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Velok the Younger's Mini Leviathan

- - - - - GenPals Atrocity Pet? Special Order

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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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  • Name: Mini Leviathan aka “Oh dear god what is that thing?”

  • Designation: Semi-Sentient

  • Homeworld: N/A, Engineered Species

  • Language: N/A

  • Average Lifespan: Estimated 15-20 years but GenPal scientists actually have no idea- they may as well have thrown a dart at a number chart.

  • Estimated Population: Rare (one created, with the process possible to duplicate but not for public sale- but why would you want to?)

  • Description: A miniature creature made from source Leviathan genetics. To make the subject viable, DNA from other sources had to be incorporated. Try as they might, this was the best they could do while still having a creature that could survive without support and still fulfill the special order requirements. No one was particularly pleased by the results, other than Doctor Larry Fisher, who kept making cooing sounds at it. For some reason he didn’t understand, people stopped sitting with him in the cafeteria lately. How odd.



  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Average height of adults: 90cm

  • Average length of adults: N/A

  • Skin (?) color: Grey and white with a pink undertone.

  • Hair color: N/A

  • Distinctions: Cartilaginous, the mini Leviathan doesn’t have too many hard bones, making it oddly soft and slumpy in appearance. Pink appendages wave casually from the front of its face, seemingly scenting something in the air even in a completely odorless room. You get the feeling it’s actually not smelling at all.  

  • Races: N/A

  • Strengths:

(+)Memory Absorption: The one trait desired. With an internal mechanism much like the external blister traps, the Mini Leviathan can be fed meat, blood, or other soft tissue from a creature. They can eat far more than their size would indicate- the inner blister trap expanding as it eats, bloating the creature up to twice its usual size, the cartilaginous nature allowing the distension with ease. The process of digestion can take up to twelve hours, during which the creature is extremely lethargic. As it digests, the creature absorbs the memories from the samples as well as the nutrition- this is not much useful when it comes to non-sentient meat, but samples taken from a sentient creature contain accessible memories, even if the beast itself doesn’t understand them. The larger the sample, the more memories are likely to be available.


  • Weaknesses:

(-)Ugly: A face only a mother (or Larry) could love. This thing isn’t winning any beauty pageants and tends to make most people feel vaguely uncomfortable or possibly nauseated when looking at it.

(-)Non-Combat: Unlike it’s progenitor, none of the capabilities that made it so ferocious have translated into this GenPal. It is squishy and a little delicate. A fall down a flight of steps could possibly kill it, forget about guns or blades. Definitely don’t need concentrated force lightning. This thing isn’t resisting anything of the sort.

(-)Oddly Aggressive: Despite its dull teeth and squishy nature, the mini Leviathan is still fairly aggressive. While it may sit contentedly for long periods, doing nothing much in particular, it also might suddenly start biting and growling for no apparent reason. Give it a bop on the nose when it does this.

(-)Lacking in Leviathany-ness: The mini leviathan can’t do most thing a regular Leviathan can do. It cannot disrupt Force Sense. It does not breath fire (though it’s burps are enough to make your eyes water). They cannot hibernate for millenia, though they do sleep an awful lot. It is not particularly fast, and in fact moves rather awkwardly. It’s teeth are not razor sharp, and while it can grab things with its face tentacles, whatever it is better not put up a fight.

(-)Sterile: Like all GenPals animals, the Mini Leviathan is sterile to discourage irresponsible breeding (Cass triple checked on this one, please gods, no more)

(-)Proprietary: Like all GenPals animals, the Mini Leviathan requires GenPal brand food to remain healthy and within warranty. Due to the nature of the beastie however, this is required more as a supplement than as a primary food source.



  • Diet: Meat and a GenPals proprietary amino acid supplement.

  • Communication:  Burbles, squawks, and tentacle waving. Additionally the mini Leviathan can communicate through a limited sort of telepathy. It cannot speak as such, but can project feelings- Hungry. Cold. Sad. Angry. Hungry again.- in an attempt to alter unpleasant stimuli. Occasionally it will also project positive emotions, but it must like the person. Since most people don’t like it, this is uncommon and unremarked upon- except by, you guessed it, Larry.

  • Technology level: N/A

  • Religion/Beliefs: No one asked. No one wanted to know.

  • General behavior: The Mini Leviathan is usually hungry, unless it is currently gorged and distended to full size. Phlegmatic and general under responsive to outside stimuli, some might go so far as to call it lazy. It shuffles around slowly most of the time, or lays in a warm spot- somewhere with a window perhaps. Larry discovered it is particularly enraptured by holoprograms and will watch them for hours without moving. Except of course, when it does. When particularly hungry, thirsty, cold, bored or otherwise displeased, the Mini Leviathan grows disgruntled. The disgruntled can turn into crabby, which can turn into angry. Without much in the way of methods to express explicit displeasure, this often leads to fits of destructive frustration, overturning furniture or biting the closest source of irritation- whether that is a person, a chair, or the corner of a wall seems irrelevant. It will calm down again through no apparent change in situation, ambling off and flopping somewhere once it’s irritation is spent.



Created by GenPals for Velok the Younger, the Mini Leviathan took months to get right. Over and over again a creature so pitiful it couldn’t survive long outside of the cloning creches- if it even made it that far- was the best the Science teams could manage. It was only after they started toying with splicing the genetics that they ended up with the distressing looking Mini Leviathan. Cass had never been so disgusted.


“Is this really the best we can do?”


They had shrugged and nodded.


Except Larry who got defensive.


Cass resolved to keep an eye on Larry.


Small, lumpish, ugly and to some, frankly nauseating, the mini Leviathan offered so little of what made a Leviathan a Leviathan. Shrinking it down so far made it deeply vulnerable to the vagaries of its genetics. Cass had no doubt that they could properly replicate something full sized, but that wasn’t the desired trait (besides she was fairly certain it was illegal on Etti IV). After much experimentation, they finally settled on the combination of features that would allow the ordered trait (memory absorption) with an animal that was actually viable.


Hopefully Velok wouldn’t mind that it was hideous.






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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

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Hello, I will be your judge for this submission :)




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Aster Rose Baelor

Aster Rose Baelor

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Pending final approval :)




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