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Tier 3 Royal-Z

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Zorren Royal

Zorren Royal

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Corporation Name: Royal-Z (Pronounced: ˈroiəlzē)
Headquarters: Dorsis
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  • Clothing Design & Fabrication
  • Fashion Technologies
Tier: 3

Zorren Royal, Zee as friends call him, was born with a knack for clothing and fashion design, as well as business etiquette and business properties that savants wished they could achieve. Uncannily, every objective bearing potential monetary gain, never failed to return a profit margin vastly beyond expected.

The guy is just good at his work.

Starting from the bottom, with just money saved over time, Zorren managed to begin this enterprise making pants bearing intricate designs, embroidery for the ladies, styles that simply everyone wanted. Before long his income more than paid for everything, improving his life all the whole acruing more through savings and bonds.

A shop came next, but not the way expected. Zorren, seeing things as a younger mind, hip if you will, knew that most people would want things sent their ways - to not have to do much for their gains. So he simply paid for decent enough warehouse that would act as factory and warehouse storage, allowing him money to hire ships for trafficking, and the other needs to boost a company inside the Metal Lords providence.

A genius for sales and public relations, Zee (Zorran) managed to procure funds first to start manufacturing his own designs for clothing, did so, and made a profit. All within a few weeks he managed to garner a consistent clientele, too the extent he managed to manipulate the system further.

In a system so thriving for companies starting up, Zee flourished. First a warehouse was bought, including the land it was on. He wanted no part in owing a deal to anyone. This indeed was a risk, as now housing his product and a place to make said items was a plus, and yet it was not a large locale nor a proper storefront.

This led into a next step, the true shop Royal-Z uses: it's HoloNet page. Made by some of the of the best, it allows the viewer and potential client a vastly superior chance to observe and admire works. It has been said by many a being that before receiving their purchase, they already felt as if they had witnessed it before the site is that welcoming.

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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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This is being accepted at tier 3 due to the Metal Lord's Capitalism Reigns major faction mandate.

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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

    Empress of Teta

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