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Starship 5.0 Capital Ship Tool

- - - - - Excel Guide

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Welcome to week 4 of Factory 5.0!


We have a new addition to the Starship Template today!


As promised with the previous update to the Starship section, the Factory has come together and created a new excel guide to replace the retired one.


You can find this new excel sheet at the bottom of the Starship 5.0 templates, grouped with our other reference material.


Things you might notice:

  • Hangar size is replaced with the actual rating (so rather than clicking an arrow to add squadrons or remove them you will just select a rating from a dropdown menu): These ratings correlate to the amount permitted for the size of the ship you are creating, which is located in each of our starship templates.
  • All starships over 1000 meters are now in a single sheet: Due to simply going with pure ratings, which will correlate to the default sizes in the templates or any size which matches the rating you've chosen in the tool, we have far fewer splits in sizes.
  • Sizes under 1000 meters are split from 50-100, 101-200, 201-500, and 501-1000: As you might have noticed in the template, certain ship classifications lack certain ratings. An example would be the 50-100 meter corvettes, which only have the Average, Very High, and Extreme ratings. This tool accounts for this by having a separate sheet for each of these ranges.
  • There are more clear instructions when ratings and production are too high: The guide will let you know if you are one or two ratings over, and provide some suggestions for how to resolve this. It will also let you know if your ratings are low, so you don't end up accidentally submitting something that is under powered on accident!


Just remember that this sheet does not take advanced systems and other special strengths into consideration! You may still be asked to lower ratings if you add additional advanced systems or strengths while already at your maximum amount of ratings and production.