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Tier 2

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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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Corporation Name: Vesuvian

Headquarters: Coruscant

Locations: Coruscant [HQ]

Operations: Security Consulting, Fleeting Support

Tier: II



"Eternal vigilance is the price of security."
Gone are the days of staying in your corner, free from the worry of conflict and strife that comes with it. Collateral damage is no longer an unfortunate accident, it's an expected circumstance of war. Tantamount to a safe and secure society, security is an undeniable necessity in today's galaxy. While governments send their armies off to foreign worlds or to directly combat invaders, what of their denizens? Enter Vesuvian - a private security consulting firm with the express goal of providing a more favorable security situation for their client. Vesuvian offers complete security packages, with options ranging from full fleeting support to more discreet covert operations and personal security details.

Being a privately-held and firm, it is able to pursue it's own independent interests. Vesuvian prides itself on its commitment to its clients, however, it maintains a selective signing process. Be it on moral or financial grounds, Vesuvian is free to support where it wishes, regardless of the cause or politics. Because of this, they are often termed as mercenaries, though they vehemently reject the label. Their modus operandi is unknown to the galaxy at large, and each potential client is evaluated on a case-by-case basis using an secret, proprietary criteria. Intergalactic media outlets have questioned the existence of a criteria at all, instead suggesting the only criteria is credits.
The firm maintains a loose hierarchy in it's partnership structure, promoting a significant degree of individual autonomy amongst is senior-most members, creating "teams of teams" to overcome the barriers of the modern galaxy's dynamic and complex operating environment.


For the better half of his life, Zeradias Mant invested in himself heavily. Between extensive academic education and decades of military experience, he's not only knowledgeable of theory, but of application. Both skillsets were put to good use during his time in the Iron Empire as the Emperor's top naval officer and right hand. However, as the Iron Empire's status dwindled, so did Zeradias' time with it. He would not simply go into retirement, though. A man of his talents couldn't simply fade into the background and enjoy life. That wasn't for him. Instead, he was poised to launch an independent consulting bid in which he would take his talents to wherever paid him to do so. Though he's been of only slightly above average wealth his entire life, a few years at the top had amassed him a small fortune. Using these funds, he founded Vesuvian.
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