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Nidus King | Darth Aegis

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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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Name: Nidus King | Aegis
Rank: Sith Lord | Darth
Titles: Darth Aegis | Lord of Suffering
Faction: The Sith Empire | Order of the Jen'ari

Age: 32
Species: Sith
Sex: Male
Height: 2.1 Meters | 7'0 
Weight: 113 kg | 250 lbs
Hair: None
Skin: Dark Red
Eyes: Dark Side Orange
Force Sensitive: Yes


-Manipulative: Due to his lack of empathy, Aegis has no issue with manipulating others into becoming his own tools & pawns.

-Strategic: Aegis often utilizes strategy in his coordinated attacks, as he is quite intelligent.

-Survivalist: Aegis learned quickly that to be strong, you must do anything to survive. 


-Underestimating: Aegis became so accustomed to using & manipulating others, that he began underestimating people who don't have his respect.

-Relationships: It is basically impossible form Aegis to form relationships that aren't built off of loyalty/respect due to his lack of empathy.

Aegis is very tall, and somewhat stocky. He wears robes, with armor underneath and a mask that has many Sith writings on it. Tattoos and scars cover his body. The tattoos mostly being Sith scriptures and detailing. 

Aegis started out on the lower levels of Coruscant. He was born into a small group of Pure Sith that were in hiding on lower levels. Most of them had learned to suppress their force powers out of fear of being detected on Coruscant. When Aegis was growing up, he & his family had to do anything to survive. Kill, steal, etc. Aegis learned a lot throughout this including not to feel for other people.


He found it dumb as he grew older to suppress his force abilities like the other Sith did. These were things gifted to him for a reason, and he would not waste them. This was something he decided very early on. Aegis would slowly privately train himself until being approached by an elder of the group. The elder embraced the force as well, training Aegis in things such as mind abilities. Aegis slowly began to keep training himself as he grew older. 


He found suffering to be the true way to power & strength, as it was the only way to experience/endure what life brought to you to help harden you.

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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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Hydra Industries

H5 Labor Droids

H4 Security Droids



Armed Forces


Sith Spawn

The Fallen Citadel

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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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Corban Voss - Corban Voss is a Jedi that Darth Aegis battled on the planet of Tammar at a Sith slaving facility. This is an enemy that Aegis is certain he will run into again.
The Village of Sacrifice - Public
The Creation of a Monster - Development
Glory Is Of No Use To The Dead - Private Duel


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Darth Aegis

Darth Aegis

    Lord of Suffering

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Apprentice - Lower Knight - Upper Knight Master


Force Abilities

Master ]

Telepathy Master ]
Force Lightning [ Apprentice ]
Force Stealth 
Upper Knight ]
Force Cloak 
Lower Knight ]
Drain Knowledge 
Master ]
Force Fear [ 
Master ]
Psychometry [ 
Upper Knight ]
Dominate Mind 
Master ]
Levitation Apprentice ]

Force Empathy Upper Knight ]

Alter Environment Apprentice ]

Force Fear Upper Knight ]

Force Insanity Apprentice ]

Force Persuasion Upper Knight ]

Control Pain Upper Knight ]



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