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Korriban City [Location Contest]

- - - - - Sith Empire Korriban Codex Contest

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  • Intent: To make something for the new Codex Challenge and submit a city I came up with many moons ago, which has been host to a number of storylines.
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  • City Name: Korriban City.
  • Classification: Ancient Metropolis
  • Location: Korriban
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Demographics: 20% Human, 79% Aliens (Sith Pureblood, Zabrak, Nezumi, Devaronian, Muun, etc) 1% Thirriken.
  • Wealth: Medium. In the past Korriban City had grown to be one of the largest and wealthiest cities on Korriban. Ancient, old, it had a rich history in culture, but after the ill-advised bombardment by Silver Jedi forces parts of the City were reduced to rubble. The Sith Order set to restore it with funds and donations flooding in to assist the city in its restoration. It's been a few years and only now is Korriban City finding its way back on its footing.
  • Stability: Low-to-Medium. Parts of the city are still actively being repaired and restored. The citizens of those districts have been moved to other sectors within the City, which has over-stressed the public commodities such as housing, medical care, store capacity. Korriban City has a proud history and the people are starting to chafe under the indignation of being forced to live penned-up like hen birbs. 
  • Description: Korriban City is old. Ancient. It has seen millennia pass and will presumably see even more rotations follow. It's a city of mystery, of sand and illusions, of Sith Magic and the occult. Its long-winded and often confusing streets hide shops that sell everything from alchemical ingredients to active spells, some of them real, others a tourist attraction that sells minor babbles. Since the bombardment much of the undercity has been taken over by refugees, criminal elements and others to escape the tight press in the upper-city. Every once in a while, you will find bodies wash up- unlucky people caught in the waterways while they explored the undercity. 


  • The Undercity - Korriban City is made up out of layers. Throughout the centuries it has expanded, shrunk, build on, burned down, build back up again, in some ways the city is more alive than most would care to think. The Undercity is a natural consequence of such organic growth- a large expanse under the city itself.They consists of the waterway and the sanitation of the city, the old crumbling remnants of Korriban City's past, parts of its former districts sunk or build over. Some cellars give access to the undercity, hidden tunnels, the waterways of course. There you will find a new culture rising up - scavengers, refugees, thieves, all banding together one way or another to carve an existence out underneath the oppressive weight of the upper streets. 
  • The Pyramids - Three Pyramids stood in the center of the city. They used to house the Magisters of Korriban- powerful Sith Lords who had led the city for quite some time, but little of their former glory remains today. The bombardment destroyed the smaller two, while the larger one was severely damaged. There are plans to restore them to prominence, but other priorities took hold. The largest pyramid has been repaired to functionality and is now housing the council of the city, headed by a new Magister. A human and strangely enough... not a Sith Lord by any means. 
  • Kintik District - No other district in the city shows the pressure and tension as much as the Kintik. Blackest of districts in ancient Sith, this is where stability and security is at its lowest. Multiple families sharing the same rooms, because there is simply not enough room for everyone. Even more living out on the streets. Crime runs rampant, hope is low and attention of the city council is elsewhere. It is a powder keg, just waiting for a single spark to go up in flames. The Jedi are especially hated here - Silver, Alliance, it doesn't matter. The actions of the few have been attributed to every single self-righteous bastard out there. Approach with caution.

The history of Korriban City is as much one of legends as it is based in facts. It has been around for a while, some say as far back as the first time the Sith species abandoned Korriban in favor of Ziost, founded by those that refused to leave their homeworld behind. Others say its origins are relatively more recent- sprung-up during the days of the Gulag Plague, when it raged through the Galaxy and everyone tried to flee to a safe haven of their own. The truth is presumably somewhere in the middle. Only one thing truly matters: the city is old and has been through a lot.
Once a crux point of trade settlements on Korriban, it was propelled to galactic prominence in the aftermath of the Sith Order's rebellion against the Silver Jedi Order's effort to expand back into the Sith Worlds with the collapse of the Remnant Empire. One of the Silver Jedi's own ordered an open bombardment on the city itself in an attempt to crush the natives' uprising against the Jedi's rule. Military personnel, civilians, they died in equal numbers as parts of the city were destroyed, whole districts going up in flame where cheap wood had been favored over more secure durasteel foundations.
Donations and funds streamed in for the restoration of the ancient city. 
From Jedi to Sith to corporate, all had their own interest in repairing the damage. For some it was guilt, others it was duty, some saw profit, the result remained the same: an effort that would have taken decades or maybe even more was shortened towards years. Waterways and sanitation was restored first to halt the spread of sickness, medical centers sprung up once more to deal with the wounded, infrastructure.
There was a plan
And the Sith were the ones guiding it along with strict order and purpose. 
Now the city is slowly limping back towards its old glory. It has a long road to walk, there are dangers as the tension in the city rises in certain districts, but Korriban City has existed for a long time. It has burned down many times, before rising from the ashes. The same will happen here- of this the inhabitants and citizens are sure.

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