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The "Grand Coven" (name still WIP), Dathomiri faction - Interest Check

Witch Witches Dathomir Nightsister Singing Mountain

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Greetings, all. So this idea has been in the back of my mind ever sense a certain empire of certain bucketheads began to commit genocide on Dathomir. The gist of this idea is a bunch of holdouts that survive for any number of reasons, mostly being off-world when it occurred. Through these survivors, my suggestion is to rebuild a new society on another world that preserves the cultures of Dathomir's Witches. No petty infighting. All clans welcome. Singing Mountain. Nightsister. Any Daughter of Allya. One banner. One clan. All with intent to grow our numbers and eventually return to Dathomir to liberate it from the barbarians of Mandalore.



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coulc be very fun to see the witches come back

"Funny thing about my little sister. She always had visions and flashes useful flashes. Then we go on a raid and one of those Blue Mountain Witches made her visions so intense she had only one choice... She carved her own eyes out with her sai to end them. Didn't work did it just made them stronger."



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Excellent idea. The only issue I can foresee is:
Access to spirit ichor & Dathomirian relics.
The reason Dathormir is so important is partly due to all of their dead that have been laid to rest there.
As well as their species of Rancor which they have adapted to taming for use as mounts, guardians, etc.
Dathomirian relics were often loaned to members of one's clan, very rarely loaned off-world so as to prevent their loss / destruction.
Dathomir, in my opinion is far too important to just abandon all together. But the idea of one clan made up of the remnants of fallen clans is great, albeit it would be as tough as getting Sith and Jedi to unite against a common enemy / for a common goal, but doable in my opinion.

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It's great that you guys want to bring back the Witches. As the owner of the original action (under Satara), I do miss it quite a bit but I lack the muse to write the particular character right and her great great.... granddaughter Katrine has been invested in the Mandragora, Witches of Ryloth (under the CIS banner).


As far as the Singing Mountain Clan, as their clan mother, Satara would have moved majority off them off Dathomir, with some remaining behind to fight (I've talked this over with the current Mandalorian faction owner) due to two centuries of experience, one does learn that sometimes it's worth to save the people over structures. And besides, Witches have lost Dathomir in the past in roleplay (on other sites) and have ultimately returned because factions die, time passes. The one true constant of Dathomir is that there will always be Witches there/they will always return.


Having said that, I'd love to see this happen. Last WoD was active, the idea of unification had been presented and it was going strong (with one light and one dark witch as united representatives of the faction). Witches will ultimately always be stronger together, no matter their alignment so please, have fun with this :)

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