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The Vashtori Ascendancy

Another one Death To The Light Shard

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The Vashtori Ascendancy
In 420 ABY a there was a civil war on Orax. Sparked by a faction of Force wielding Shard and their companions, this civil war would become known as the Calamity War. Believing themselves to be superior to all other races, Shards across Orax began to raid their neighbors, taking advantage of the shattered state of the galaxy during the height of the Gulag Plague. Their actions caused thousands of Shard on Orax to retaliate in both peaceful protest and violent rebel action. However, the ruling Head of State continued their campaign of conquest. However, after the Head of State was assassinated their regime began to crumble. However, in 426 ABY arogue A.I. designated as Omni began a crusade against all organic life in the known Galaxy. Its assault eventually reached Orax, where the militant faction joined hands with the rogue A.I. and pushed for a new leader, Vashtori, to take the place of the previous dictator. A close adviser of the previous Head of State, Vashtori hoped to continue their conquests. 
But this dream would not be realized. After Omni was defeated, several factions swooped in to Orax and helped destroy the Omni factories and expelled Vashtori’s faction from the planet. They would eventually find themselves trapped in the Rishi Maze for hundreds of years before stumbling upon an ancient Sith battlestation somewhere out in the Unknown Regions. While the battlestation was defunct the teachings, starships, weapons, and armor left behind by the Sith was more than enough to start as a foundation to regain a foothold in the Galaxy. Taking these things as their own the Vashtori Remnant took on the name Vashtori Ascendancy and made the battlestation their base of operations as they begin their mission of Galactic Conquest. 
Their end goal? To rule the Unknown Regions and take back their home of Orax.



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The Balmora

The Vashtori Ascendancy was started on the premise that the Shard were the superior sentient lifeforms in the Galaxy. Incredibly intelligent and infinitely wise, the long lived Shards were able to complete any task and outlive most, if not all species in the Galaxy. These truths drove the original Vashtori to war during the Gulag Plague and fuel their conquests now. Leading these Shard is the Balmora, usually a Colony, but sometimes a singular Shard, powerful in the Force and with outstanding charisma. The Balmora rules the Vashtori Ascendancy with an Iron Fist and its rule is absolute. All Shard and Galra strive to please the Balmora for failure is not tolerated.


Hand of Balmora

A group of six powerful Force using Shard. They act as the Balmora's messengers and most powerful, loyal soldiers in the war for Galactic conquest. They all act with similar authority within the Ascendancy and usually specialize in one skill or another that the Balmora deems important. Commanding fleets and ground forces, they are a direct extension of the Ascendancy's power.


The Colony

A Colony is often used as a way to describe multiple Shard consciousnesses held within one large crystal body. An appropriate name then for the group of influential Shard that run the daily bureaucratic tasks and run the Armada of the Ascendancy. As Force users are held in much higher regard than non-Force sensitive Shard, many of the member Shard colonies of The Colony are Force sensitive. Officers and Lords of Balmora are frequent guests of The Colony as they also serve as a pool of centuries old wisdom and knowledge


Lords of Balmora

Powerful Force users and accomplished military leaders, the Lords of Balmora are experts in combat, Masters over the Force, and are the only ones able to fill themselves from the Fountain of Vashtori outside of the Balmora's hand and the Colony. Because of their unwavering service to the Balmora they have a great deal of autonomy, however are at the end of the day generals and admirals of the Vashtori Ascendancy and follow the instructions of The Colony and the Balmora.



Knights of Vashtori

Force using Shard. They are expected to be the first on the field of battle and the first to defend the Seat of Balmora should it come under assault. The most common among the Vashtori Force users, the Knights of Vashtori have the freedom to move as Lords do, but are also expected to spend most of their time learning from the Lords of Balmora as apprentices, aides, and reliable combat companions. Lead the charge against all that would stand in the way of the Balmora and the Vashtori Ascendancy.



The highest honor among Teseract, the non-Shard and non-military Balmora. They make up the Fountain of Vashtori, a seemingly endless fountain of potential Force energy that the high members of the Vashtori Ascendancy feed on to increase their connection to the Force. Both volunteer and forced, Quintessent are chosen based on their connection to the Force or their overall vitality. Used as sentient cattle to feed the ambitions of the Vashtori Ascendany they are kept well fed and taken care of and treated as irreplaceable, holding even higher status sometimes than some Shard depending on if a Lord of Balmora or Hand has taken a liking to them. 


Vashtori Shard

The bulk of the Vashtori Ascendancy. All of the Vashtori Shard are expected to participate in military service. Clad in their black, humanoid bodies they are the ground forces, pilots, and captains that lead the Vashtori Ascendancy to victory. The Vashtori Shard are not Force Sensitive as as soon as the potential is noted they are taken as a Knight of Vashtori. Fight on, for it is with your sacrifice that the Vashtori may one day retake our home and rule the Galaxy.



The Galra are any of the various enslaved peoples that have been either forced into military service or have joined willingly for some boon or another. The Galra are part of the main fighting force but are generally kept segregated from the Vashtori Shard outside of their commanding officer which will usually be a Vashtori Shard outside of extreme circumstances where supreme talent for leadership has been noted. Go where the Balmora has told you and your families will be spared from working the mines and Shipyards. For the Balmora! For the Ascendancy!



Slaves of the Vashtori Ascendancy. Non Shard, put hard to work in the mines, factories or the shipyards, keeping the Vashtori Ascendancy equipped. Failure will not be tolerated. Do as you are told and you may live to see another day.

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Thank You Maxine for the Logos!

OOC Goals:

  • A minor faction with potential to go Major designed at helping new factions enter the Galaxy.
    • With so many factions run by old, well known faces, it is often hard for new writers to come in to the "Map Game" as we so often call it, due to either lack of space near planets they want or just the sheer intimidation factor of giant sprawling blobs of color on the map. The goal here is to give new writers and new factions a way to drum up activity by giving them a dependable, easy going group of writers to write as their antagonists. This doesn't mean we will be losing ALL of the time, the goal here is to drum up some interesting stories
  • Utilizing Legends and Chaos Canon Lore.
    • There are so many stubs on Wookiepedia, just waiting to be expanded on. Even still, there are tons and tons of planets that great writers and creative minds have written up that haven't seen a person visit them in a thread in years. Let's use 'em. 
  • A place to practice.
    • As of late I've noticed a lot of "Guides on how to-" pop up. I've also been meeting a few new writers that say they don't have much experience doing PvP. I've seen too many an interesting faction die off because the owner(s) and or staff were too afraid to engage in PvP or choose sides. This imo is leaving the board open to mostly just factions based off of Legends Canon. Our job is to help these factions drum up some PvP experience as well as gain some ourselves. Me personally, I hope to increase my skills in "Fleeting"

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