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[Tool] Capital Ship Gun Math Calculator V1

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Nicademus Blith

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While ship gun counts have been phased out in favor of armament ratings I for one still prefer doing things the old fashioned way, however this is very very tedious, as the math required is not easy. Knowing this i decided to make this spreadsheet to help people out and save time. You simply enter in the gun statistics on the left box, then enter the name and the count in the right box, and like magic, the sheet does all the math for you. To make a copy go up to the file tab and click make a copy, from there you can begin your gun math adventure.


A few notes:

  • Barrel Count only applies to capital emplacements and larger, point defense should always list 1 barrel unless it is something like an octuple laser, or some multiple of base point defense tech.
  • Gun names must match exactly or it will not work correctly.


If you have any questions shoot me a DM here or on discord @SpacePrius#0129


Here be dragons (The Sheet)