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All That Glitters (Cabal Rebellion of Iron Empire Held Copero Hex)

- - - - - The Cabal vs The Iron Empire

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Mobius D’ik was a man of refinement and taste. Despite his years, he liked to pride himself in good stature and the fine cut of his blubber. In a tailored Executive suit, the herglic had sent many a whalette a-swooning. Hell, there had even been the one notable occasion of a lady houk giving him that disarming once-over.


Never had a madam shaken him like this explosion did, though.


His considerable mass (Nothing but muscle, he would assure the dubious reader with some haste) kept him on his feet even when his associates tumbled like a human after a pint of whale ale.


Wasting no time or precious breath on words, the lumbering mercenary began to pick up speed like the incoming freighter of the Coratanni Cartel. If anything got in his way, he would, speaking from the relative point of the durasteel infrastructure of the shipyards, hit with about the same amount of force.


Thankfully, no one did.


Bareesh Kajidic | Helix Syndicate

Bareesh Kajidic

Bareesh Kajidic

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The Gank squad all magnetized their boots the instant they felt the explosion. The greatest injury as a result was a sprained ankle from the youngest of the pack, who emoted pain through their shared link. 


The others replied back with the apathy of a pack. He would fall in line, or he would be left behind. The pack would not die for him. 


Keeta's attention shifted to the Jilruans, who turned their falls into graceful somersaults. He snorted derisively at their showy acrobatics, then demagnetized and picked up the pace behind the big cetacean.


Nobody got in the guy's way because those still on the platform were too busy trying to figure out how to get off it. Keeta spotted a trio of hapless engineers in Iron Empire uniforms sprinting away, presumably toward some method of escape.


A cold grin split the stocky Gank's features beneath his expressionless yellow helmet. In a smooth motion, he gripped the butt of his KD-30 and drew the pistol from a shoulder holster under his left armpit. He fired as his arm traversed, caressing the trigger three times in total, and put a hollow slug in the back of each fleeing civilian. 


They dropped like puppets whose strings had just been cut. Acid bubbled out from the hollow slugs and seeped through the wound channels, ending whatever the hot hunks of metal left unfinished. 


"Three," remarked Keeta. 


"Three," his pack agreed.


Nadir | Helix Syndicate | Coratanni Cartel

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Helix Syndicate

Helix Syndicate

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They arrived at a crossroads, and suddenly the running ground to a halt. Grigori was checking something on his HS Multirole Device. It looked like a map, presumably of the shipyards. A blinking waypoint indicated their location. "Why are we stopping?" Derrenger demanded.


"I am not wanting us to get lost," Grigori said, fiddling with the touch screen in an effort to get a better picture of where they were. Their route kept changing, probably because an entire chunk of the station was now flooded with flames and practically impossible to traverse. If they had known the shipyards were about to blow up, they would have just done a tactical spacewalk and skipped all this running. But they hadn't known that. And when someone in the Helix Syndicate doesn't know something, it means they're about to get fired.


Probably out of an airlock.


Dozens of hapless travelers and civilians were running past them, looking for escape. "We can't just stand here!" Derrenger hissed at Grigori.


"I am aware of this, now, just giving me several more seconds..."


Three shots rang out. Grigori didn't bother to look, but Derrenger did. One of the Ganks had just gunned down some technicians. The screams started up anew and the mass of people suddenly lurched and pulled away from the stationary gang. So much for the anonymity of the crowd and chaos. "Grigori..."


"One moment, I said!"


An Iron Imperial soldier rounded the corner, armor scorched but still functional. He took one look at the additional carnage and, apparently ready to defend the fleeing citizenry, leveled his gun on the group. Derrenger was faster, however, and a quick shot from the bowcaster caught the Iron Imperial in the chest, flinging him down the hallway. "Why is everyone shooting?" Grigori muttered, "As if not hard enough to work this thing..."


"There's more coming," Derrenger hissed, although this time he was talking to the Ganks and the Herglic.


Bareesh Kajidic | Nadir | Aster Rose Baelor

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    Death from Below

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One does not simply stop when one is half a tonne of sprinting, A-grade blubber.


More indeed came – and they rounded the corner straight into the barreling cetacean. The noises that ensued were not of the pleasant sort. Fortunately for the gentle souls present, most of them were blessedly drowned out by another explosion.


Closer, this time, and that much louder.


D’ik didn’t fall, if only because he was already on the floor. The remains of what used to be an Iron Empire patrol lay around him, very still, and, ostensibly, very dead. The Myrmidon leader picked himself up with a grunt, one flipper braced against a massive knee.


“Mister Grigori,” he boomed down the corridor. The ceiling let out an ominous squeal.


Like most things, it was not rated to withstand herglics.