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Theed Strategic Defense Shield

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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> Intent:  To submit a powerful city-wide shield for Naboo.

> Image Source: [X] [X]

> Canon Link:  N/A

> Restricted Missions: N/A

> Primary Source: N/A




> Manufacturer: Royal Naboo Shipwrights

> Model: TSDS

> Affiliation: Naboo

> Modularity: No

> Production: Unique

> Material: Durasteel | Transparisteel | Titanium | Quadanium | Pyronium | Mythra






> Built into the foundation of Theed palace.

> Draws power directly from the Plasma Refinery Complex.

> Heavily guarded by the TPCU.

> Preemptive warning system activated by Naboo Recon Relay Stations within the system and its neighbors.




[ + ] Immensely powerful shields protect Theed from even the most devastating atmospheric and orbital bombardments.
[ + ] Enough power to protect the city of Theed from prolonged sieges.

[ + ] Pyronium protects the shield generator and its systems from EMP and Ion based attack.

[ + ] Connects directly with the NRRS to preemptively activate when under threat of attack.

[ + ] Generator itself is built within the foundation of the palace and connected to the planets plasma refinery.

[ + ] Heavily guarded by an elite unit of officers, including Jedi Knights. Only the monarch may enter this restricted area.



[ - ] Cannot protect against troop deployment.

[ - ] Destruction of unprotected NRRS will blind the shield's sensors. Activation/Deactivation will require manual involvement.

[ - ] Physically impossible to move.

[ - ] Accessing the generator will be an incredibly difficult task, but the generator itself can be destroyed with all conventional weapons.

[ - ] Destruction of the refinery complex will disable power throughout all of Theed, including the shield generator.






The war between the Alliance and its neighbors, including the Sith Empire, the First Order, and Galactic Empire were beginning to reach a climax. With multiple catastrophic defeats, Naboo had begun to suspect that an invasion may eventually become a reality. The destruction wrought by war in those systems was evident. It was with this in mind that the Royal Naboo Security Force began plans to create a means of protecting Theed from a similar casualty of war. Despite maintaining its neutrality, the citizens of Theed began to grow worried that its location on the fringe of Alliance space was no longer the security blanket that it had been. Space was getting smaller it seemed. Unable to fund a project the size of massive shield gates boasted by other systems, the RNSF developed, in conjunction with Royal Naboo Shipwrights an immensely powerful, albeit small scale version of other planetary shields.


Enough so to protect Theed while remaining adequately powered even under the most terrible of sieges. With eyes in neighboring systems, as well as Naboo's own, the NRRS act as early warning detection for Theed, and the defense shield, allowing automatic activation instantaneously. If these sensors are all destroyed, activation and deactivation must be handled individually. While this is an incredibly powerful shield, protecting from atmospheric and orbital assault, it cannot prevent troop deployment. Ground vehicles and infantry may move through the shield unopposed. Similarly, if the plasma refinery were to be destroyed, Theed would lose all power, including the shield generator. To prevent that, an elite group of Force users that include Jedi Knights are deployed to guard access to the generator, and to protect the refinery at all times.

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Travis Caalgen

Travis Caalgen

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Under Review.



Travis Caalgen

Travis Caalgen

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne






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