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New Hangar Ratings!

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Lily Kuhn

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Welcome to week 3 of Factory 5.0!


Today we have an update for the Starship section of the factory!


Those of you who use the Starship section of the factory to make capital ships may have noticed some considerable limitation on hangar sizes, especially on larger ships.


As of today, starting now, those limitations have been lessened considerably. Each template, and their cookie cutter examples, have been updated to reflect the new sizes for each hangar rating as according to the size of their ship. Here is an example from the Star Destroyer template:




You will now see the maximum amount of squadrons that a rating will allow, and the size of the ship it correlates to, in each template. All examples have been updated to reflect these changes.


Unfortunately, this also means we will have to say farewell to Raziel's excel guide while the factory works on making a new excel guide to help submitters in the future.

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