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Freyja Communications System

- - - - - Locke and Key Mechanics Component

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John Locke

John Locke


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  • Intent: To create a component for later factory subs

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  • Able to provide secure and encrypted communications at multiple levels of security, from quantum Keys to a standard encryption.

  • Able to provide real-time translation functions through an inbuilt TranLlang II Communications Module

  • Ability to create and manage multiple communications networks, both encrypted and unencrypted.



  • Real-time translation capability: The TanLang III Communications Module is able to provide a translation of any incoming transmission in real time.

  • Able to create multiple communications networks out of friendly communications nodes.


  • Hackable: The system is only as secure as the data being fed into it, especially if it exists within a communications network. For easy communications in a battle or trade deal, the system is much more lax with established nodes, meaning that the security won’t stop any data coming in from a hacked or captured node.

  • Jammable: As with any communications system the Freyja can be jammed, rendering it useless.

  • Vulnerable: The majority of communications are routed through the ships communications array or arrays in a larger ship. While the system can maintain a communications network using secondary redundant transceivers and comm lasers the capability of the system will be much degraded, hampering its ability to function in an effective fleet management capability.

  • The lowest common common denominator: The Freyja is capable if an extremely high level of encryption, but if communication with a system that isn’t capable of using it’s Quantum Keys, in either a one on one communication or a communications network the system has to step down to a level the other system can use, which can leave the communications vulnerable.



Communications, the connection between people, whether you’re a smuggler, a diplomat or an admiral it is your communication which makes the world go around. As they pushed their development of fighters and other starships Locke and Key realised that this was an increasingly important component of any starship. There were countless models of a communications system on the market, but none of them were quite what Locke and Key were after, the fact is that communications were good, but they wanted more, they wanted to be able to provide their customers with secure communications.


The company had already developed the LK Hermes for individual units, but a starship level communications system needed to be able to handle a much greater flow of data, and a much greater level of encryption would be needed for a system designed to handle more than a star system’s worth of contacts. The engineers knew that any system had to be able to handle the rigours of both military and civilian use, that is to say, that it needed to be able to maintain and run several different communications networks at once, to allow for effective battlefield management, while allowing a rapid flow of data. At the same time, they would need to be able to send proprietary data over secure communications channels.


It was obvious they couldn’t just upscale the Hermes, but it did provide a basis on which they could build. Like the Hermes, the Freyja is capable of multiple levels of encryption, from an open transmission that anyone can listen in on to one secured through Quantum Key Distribution. Like the Hermes, the Freyja can use Quantum Key Distribution to provide a secure communication link between two units. Can also use a series of pre-programmed keys to provide a network communication with multiple users (these keys should be updated regularly to prevent a lost device from being used to tap into the network). Can also mix these two protocols to have a lead device create a network and regularly send a new encryption key, transmitted via quantum key distribution. However, unlike the Hermes, the Freyja system is capable of creating a network out of communications nodes, and thanks to the superior processing power available to a starship it is able to generate and manage multiple different networks at the same time. The multiple layered networks were designed around allowing a ship to act as a control system for a fleet if needed.


The Freyja system was able to communicate in local space, subspace and Hyperwave, covering all the regular bands of communication through the use of specialised transceivers. Holonet transceivers allowed intergalactic communications, subspace transceivers allowed sector level communications while communications transceivers allowed short range communications. The Freyja also came with comm laser to provide short-range communications which are unjammable, and non-interceptable. Among its variety of communications abilities and the encryption capability, the Freyja is a capable and effective communications system able to transmit your messages with security no matter where you might find yourself.


Arken Lussk

Arken Lussk

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Under Review.

Arken Lussk

Arken Lussk

    Thrills, Chills, and Kills

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John Locke


As a comms tech IRL, it's nice to see subs like this. Standard and versatile communications methods, encrypted communications and capable of real-time translation of information. Still very vulnerable to DOS attacks as well as slicing attacks if one end of the communications medium isn't using the right encryption. Legit weaknesses and well balanced.


If you're wanting to venture further into stuff like this on Chaos, I suggest reading up on PKI some.


Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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