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The Eldritch

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Darth Abyss

Darth Abyss


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  • Manufacturer: Sith Empire (Prototype)/Darth Abyss (Current Ship)
  • Model: Eternal Class Frigate Prototype/Project Eldritch
  • Affiliation: Darth Abyss
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Reflec, Durasteel, Duramentium, Photoreactive fiber, Starship components, Various scavenged starship components, Red lightsaber crystal, Stone, 4 Quadex power cores, Hyperdrive, Stygium


  • Classification: Frigate
  • Length: 470
  • Width: 150
  • Height: 100
  • Armament: Moderate
  • Defenses: Low
  • Hangar:  Average: 1
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class Average: 2


-1 Galaxy-15 ion engine
-Predator interdiction drive
-Solar sail

-Particle shield
-Ray shield



Side (each side):


-The Last Monolith

-Stygium Cloaking Device

-NightBlind 472
-4x-Phantom short-range sensor jammer
-220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Device
-Electronic countermeasures

-Gravitic Amplitude Modulator




-4 Oversized Airlocks (Two on each side)
-Ritual Chamber
-Command and Surveillance center
-Crew Quaters


  • Tricks and...: Decoy devices and short busts of a ship slowing gravity technology (predator drive) are some of the most common tricks used by the Eldritch to deceive and confuse enemy ships during an encounter.
  • ...Traps: The Eldritch was reconfigured from a heavy warship into a Trapper/Mineslayer, armed with mines, a gravity well projector, force field shield generators satellites, laser webs and droids deployable in space, that allow the ship to prepare devastating traps and ambushes.
  • From the Sidelines: Weapons and stealth are not all that the Eldritch is capable of. With a fully functional Command and Surveillance center, powerful sensors and additional surveillance technology the ship can monitor ongoing engagements from a save distance until the time is right to strike.
  • Unheard and Unseen: Jammers, bafflers and cloaking. The Eldritch is outfitted with almost any sensor disrupting deceive that can be brought on the black market, allowing it to move unseen and undetected for the most part. Thanks to the Solar Sail the ship can also move without leaving a trail by sacrificing speed.
  • Boarding Pass: As a pirate vessel the ship was redesigned not for the utter destruction of an enemy ship, but to allow for quick and effective boarding. Two oversized airlocks on either side of the ship allow strike teams to be deployed directly into space. The most firepower can also be found on the ship's sides. There are also power harpoons there to be fired a enemy ships.
  • Eldritch: Unconventional is one thing, but the Eldritch was designed to stray from to simply unconventional into the highly unorthodox. A ritual chamber and the Monolith placed in it allow for force based assaults on a naval scale without draining or disrupting any technology on the ship.


  • Lack of frontal Firepower: Designed as a stealthy and agile boarding and trap vessel, the Eldritch lacks direct firepower on the front. While the ship still can dash out a bit of damage there, a frontal assault is only really an option against far smaller ships.
  • Fragile: The lack of armor isn't the only defensive drawback of the Eldritch. Being ancient by normal standards, many of the ships systems are put together as makeshift solutions at best, creating a patchwork of salvaged tech, black market scrap and ancient sith systems instead of a homogeneous network. Even small damages can lead to malfunctions in the systems recently added by Abyss and his men.
  • Energy Consumption: Said patchwork also was created without spending to much thought on the ship's overall energy consumption. While the Eldritch theoretically can fire up most systems at once, doing so would quickly lead to an overload and following Fallout of the ship's generators.
  • Large Target: While the length of the Eldritch is not exceptional, its width and height is. The ancient design might helps by making the ship look more intimidating, it also adds more space for it to be hit.
  • Tainted: The Eldritch is able to hide in most conventional ways, but there is one easy method to become aware of the ship anyway. The force. Heavily tainted with the power of the dark side many with the gift are able to feel its presence, or at least an hint of danger.
  • Repairs: Due to the complex patchwork of different techs the ship needs a crew of talented mechanics to be repaired
  • Weird Dreams: Due to the Monolith, those that spend a prolonged time on the Eldritch are haunted by weird, violent and highly unsettleing dreams.


History: The Eternal Class Frigate was originally designed by the First sith empire, during the close of the first Hyperspace War. A heavy armed and armored warship planned to be a mix of meditation sphere and command ship for the Lords in service of the empire, the first prototype was intended to be the first of many, the one ship to bring victory of the sith. By combing the sith's affinity for the dark side with tools to make them a viable option in naval engagements additionally to conventional weaponry the Empire believed to get an edge over their enemy. Yet even the first prototype never saw the day of its completion, as the empire fell apart before construction was completed, leaving the half finished husk to rot in the depths of the unknown regions.

Ages later scavengers stumbled over what remained of the first Eternal class frigate. Lacking both the armor and weaponry of the original designs this remnant lacked most systems besides basic shields, engines, generators and the ritual chamber. The scavengers knew that there was one man who would pay a small fortune for a find like this, the illusive sith lord operating under the name of Prophet in the underworld.

When the ship was brought to Abyss, the sith lord instantly took a liking in its design and the ritual chamber, starting a year long reconstruction process far away from civilized space under the name of project "Eldritch". Other than the original engineers the men Abyss hired to make the ship useable were not instructed to build a war, but a stealth vessel, designed to set traps and ambushes. In this process that drained a lot of the sith lord's resources the ship became a complex patchwork of underworld, scavenged and sith tech,

The moment the ship was finished it was dubbed the "Eldritch" and set the groundwork for Abyss and the crew to become feared as corsairs all across space
The Black Flag


Abyss insignia also doubles as the trademark jolly roger of a pirate vessel. Despite being designed for space, the Eldritch raises an actual, physical Flag on either side.

Ritual Chamber:

The Ritual Chamber, located on the left branch of the ship, is the most unorthodox weapon carried by the Eldritch. In the original designs this room was a mix of study, training facility and meditation sphere, but under Abyss oversight it became a chamber designated to the performing of dark side rituals by the use of sith runes carved into the Monolith placed in the rooms center. The most common sights within the Chamber, besides Abyss himself, are either the Necromancers of Katarr or the Warlocks of Malachor.




The Hangar is located on the right branch of the ship, able to hold either 12 starfighters, or a smaller amount of freighters. It also doubles as cargo and storage area for everything acquired by the crew.


In the middle of the command pyramid the ship is commanded. The bridge holds enough room for a full sized crew to properly navigate the ship during conflicts, technology to calculate asteroid drifts to set up ambushes as well as a constant feed of information from the command center. The bridge actually is a perfect example for the patchwork nature of the ship, piecing together the ancient sith tech with state of the art systems, a fact that can even be seen here.

Command Center:

While most sensor information is send to the bridge, the more complex and nuanced readings find their way to the command center. Here the surveillance systems of the Eldritch start to shine. The command center is home of Abyss Inner Eye and his A.I. Glory, both skilled in the analysis of intelligence Intel and the planning of long term operations to aid the ship.


A storage room for weapons, armor, droids and tools used by the crew, as well as the various gadgets deployed by the ship. Also holds a workbench for repairs and crafting, and the materials needed to do so.

Crew Quaters: The Eldritch houses 453 crew members total (not counting the personal crews of the officers), their quarters all located in the command pyramid at the back of the ship. Their level depends on their rank, the higher up the higher their room.

Slave Quarters:


230 slaves in total are at home on the ship, each of them tasked with the simple, yet more draining job on board. Cleaning, cooking and simple repairs are just a few of their many duties. Their quarters are nothing more than small rooms with a bed inside

General Crew Quarters:


200 normal crew members can be found on the ship as well, tasked with weapon control, work on the bridge, more complex repairs and many more jobs. While not luxurious, their quarters allow for a comfortable lifestyle.

Mess Hall:


A large room that can hold half of the normal crew at the same time, outfitted with a stocked bar, food and a few other activities for the crew to relax in between raids.

Officer Quarters: The last crew members are the high ranking officers, 22 in total. Their crew quarters are quite large in size, and are most often personalized to a high degree:



Thraxis room is deserted, due to his constant expectation to be murdered by an assassin. Rumors say that he actually resides on a simple chair in the depths of the ship. Other Rumors say that this chair is outfitted with a secret storage for booze and weapons.

-Causstik Rahn


Causstik's room is filled to the brim with exotic hides, a few people frozen in carbonite, and plenty of furniture carved in black ivory. A personal request of him was also the placement of a oversized bed to hold quote "all his hoes".

-Natalie LaForte

While Natalie, Abyss first apprentice to survive his training, isn't a common part of the Eldritch, her master still spared no expenses to set up a room for her on his ship should they ever travel together. With respect to her profession as CEO of her own company, Abyss had a room designed to fullfil both the needs for life and work, including various terminals to monitor communcations and the stock market, holographic communicators designed for converence calls, and a collection of fine arts and crafts handpicked by the Mindeater.




Like his predecessor, Vereshin is not a common sight on the Eldritch. Yet the second of Abyss' apprentices earned himself the same luxury as the woman that came before him. His room was clearly meant for a studious practioner of the arcane, including a small library and tools for all kinds of experiments. For his bed a larger one was picked to allow the young man to bring someone with him on the ship.


-Alba Talatheen

Other then the others, Alba's quarters weren't part of the intial design of the Eldritch. Instead the room was quickly set up after the first quest between the relic hunter and Abyss revealed some unexpected truths, and showed the need to simplify the options of shared travel. The room hasn't yet been changed to reflect on Alba.


Entropy Chamber:


Abyss personal chamber right on top of the pyramid. This observatory can be put into zero g at any time, allowing the sith lord to assemble and disassemble his metal body at will while inside. The entropy chamber also holds one off Abyss personal Libraries, fully stocked with various works on the force and histroy. There is also a private airlock to allow the undead sith to step into space at any time.

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