walkers and repulsorlift tanks down to the battlefield from whatever command ship might be up in orbit.
  • Sturdy Vessel: Though possessing zero offensive weaponry, the Phi has mighty defenses that cannot be easily circumvented by the enemy. Layered reinforced armor, powerful shields, and a small grouping of point-defense cannons allow the Phi to rush in, deploy its cargo, and the haul it back up to space.


  • No Weapons: The Phi doesn't need offensive weaponry to carry out its purpose, but this does leave it weak to concentrated attack without fighter escort.



The technological successor to the Teth-class Battle Barge became a necessity after the creation of the AT-HAW and AT-AW, both of which were incompatible with the Empire's current selection of vehicle transports.


At a hundred and fifty-five meters long, the Phi is more than capable of ferrying the Empire's new lineage of walkers and more into battle. Lightly armed, but heavily armored, the Phi has become a staple of the Empire's growing military might in the aftermath of the Battle of Thyferra. Its cargo hold is large enough to store a menagerie of vehicles ranging from repulsorlift tanks, to artillery walkers, to heavy assault walkers in a variety of configurations.


A fighter escort is absolutely necessary in the event of enemy air combatants, as the reinforced armor and powerful deflector shields can get the Phi only so far before survival becomes untenable.




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Rolf Amsel

Rolf Amsel

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