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Darth Aegis

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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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✠ NAME ✠

Darth Aegis



The Jen'ari Empire



✠ RANK ✠

Dark Council Sphere of Military Strategy



Sith Pureblood


✠ AGE ✠



✠ SEX ✠







210 lbs


✠ EYES ✠

Dark Side Orange | Black in Rage/Meditation


✠ HAIR ✠



✠ SKIN ✠






Darth Aegis was practically born into the Dark Side. At a young age he suffered through abandonment and pain, which did nothing but fuel the dark powers born into him by his Sith parents. Due to his abandonment issues, Aegis has been molded into someone unable to form relationships out of anything other than pure loyalty. His loyalty remains reserved for those he deems worthy of it, such as a mighty friend. He performs poorly socially, and would rather spend most of his time working or training. While he has suffered socially from this, physically and overall skillfully he has benefited. Aegis has become an experienced force and saber user, and is a force to be reckoned with. Aegis found that the blade's power was incomparable to the power of the force, so he focused on force training. Aegis' spends his free time meditating and learning through the force, making himself a prevalent force user. 



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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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Darth Aegis was born sometime before the Great Hyperspace war as a sith Pureblood named Nidus on Korriban. Aegis had parents until he was 10, where his drunk Sith father slaughtered his Sith mother, and then killed himself. Aegis had to learn how to survive for himself, often rummaging through trash just to find a meal. He also had to learn how to fight for himself, something he took seriously. At the age of 11, while rummaging through trash next to a house, he was approached by a fellow teenage Sith. The fellow teenager looked beaten and hungry. He asked Aegis why he was looking through his household's trash. Aegis explained his situation to the fellow teenager, and he went back into his house. The Sith teen came back out with a tiny plate of rations for Aegis, something the teen's father had seen from a window. He came out and beat the generous teen, something Aegis ran from but still watched. This Sith Teenager would eventually become Darth Vyrassu . The two Sith teens, coincidentally the same age, would go on to become close friends. Often fighting for each other, and overall becoming quite close. Aegis' force reveal came when he would force push Vyrassu's father through their house's wall after his father attempted to beat Vyrassu. Vyrassu would reveal his force capabilities to Aegis, and they would train together somewhat. Eventually, Vyrassu informed Aegis about Darth Marell, a Sith Lord who was mentoring Vyrassu. Vyrassu introduced Aegis to Marell, and Marell trained the two. The three fought in The Great Hyperspace War together, often Vyrassu and Aegis spearheading the strategical side of their operations. The three later went on to join The New Sith Empire, sticking together.

Vyrassu would end up telling Aegis about plans Marell told Vyrassu of. Plans that included the assassination of Emperor Vitiate. At the time, Aegis failed to recognize the important or significance of the Emperor. All he knew was Vyrassu was taking it to the Emperor. Aegis would accompany Vyrassu to his meeting with Vitiate, simply as a supporter. However, Aegis would be assigned to the protection of an Imperial Outpost during the time that Vyrassu would kill Marell. Afterwards, Aegis would be taken under the wing of Vyrassu due to his promotion to Sith Lord. The relationship between the two worked well due to the trust built as children. During a meeting between Vyrassu and Vitiate, Aegis accompanied Vyrassu. During the meeting, Aegis kept feeling a disturbing presence within the room. Several minutes into the meeting, Aegis could visibly see three Sith traitors uncloak behind Vitiate's seat. Aegis reacted quickly, snapping one of their necks with the force. He dove into one, activating his lightsaber and eliminating him quickly. The remaining Sith, he paralyzed with the force and allowed the Emperor to kill. Vitiate liked Aegis' quick action and way of handling things, keeping his eye on him. After several more operations with Vyrassu as his leader, Aegis was called to a meeting with Emperor Vitiate. The Emperor explained after careful consideration, he was moving Aegis to Sith Lord and Vyrassu to the Dark Council. However, Aegis was being placed as a Sith Lord overseeing the Emperor's personal guard. Aegis took this extremely seriously, stopping many assassination attempts and safety issues for the Emperor. After such great service, Vitiate granted an immortality ritual for Aegis. Something that was rare in the Empire, but was performed. At this point, Aegis was made immortal.

With his immortality, Aegis was re-transferred to lead a battalion within the war with his old friend Vyrassu. Aegis felt nice seeing Vyrassu again, especially with them finally both having a high level of power. For the next several years Aegis and Vyrassu fought in the great Galactic War, they were part of major key battles such as the battles on Alderaan, Balmorra, Hoth, Rhen Var, Serenno, and Dantooine. However, the biggest part of their war career was The Sacking of Coruscant. As the peace treaty was offered, Aegis and Vyrassu were on the shuttle crashed into the Jedi Temple. They would slaughter many Jedi that day, something they did quite frequently during the war. They operated smoothly together. The peace treaty of Coruscant was signed, thus the galaxy fell into a state of cold war. During this, their battalion was put into inactive duty. Aegis was re-assigned back to overseeing the personal guard of the Emperor, and the last he saw of Vyrassu was when the Emperor held a meeting with strategical officers. 

Aegis remained with the Emperor during most of the cold war. Aegis stopped many attack attempts on the Empire, expect one day. The Emperor deployed him to investigate an incident of deaths on an Imperial ship, something that was suspected to be an Internal issue. On this day, the Emperor was attacked and the Sith Empire fell. Aegis held a guilty conscience for a while, but let it go quite quickly as he re-united with his old friend Darth Vyrassu. The two agreed to venture into Sith Artifacts and power. Aegis watched by as Vyrassu performed his rituals, as he still retained his immortality from Vitiate. He assisted with Vyrassu's alchemy at times, but for the most part attempted to learn things from Vyrassu that he never had the chance to until then. This downtime for Aegis was mostly just a learning experience, as he tried to open his mind and expand power. At one point, Aegis felt he had learned all he could from Vyrassu. He said his goodbyes, and ventured off in an odyssey that he planned to use to understand other cultures than just the Sith that he grew up under. 


Aegis heard rumors of a policy being enforced, known as the Rule of Two. Aegis for the most part ignored this new policy, being re-implemented by a new Darth. He continued his adventures around the outer-most parts of the galaxy, learning from all cultures and peoples he could. He spent lots of time training and meditating, improving upon the techniques picked up upon his time learning from Vyrassu. Vyrassu watched as The Clone Wars began and ended, laughing at how clear it was they were all being manipulated. It was no surprise to Aegis to watch a Sith named Palpatine take power for himself as Sidious. This Sith would go on to enforce the Rule of Two, taking up Darth Vader as his apprentice. Aegis also went on to watch an alliance built upon hope, defeat the grand Empire built by Sidious. While it was disappointing to see the Sith lose, Aegis found interest in both sides.

Aegis continued his ventures to learn of cultures for hundreds of years, watching Empire's and organizations grow and collapse one after another. A specific Empire he watched, was the Jen'ari. He learned quickly that this Empire was led by Darth Vyrassu, Aegis' old friend. Aegis considered making a comeback to the galaxy's political and war scene, but he decided not to after quickly realizing where Vyrassu was planning on taking his Empire. A ritual. However, many many years later he found Vyrassu re-create the Jen'ari Empire. This time, it looked promising. Aegis quickly made contact with Vyrassu, and earning himself a Dark Council position. His loyalty finally back to his old friend.

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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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Force Storm - Apprentice 
Force Lightning - Master
Telekinesis - Master
Mind dominance - Master
Consume Essence - Master
Force Sight - Master
Darksight - Apprentice
Force Kill - Knight
Knowledge Drain - Knight
Force Drain - Knight
Force Corrupt - Knight
Force Insanity - Knight
Force Shadow - Knight
Force Heal - Apprentice
Force Speed - Apprentice
Force Choke - Master
Force Slow - Knight

Dark Side Tendrils - Apprentice
Animate Dead - Master
Bolts of Hatred - Apprentice
False Light Side Aura - Knight
Illusion Casting - Master
Summon Fear - Knight

Form I: Shii-Cho - Apprentice
Form II: Makashi - Knight
Form III: Soresu - Knight
Form IV: Ataru - Master
Form V: Shien/Djem So - Knight
Form VI: Niman - Master
Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad - Master

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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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    • Character Bio
  • 118 posts


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