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NAME:Ember (Real name: Errreembuhr)
SPECIES: Wookiee(Cyborg) 
AGE: 197 years old
SEX: Male 
HEIGHT: 2.2m 
WEIGHT: 140kg 
EYES: Golden brown 
HAIR: Light brown with black around his knees and underarms 
SKIN: Gray 
ALIGNMENT: Light side
LANGUAGES: Shyriiwook, Thykarann. Can understand and "speak" a majority of other languages through a translator device and programming.
(+) Wookiee strength and endurance: Ember was born with the typical immense strength and endurance of his race, and his strength is only enhanced by a mechanical left arm and leg.
(+) Mechanical chest rig and cybernetic implants: Ember bears a series of cybernetic and mechanical systems in his body which keep him alive, including an on-board breathing system, language translation system, hologram communications projector, coded signal emergency distress beacon, scanners, and several vital life support systems.
(-) Electrical disruptions: While the mechanical systems that sustain his vital functions are housed in a strong rig that can withstand blaster fire and most forms of EMP, directed ion blasts or similar attacks on the rig itself can very easily cause malfunctions that, if not repaired quickly, could easily kill him.
(-) Plays it safe: Is very much not a field combatant due to the risks to his chest rig and prefers to stay on-board a ship or commanding from the rear. This has taken a toll on his psyche, as Ember prior to his need for mechanical systems enjoyed adventure and direct combat, which has led to depressive moods on occasion where he is likely to lash out.
Ember is slightly taller than your average Wookiee, with light brown fur over most of his body and black fur in some areas.The most noticeable thing about him immediately is the mechanical chest rig covering most of his left side, with several buttons and dials which control the various systems contained within along with a breathing mask hooked up to it with a hose. He also possesses a cybernetic eye to replace his original eye which was damaged beyond repair.
Born on Rwookrrorro, Ember(Given name Errreembuhr) grew up along the typical lines of Wookiee children. He took to his household duties as a child strongly, learning his place in the family through his work. When he came of age he took the Test of Ascension, finding challenge in surviving the Shadowlands, but managing it nonetheless despite the various deadly creatures and other dangers in the darkest reaches of the Kashyyyk forests. Even after adulthood he would occasionally delve into the Shadowlands to challenge himself, going alone occasionally, but sometimes with other young males he grew up with. 
Shortly after his 100th birthday he found work on a small freighter transporting cargo for various organizations across the galaxy. He received the moniker Ember from his crewmates, as they found it easier to say than his birth name. His crew ran afoul of several criminal organizations who tried to rob them and failed, including a group of Trandoshan mercenaries who were often hired to steal their cargo. One such encounter on Gentes proved fatal for Ember’s crew, when the Trandoshans set charges on their ship while the crew had stopped to deliver cargo to an Ugnought conclave. He was outside of the ship when they were detonated, but the rest of the crew was inside, and were incinerated in the blast. Ember was blown clear of the site and sustained several horrific injuries. His left leg and arm were completely blown off, while his rib-cage and some internal organs were severely damaged, along with crushing injuries to his skull and eye. If it weren’t for the Ugnoughts finding him quickly and getting him treatment, he would very likely have died.
Though he was able to be saved, due to the extent of his injuries there was no way for him to survive once taken off of medical support. Thankfully, as the sole survivor of the crew, he inherited their group’s wealth, which was considerable as they had been pooling resources to pay for a much larger ship. Using his own savings, he paid for the cybernetic enhancements and limb replacements that would keep him alive, and now he seeks to develop the means with which to protect others from the same kind of piracy that took the lives of his friends and stuck him with a life forever on machines.
Chest-mounted cybernetic control rig

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