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On Solar Tides

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Elyria Vance

Elyria Vance
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Had she been living any other life, Elyria might have hesitated. Hells, even having lived the stifled life she had, she probably should ​have hesitated. After all, it was a big risk to go travelling the stars with some comparative stranger. Anything might happen. But maybe that was part of the appeal; to feel that uncertainty, to not know what was going to happen next.


Besides, for some reason she trusted Milo. Maybe it was because of how he'd arrived, taking the role of saviour to so many, Or I was that warm, sincere smile on his face. Or maybe it was just that whatever risk he posed, it was worse than the living death of stagnation aboard the fleet.


Either way, she didn't hesitate, not even for a second, in placing her hand in Milo's. Her heart was racing, excitement giving her a bigger rush than spice ever could.


​'I'm in.'


Milo Ren

Milo Ren

Milo Ren

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Immediately, Elyria placed her hand in his and gave him affirmation that she would come with him. Milo's heart soared. He managed to not only save literal slaves, but her as well from a cycle of despair aboard the Em-Ex.

It was a good day.

Holding her hand in his for a moment, the former Ren squeezed it before releasing, then projected into her mind again.

'Do what you have to do. Grab anything you own. Is there anyone here I need to talk to before you come with me?'

If there was anyone that needed talking to, Milo would ensure that they weren't trouble at all.

Elyria Vance