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The Ancient Eye

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Deep within the fringes of Wild Space, an ancient evil stirs...


Thousands of years ago on Ankhypt, the homeworld of the Anubians, two brothers ruled over two kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom ruled by Hakmut the older brother and the Southern Kingdom by Sethemis, the younger. Both wanted to unite Ankhypt into one kingdom, but they could not find a peaceful way to decide who should rule. War between the two brothers emerged. For almost a century the two kingdoms waged an incredible war that ended with a stalemate. The stalemate seemed to be unbreakable and it was until a stranger arrived on the planet. The stranger stood draped in black robes, with eyes of inferno and offered Hakmut a way to end the war. "Victory will come only to one who will sacrifice. Ankhypt will be yours if you heed my words."


Hakmut did and with the help of the stranger and the sacrifice of thousands upon thousands of lives, he created an artifact of beauty and untold power: The Great Eye. Hakmut used the artifact to not only win the war but annihilate the forces of Sethemis and inadvertently turn Ankhypt from a green forested land into the barren desert which it is today.


Drunk with victory, the northern armies cheered, but Hakmut himself raised no glass in toast to his victory. Hakmut was not an evil being, he did not want to destroy his brother, but defeat him and unify the planet, ending the bloodshed out of a belief that the ends would justify the means, to what end he had hoped for… but these means took a heavy toll.

In a fit of rage, Hakmut destroyed The Eye. He banished the black-robed stranger to the vile pit from whence he came, he scattered the pieces across the galaxy and destroyed all records about the Eye from history and killed all who would remember, so that no one would be tempted to use the power of the vile thing again.
Thousands of years passed. A Sith Lord named Mythos died on Atrisia, his soul sent to the netherworld to writhe in torment for an eternity, but before he died, he was the only Sith Lord to set foot on Ankhypt after the stranger, so long ago. There, he discovered the Pyramid of Sethemis, sealing away a part of his essence in the buried ruin before leaving.
As a spirit, he contacted the priests of the living planet to conduct a ritual and in death met the spirit of Skorvek, one of the most powerful warriors of Hakmut who defied him in his life and this was one of the many sentenced to death because of his knowledge to The Eye. Skorvek's deal was simple. Return him to life and bring him along for the journey and he would lead the Sith Lord and his followers to he who could find the missing pieces of the Eye and they would rule the galaxy and exact revenge on those who wronged them in the past. Mythos agreed. Skorvek awoke Neb-Ka of Myth, a legendary priest, more ancient than Hakmut himself who not only knew of the Eye but knew how to find it.
With the power of the Lords of Ancient Ankhypt, the powerful War Chieftain; Matador and the enigmatic Overlord; Kainan Wolfe, Mythos led an Army to Wild Space and raised an empire from the sands of a forgotten world, sending it forth to unearth that which should never be unearthed.
The Ancient Eye now can see...






It is a New World, of Gods... and Monsters... Within the untamed worlds of Wild Space, there exists an enigmatic nation of mystics, Warlords and secret societies. A nation unlike any other that came before it. This Empire of the Ancient Eye is a theocratic feudal monarchy consisting of several fiefdoms and realms with a predominately Anubian population, united under a single ruler, but largely independent of eachother.


Ritualistic and archaic in nature, this loose coalition of sorcerers, noble houses and Warlords is united by religious fervor, lust for power and political convenience and is driven by a single, overriding goal: to find the pieces of the Eye, put the artifact back together and use it to subjugate the galaxy to their will.


Each of these fiefdoms is left largely to its own devices, the manner in which it is ruled being up to the local Warlord to decide. Not all is warm and sunny in heaven and some Warlords are more powerful than others. A webwork of political alliances and a system of granting and owing favors, creates a complex political system that is rife with intrigue and plots, as the Warlords compete against eachother for power, wealth and glory, while mysterious cults and secret societies plot in the shadows.


The population is kept obedient through the pervasiveness of religious doctrine, which is perpetuated and enforced by a powerful priesthood that is dedicated to the worship of the various gods and goddesses of the Anubian pantheon.


At the top of this order, sits Mythos, God-King of the Empire, who, through his dreaded War Chieftain, the Matador, enforces his rule upon the various constituencies which make up this nation and through religion, keeps the masses content and obedient. Not all constituencies abide by this system, though...


Out of all the various realms and fiefdoms which make up the Empire, the Shrouded Republic is, by far, the most powerful. Almost a state within a state, this enigmatic hermit nation, was born in the vastness of space out of the surviving remnants of the Dominion, after its conquest by the Sith.


Ruled by a mysterious and charismatic Overlord who has taken power not by violence, but through the votes of the people and guided by a mysterious secret society of Force users known as the Wardens of the Shroud, the Shrouded Republic has sacrificed much to survive and out in the cold, dark expanse, it has become something which bears little resemblance to the Republics of the past. Something that is far more dangerous.


A consequence of lessons learned, the Shrouded Republic's military is capable and merciless and its fleets add up to almost half of the entire naval power of the Ancient Eye.


Cold, harsh and disciplined, the Shrouded Republic is united by ideals of order and meritocracy. Service guarantees citizenship and of all its people, only those who serve, or have served in the military, have the right to vote, while those whom it conquers, face the bitter reality that the Shrouded Republic was forced to learn: That freedom is never given. It must be earned.



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