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Dromund Kaas

- - - - - Planet Development

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Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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Dromund Kaas


Where freedom goes to die, and legends are forced on the galaxy.


We have had Corellia, we have done Atrisia, Tython and Tatooine are in progress, now it's time for the former crown-world of the ancient Sith Empire!


I am starting a write-up of Dromund Kaas, add chaos-relevant information and I'd love to crowd-source some parts of this. Specifically, do you know of any cool locations, important story threads, NPCs, things like that? Post them here, so I can include them in the planet submission itself.


Atrisia and Corellia ended up amazing because of the community effort and I think it would be awesome to give Dromund Kaas some love as well in the same way.


Tag me, PM me, whatever works best! :)

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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Jairus Starvald






Independence Day aliens attack Kaas (or what's left of it...this is a good deal after the Mandos dropped asteroids) to kill everyone...because reasons.



Rave Merrill, Rosa Gunn, Seydon of Arda and Siobhan Kerrigan protect the innocents. This includes building an impromptu light side, low-wattage Phobis device to demoralise attackers, Sio thrashing alien ships and Rave pulling off a heroic sacrifice to banish alien vessels that wanted to bomb people.



Later, an SSC fleet commanded by Admiral Stahlmann shows up to beat the alien fleet. Subsequently, the SSC does a Kaas dominion. http://starwarsrp.ne...f-dromund-kaas/



http://starwarsrp.ne...0651-kaas-city/The rebuilt Kaas City. Built by the Resurgent Empire following their victory in the invasion SJO.

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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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Mandalorian Invasion of Dromund Kaas where Waid slapped the planet with asteroids


http://starwarsrp.ne... dromund kaas