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Thus Always to Tyrants | Galactic Alliance Invasion of First Order Held Varonat Hex

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Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

    Lost Warrior

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Hex I-46 GSM, Near the edge of Hex J-47

Galactic Alliance Assault Fleet 'Starbird'

Present Time


The hold that the First Order had on L-49 and the Hydian Way had remained strong since their initial occupation, despite a number of skirmishes and counter-assaults on the area of space. Knowing that the defences remained strong around the trade route, the Alliance had instead opted for a new tactic to break the First Order's hold on their territory. Admiral Nai (Mathieu Bahreiko) had been the one to note the importance of the First Order-held world of Varonat to their efforts, as the only major naval outpost in the region, ships were regularly moving back and forth to resupply and refuel, but with so much of the surrounding space devoid of inhabited worlds, moving undetected was a boon for Nai's fleet.


The fleet itself had begun to amass near the edge of the hex, equipped with Nebulon B-9 and Stalwart-Class interdictors which would drag reinforcing ships out of hyperspace in a manner not dissimilar to the tactics that the First Order had used themselves against the Alliance. It was a colossal fleet, far larger than any the Alliance had fleeted themselves before, and fearsome even without the monstrous Itsukusk which had been destroyed at the Hydian Way, but Admiral Nai had understood all too well that such a significant show of force was necessary, the First Order was certain to respond in kind to the assault on their territory, their admirals would know that without the line between Varonat and L-49 open, their defences at the Hydian Way would be vulnerable...


As the Gravity Well Projectors on the Interdictors began to engage, the tens of thousands of naval officers waited with baited breath for the First Order to fall into the trap which had been set, the initial flow of supply ships were sure to be destroyed mere moments after being torn from their hyperspace jump, but even then Nai would let enough time past for a message to be dispatched, a distress call to the rest of the First Order letting them know of the blockade which had been set up. An invitation to test the Alliance's strength once more.


Varonat, Anoat Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Galactic Alliance Task Force 'Sentinel'

Present Time


The Alliance's new allies in the Sovereignty, along with those few Imperial defectors among the Alliance military had already proven invaluable as an Indictor II Frigate entered the Varonat system. The ship itself had been recovered and repaired from the space around Dagobah shortly following the Empire's retreat from the system, and it now housed a number of Alliance Special operatives, equipped in Imperial uniforms which had similarly been recovered from the swamp world, and Eriadu following the Imperial assaults there. Slowly, the ship approached Varonat itself, the communications officer upon the bridge connecting with the First Order's FLEETCOM in system as they approached.


A brief, official conversation and landing codes were transmitted, official codes which had been provided by the former Grand-Inquisitor Regent himself. Normally, had this plan been enacted on an Imperial World, scrutiny would have surrounded the arrival, but even as allies, the First Order was not the Galactic Empire. Nearing the orbit of the world, the smaller craft began to move down into the Atmosphere proper while Coren Starchaser moved among the interior of the craft, briefing those who were joining his task force on the mission at hand. "It won't be long before the First Order contacts the Empire and catches wind of what's happened, getting in touch with the remainders of the Morodin resistance is our first port-of-call, then we can get this assault underway." 


It would be only a few minutes before touchdown would be made and Task Force Sentinel was on the move within the city of Edgefields-on-Varonat, time was not on their side, but they would be sure to move with purpose and certainty, as agents in the uniforms of Imperial Stormtroopers moved out of the Frigate and into the spaceport proper, beginning their incredibly dangerous and daring mission. 


Aryn Teth  

Aboard the Fleetwood, Belsavis Orbit, Bozhnee Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Objective: Prepare for Landfall

Allies: The Galactic Alliance Assault Force 'Rancor'

Enemies: The First Order


The Supreme Commander of Alliance forces let out a sigh as he moved onto the command deck of Fiolette Yvarro's ship. He wasn't particularly bothered by being on a ship which belonged to a former member of the First Order, Yvarro had been vetted by SIS severely since her capture, and deemed a useful enough asset to the Alliance to assist with the assault on Varonat, indeed, her assistance was proving invaluable to the operation, and he had come to her ship along with the other commanders who would be taking charge in the major assault to learn whatever they could from the woman on their targets at Varonat itself.


What did bother Aryn was the fact that his own troops were upon another ship, it bothered him that Starbird Fleet and Task Force Sentinel were already underway with their parts of the operation, far away from the Supreme Commander and entirely under the command of other officers. Aryn had full confidence in the abilities of Admiral Nai and Coren Starchaser, they had both proven themselves to be skilled tacticians and leaders, it had been the reason that he had specifically placed them in their commands, but knowing that he was not directly involved in their parts of the operation, that he could not assist them if it was absolutely necessary, it flooded the Supreme Commander with concern.


For now though, Aryn forced such thoughts from his mind, there was no point wasting his concern upon the other forces and their operations, he knew he could not help them, he could only trust in the competence and the skill of those leaders he had assigned. For now he had his own goals to worry about, the main assault force needed him to be here and now, they would need him focused upon the goal at hand and he could not afford to disappoint them. 


Approaching the map table where Yvarro stood, Aryn gave her and the other commanders a nod as he leaned forward, setting his hand gently upon the edge of the table. Turning his gaze up towards Yvarro, he cleared his throat. "Alright, let's go over it all again so we're all on the same page, once Landfall starts we're going to be thriving on the chaos, so let's make sure everything's stowed away and worked out now, rather than later." Once they were in the Varonat system proper, Aryn knew speed would be on their side more than anything, there was no room for any doubt among any of those who would be joining him in the primary assault.





Link to the OOC: Click Here!


Start Date: 1/30/18

End Date: 2/13/18




Welcome to the Galactic Alliance's Invasion of Varonat! If you have not already please be sure to check the OOC thread for any art pertaining to the invasion or for any details of the premise and setup aside from this opening post! The First Order still has one ally slot remaining, so if you are interested to join in please head over to the OOC and tag their faction admins if you are interested in getting involved! For this thread itself, be sure to have fun, tell a great story and just enjoy the roleplay as it happens! For any problems that arise, please speak to whoever you may be having the problems with, or don't feel afraid to contact the appropriate faction admins should you believe the issue is serious enough. Never assume that if someone does come to you that they are intending to insult or be offensive, and just be sure to follow Wheaton's Law! (Don't be a dick.)


There are only a few basic rules which have been set out in regards to fleeting in this invasion, and they can be found below, however if there are any questions, feel free to ask in the OOC and tag faction admins appropriately!


  1. The Main Fleeting Engagement surrounding Alliance Fleet Starbird's Blockade has no limit to fleeting meterage! Bring as big or as small a fleet as you'd like and go nuts!
  2. Fleeting Engagements around the Orbit of Varonat itself do have a limit of 50km per writer
  3. The goal of fleeting in this invasion is primarily focused around the Blockade between Varonat and the rest of the Sluis sector, but feel free to jump in with fleeting wherever you might enjoy best!



Leskie Tomiet

Leskie Tomiet


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Location: Varonat spaceport

Allies: The First Order | Shaydae Desmaris

Unknown Enemies: The Galactic Alliance | Coren Starchaser


War was back and with it came death, Leskie reflected sadly.


The ensign had been part of the relief force for the blockade. The fleet she was in arrived only to see the tail end of the fighting and the retreat of the Galactic Alliance forces. She did see the husks of ships floating empty and lifeless through space though. That was enough to send chills down the young woman’s spin. It was for this reason she joined the First Order’s navy when pressed by her patriotic family. If she were in the Stormtrooper Corps, the bodies on the ground might well be unbearable. It was so much easier to disconnect and see the casualties as a statistic when you sat aboard a Star Destroyer, reading results off a console and not see another father who lost another son.


Now the fleets had been pulled back for repair at Varonat and with it came the grim war stories. The times engineers got pulled out of airlocks or a bridge was vaporised with everyone on it. Leskie did her best to stay clear, she needed to keep a positive mind and keep herself busy. She volunteered to help with the various tasks needed to be done while the fleets were docked; cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and so on. It was dull but it meant the ensign was always on the move, never having time to dwell on the war stories she heard for long. That didn’t stop it being dull though. So when another more interesting task came through, rumoured to be handed down by the Supreme Commander Asharad Graush himself, she volunteered immediately.


Somehow a group from the Galactic Empire had made their way this far out. They were separate from the other Imperials who had arrived to retrieve their wounded, their arrival was shrouded in mystery. She was to welcome them on landing as part of a military delegation.


As the Stormtroopers departed their frigate into the First Order’s spaceport, Ensign Tomiet and the other First Order delegates saluted.


“Welcome,” Leskie spoke first, brightly and warmly. “The First Order salutes any who would fight the Alliance scourge,” she said the practised line formally before snapping her body into a more relaxed position, feet apart and hands held behind her back. “You’ve come quite far, this is a long way from Kamino. I hope there wasn’t any trouble on the way. We’re here to take you to the rest of your people. Admiral Gromm Cardan will be thrilled to see you, I’m sure!”


Gromm Cardan

Gromm Cardan

    6th Fleet Admiral

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Location: Varonat Orbit

Allies: The First Order | Leskie Tomiet | Asharad Graush

Enemies: The Galactic Alliance & Co.


Gromm Cardan was indeed thrilled to witness the arrival of the Imperial frigate. 


Some say that a man of his position cannot remember too much, but the Epicanthix grand admiral remembered everything that had transpired over Dagobah; from the crewmen lost to the number of ships destroyed, Gromm could remember the names and IFF codes of each one. Therefore it was rather peculiar to find an Interdictor-II frigate that was destroyed during the battle to suddenly show up to Varonat, and landing rather forcefully he should add. Cardan had already informed the First Order of this transgression, hoping to avoid a mix-up when things got hairy.


Hundreds of ships bearing the crest of the Galactic Empire were present over Varonat today, it was a moderate portion of the 16th Imperial Sector Group, officially known as the armada responsible for overseeing the war effort in Galactic Alliance territory; hiding among the brightest of stars in the Mid Rim and carrying out daring raids on their adversary's turf. The man turned his attention back to the holo-conference currently taking place on the bridge of his command vessel.


"Vice admirals Ericton and Aschansa, I want your battlegroups to separate from the main fleet and rendezvous with Admiral Tarask at Point Besh. Prepare the rest of the sector group and await my return." Cardan commanded, watching his admirals nod in acknowledgement and then leave the conference. He watched as many of the ships present launched into hyperspace, leaving a smaller but no less powerful fleet to oversee the retrieval of the surviving stormtroopers.


"Initiate battle cloak!" Gromm roared, prompting the bridge crew to get to their task. The massive star dreadnought slowly but surely disappeared from sight, leaving a gap in the Imperial fleet that would soon be filled...




Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    Jedi Pope

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Location: Naval Base, Varonet

Allies: Galactic Alliance, Planetary Resistance

Enemies: First Order, Fascism, Leskie Tomiet

Objective: Link to Planetary Resistance, prepare to unleash hell.




This was not something Coren had done in a long while, going on the offensive. The Alliance, since he had returned, had been up against the wall. And that was fine, it gave them something to fight for. But with the losses at Thyferra and the I-49 Corridor had been hard. Holding the Empire at Dagobah was something, even if it wasn’t much, but the fleet had assembled. The Alliance had as large as a navy as the First Order, they were just used much more responsibly.Lives were not meant to be thrown into a meat grinder. And with the nature of the Alliance, vessels stayed close to protect their own homeworlds.


An Expeditionary Force was used rarely, by the Alliance, and the fleet that was behind them? That was something else. The Imperial Navy was not something foreign to the Starchaser. He had served with the time and again before he was forced into carbonite. Their forces were strong, a show of power instead of a show of support. The Alliance here, built of ships of many makes and designs, were the collaboration of so many people, for so many ideals, not a focused force of eugenics and fascism. That was why they fought today, and why his team, Pathfinders and SpecOps from the Alliance, were aboard this ship. Hese were his friends, his comrades, and he was checking on them all.


He knew what was at stake, the ship was loaded with Imperial uniformed Pathfinders, from Stormtroopers to officers. Starchaser himself had a TIE pilot uniform, something he could relate to. What he needed was to get on the ground. And the ship was nearly there. He could feel the ship shifting and prepping for landing. Nodding to his team, he grabbed the remainder of his gear and uniform, feeling the lightsaber against his chest, on the interior of his flight jacket. He had left his other weapons with the fleet, as most had done.They were going to need weapons more than side arms. 


And he knew they were waiting for him. 




First thing was first, though. Niceties. Starchaser stepped off the ship, leading a few of his men. Returning the salute to the Ensign, he nodded. "Thank you for the warm welcome, Ensign. The trip was fine, the show of good faith between our two nations worth it." He spoke in a Coruscanti accent, something he had practiced back when he was, in fact, flying TIE fighters."I'll follow you." Varonat was a new world for him.


He just hoped his own men could sneak off, should he be pulled away and off mission. 






Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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Location: Lower City District of Commerce & Trade.

Allies: Samka Derith & The First Order.

Enemy: Those whom bring about death and destruction.

Equipment: Heavy Battle AttireLightsabers of SvivrenThe KingsglaivePromissium Annulos.


“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants.

When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it”.


Over the years, many things had come and gone within his life, his gaze taking to many truths experiencing the nature of the Galaxy for the splendor of conflict and grief that men with power and finance influenced upon weaker peoples in their pursuits to quench the thirst in their self righteous pursuits and entitlement. Once upon a time, Veiere believed that those of the Jedi Order were the answer to such quarrels of the galaxy, he himself speaking out against the Tyranny of powers that littered the Galactic Map in hope to discourage their hatred towards one another, Veiere himself a guilty party of bias towards others in their misrepresentation of the Jedi Code which today, for all intents and purposes would label him a hypocrite for the perceptions that those who would enter into conflict against him might take a hold of; the views of man were idealistic at best, worked around by a large enough offer of ambition and otherwise prone to shift with the experiences that were forced upon them in such hostile regard. Experiences that in Veiere's eyes, had removed the former Jedi Master from his optimism and unrealistic hopes, exchanged for a new found resentment and strength that took hold within his heart and would grow to become the driving force behind his fight against tyranny, against oppression through whatever means that he would find within his grasp of control. 


Within both the Galactic Empire and the Imperial First Order, Veiere Arenais had connections that he sought to strengthen for the support in his plans ahead. Adron Malvern had been the first to meet with the Dark Jedi Master bordering the Empire's territory south of Excarga, the herios cluster within the Outer Rim. Now, after many distanced conversations and private meetings with the youngest Master within the Order of Ren, Veiere had finally found himself graced with the acceptance of invitation to First Order Space, Samka Derith having complied with his wishes to once again meet somewhere, this time within her own grounds that Veiere might offer the woman the familiarity and security of her own during the former Grandmaster's visit.


The Imperial way of life and sense of order within their held sectors was far different to the worlds that Veiere had walked through in the recent past. Around him within the streets of Varonat's capital, his eyes took in the regular patrols of Stormtroopers and security forces for which would no doubt remind the citizens of the world whom remained in control and whom was responsible for their care and safety. Over the passed few months, he had come to recognize the traits of strength in both the First Order and the Empire, the admiration had grown on him for their will and ability to go against what was typically accepted by the larger galaxy in order to obtain the necessary power and show of force to give their people the protection that they deserved. While he loved his homeworld, it was this strength that had led him to take leave of Commenor, their neutrality and peaceful existence keeping their own peoples safe with the numerous relationships they had made through many different governments, and yet Veiere still unable to ignore the greater need beyond their borders for which the Systems Alliance could not interferre in any official capacity; this once more bringing his life back to the way of the Force and where formerly he stood in the light, he now recognized that it mattered now how one managed to reach that position of guardianship over the innocent, but the power in which they managed to sustain and fight against the oppression of peoples willing to bring upon others, mayhem and anarchistic decline. 


Entering into their arranged location of meeting, Veiere stepped into the open warehouse and immediately noted the darker plated Troopers of whom stood watch over the young yet none the less formidable Decitus Ren. They two had never stood before one another in such open regard and blatant honesty for their pursuits and ideals of providence, yet today Veiere would come to appreciate knowing the young Ren beyond the subtle truths and charade of formalities that had previous kept them from whispering rumors of treason or descent against their peoples. Today, and for some few weeks now Veiere was no longer a King but one man with a vision to come and the connections he believed could help him achieve it. Decitus was one such person, though not on any official capacity under the First Order did he expect to recieve her support but more in towards her personal views for the Galaxy at large and perhaps with a bit of fortune, her trust of the man himself.


Moving in open the open room spanning the warehouse floor, Veiere paced himself slowly towards the center and slowed to the greeting of one of Samka's people, a trooper with the markings of a superior ranking solider, Veiere took it upon himself to accept and play ball with their request to search him for weapons; he of whom had come armed now without the protection of political presence and the prior need of having to cross a galaxy who's regions were most often ablaze with piracy and warefare.



Shaydae Desmaris

Shaydae Desmaris


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Location: Varonat Spaceport, Outside of Edgefields-on-Varonat
Faction: First Order \\ Enemy: Galactic Alliance \\ Coren Starchaser
Allies In Vicinity:
Leskie Tomiet
Equipment: F-11 D Blaster Rifle, SE-44C Blaster Pistol, FO-02 Stormtrooper Armour, Disruptor Pistol



The buzzing was slowly driving her insane.

It wasn’t the constant clicking of the spark drive failing to initiate or the grinding of gears that desperately needed oil deep within the durasteel exoskeleton. No, it was the incessant buzzing from the wings that eluded her attempts to silence them that constantly drove the staff sergeant to the edge of reason. Copper eyes shot to the miniature wyvern droid floating beside her, its lifeless eyes staring straight ahead at the contingent of imperials, oblivious to the weight of the gaze falling upon its duranium plated frame.

The neon of her H.U.D display flashed against irises all too used to the riotous colors, one finger lightly tapping against the side of the blaster resting against her right thigh, still clipped into the holster as she stood at a parade rest, the Staff Sergeant momentarily distracted from the approaching contingent as the gears in her mind twisted and turned.

Dissemble the wingshaft, recalculate the width of the-


::We lost her, boys. Someone call search and rescue. Target: Staff Sergeant DesMaris.::


The churning cogs of her thought process ground to a halt as the static and crackle of the internal comm systems roared to life, the rich baritone voice from Private Landis interrupting her musings and rightly drawing her attention away from the project who had quickly become the bane of the Trooper’s existence. The closing of Ensign Tomiat’s welcome speech and subsequent response from the young Tie fighter pilot, a crisp salute and polite exchange in a lite Corsuscanti accent filtering through even as the crackle of laughter died off from the internal unit.

::You’ve had your fun, now fall in.::

The growling reply accompanied by a sharp tilt of the helmet had the half dozen troopers of her squad falling into formation around the Galactic Empire emissaries, Des falling to the rear, her short stature blindingly apparent compared to the twins in step on either side. Why they had been dispatched to deal with such a contingent, she was still arguing silently, orders followed despite her personal feelings on the matter. She should be back aboard the FIV Executioner, assisting in the much needed repairs not just to the hull and the external systems, but ensuring the armouries and weaponry aboard were all ready for her return to action. Instead, she was here to play escort. Her superiors had a wicked sense of humor.

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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

    Bigger, Pointier Hat

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Fiolette drew her attention to Aryn Teth one part wanted to blow the ship here and now, deal a fatal blow to what's left of the Alliance, "agreed." A pause as she let the visual of the naval yard pop up on the holotable, "so here we have the map of the base, now this is your main entrance and if I need to tell you it's heavily patrolled then I'm going to space you myself, and with pleasure." She wasn't going to hold back the venom she felt for every other man and woman in this room. "Now, while security codes are changed weekly if not daily, there are generators here, here and here. If you can blow those then you'll have an easier go of the base."


"Now, you're walking into a literal rakghoul's den, if it's wearing a First Order emblem shoot it. Trust me, they'll be showing you the same manners," Fiolette adjusted the map, "now the repair yards are here, with patrols here and here." She zoomed the map down, "this is where the big girls will be and this is where the Stormtroopers are, right there, you'll want to take care of that first and foremost. The less buckets you'll have to deal with unless of course, you enjoy their rather shining demeanor." Never in her life, did Fiolette ever imagine she'd be standing here giving members of the Galactic Alliance's military brass the how-to-bomb-a-base much less a naval base. "I've managed to make contact with members of the military who were loyal to me, I don't expect their support here but they did say to keep watch for an increase of firepower there, watch for the snipers in there and there - turbolaser encampments are everywhere because Admiral Rausgeber believes the more firepower you have the less likely someone is to try to attack you, and in some cases this would be correct. Not today, I should think." Not when the Alliance was here on her ship, asking her for the instructions.


"And, to be honest, after Anoat - we knew you'd come for this at some point," Fiolette placed her fingers at the edge of the holotable, "so we transferred our schematics to a central location off Varonat. So you'll find no blueprints here but, there are plenty of First Order vessels down there. I recommend that any pilot or naval officer worth their salt who can get to the ground, get there, and take any ship you can get your hands on." The First Order would scuttle their entire fleet here out of sheer paranoia, "granted it won't be easy getting out of there with their ships, but for your sakes... I would. I've seen your navy, built my vessels to strangle it." Arrogance? Oh yes. "But where were we, oh that's right - there are towers here and here, take them out. You'll want to do multiple bombing runs, now these walls here - that's the actual repair yard you'll notice them higher than the others. This should be your main target."


"Here this is the exposed wall, you'll want to land your special forces behind this while the bulk of the herd moves in here and here."Now if you haven't noticed it by now but there happens to be a rather large mountain. And there my dears you will find the actual headquarters for the base, and here you'll see this lonely lot. Barracks with the ion cannon of course, so if you'd rather not hit jungle dirt then once more I suggest you eliminate it."


"Now are there any questions, or would you like for me to write it out in basic on paper?" 



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Asharad Graush

Asharad Graush

    D A N G E R O U S

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ALLIES THEFIRST ORDER [ROUGHLY - Leskie Tomiet, Shaydae Desmaris]



Graush prided himself on the defense of the First Order as a whole. 


Sanctioned military bases and garrisons, previously naked worlds transformed into fortresses. Where former Supreme Commanders prioritized weapons and expanding territory, under the Graush administration, they had made those lesser defended systems perform some function. Not all were primary systems, that much was true, but in those systems and sectors were designs of both military, and security bureau, designed to detect intruding vessels prior to reversion.  


"Somewhere between L-49 and Farboon is where they were detected, Minister." One of the first communications had come in. The response was quick, but they would be monitored.


"Alert the rest of Central Command, Robogeber had orders prior to L-49's Blockade to remain in a nearby system.


"Is that all?


"For now." Was the reply. 


"And the newly arrived Imperial frigate?"


"I've already spoken with Grand Admiral Gromm Cardan. They will soon be transported to be inspected by Cardan himself - Alert me to any necessary updates.


Pausing, the Sith Lord's helmet rotated away from a holodisplay and out to the viewport of the Bridge. 


So Sieger was on this Bridge during the Battle, hm?


"Make sure the Supreme Leader's vessel completes its repairs ahead of schedule. It will be needed... Sooner than previously imagined." Came his vague orders, crimson orbs looked out the viewport and out to the clear skies above. With the Alliance pressing to blockade the L-49 Hex on the GSM, one could only assume that their frontline ships there would be cut off. L-49 was the likely target, prevent reinforcements from arriving to the newly acquired territory, and they would swarm the cut off vessels. 


That was what happened in the Ison Corridor...




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Location: Lower City Residence
Allies: The First Order | Ara Zambrano Itash Mecetti
Unknown Enemies: The Galactic Alliance | Taeli Raaf
Soundtrack: In These Shoes?
Varas Kyrel stood on the round platform which overlooked the Upper City of Edgefields-on-Varonat for one more minute than she should of. The brunette clone could not get enough of the beautiful view, but sighing, her patent leather heels clicking on the stone, she took the turbolift down, down and down even further until she was technically in the Lower City and on the bottom level of the castle owned by Ms. Klakk. The interior of this expansive, multi-leveled mansion worked not against the tropical environment of the planet, but with it. Instead of wild and untamed foliage and wildlife, trees, vines and palms were groomed to please the eye. Topiary was in abundance. Peacocks strolled the gardens unabated. 
The guests at this specific event included dignitaries, the wealthiest and most influential citizens and retired military personnel. There would likely be privates and ensigns from the nearby navy outpost attempting to crash such a lavish affair so invitees were to be checked and scanned carefully.
Varas had a target, but she had not been able to locate him. Partly this was due to the fact that she was in the heated and cacophonous kitchen. The hostess, a jewel bedecked financier named Melleriana Klakk did not allow droids on her estate and preferred sentient servants. Disguised as a server, Varas would be able to move freely around the property to find and disable her target. 
If I can only get out of this blasted furnace, she thought, wanting to wipe the sweat beading on her brow, while the rest of the servers lined up to begin drink service. For some strange reason the Head Matron saw fit to infantilize the girls on some level, calling them baby dolls and pinching their cheeks. Varas was not amused and longed for her last undercover assignment where she wore mechanics fatigues instead of a black and white uniform.
Before heading out with the circular tray carefully balanced on her white-gloved palm, she took a sneaky sip of champagne and luckily no one-
"Saw that," clipped another serving girl before she whirled off in the opposite direction. Varas tried to hide her sneer, but maybe she let her dead-eyed stare linger a little too long.
Once the Knight of Ren walked out into the ballroom, she scanned the room for the governor’s aide. The only description she had of him was that he would be wearing a bow-tie.

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Tiland Kortun

Tiland Kortun

    The Jedi Iroh

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Coren Starchaser 

Samka Derith Veiere Arenais



In the depths of the frigate, Tiland settled himself onto a seat and leaned his head back. This was not a mission that was to his pleasing, and yet, he could not in good conscience allow them to pursue their mission without a healer. No, this was something far more dangerous. More delicate. They had come to join the resistance movement that had been steadily growing and assist them in an uprising. He didn't know anything beyond that and as a healer, he had come. 


He sat wrapped in a cloak, his presence in the Force diffused and dissipated away from his position. Strangely, a sense of foreboding lay on his shoulders, with a touch of familiarity. Someone would cross paths with him that he had met before. Yet the Force urged him to follow that path rather than the mission. The old man sat there for some time with a frown etched across his face. 


No, there was a political war and a spiritual war. While they were connected on a level deeper than any could hope to understand, as a Jedi, his responsibility lay in the realm of the Force primarily and politics second. The escorts and delegation had long since disappeared, their boots echoing across the landing pad. Tiland waited and reached out, briefly, in the Force. 


The coast was clear. Suddenly in a rush, he gathered his belongings, draping the satchel of herbs across his shoulder and holding his staff in one hand. With the cloak that may have once been black, but was now discolored beyond recognition, pulled tightly around him, he hurried out of the ship. Some were about, but a subtle suggestion through the Force convinced them that something important was happening elsewhere and as all their eyes drifted that way, he turned and scurried off into the shadows. 


It took him some time, but he managed to slip out of the spaceport and into the city proper. Once there, he adjusted his cloak to inside out, which was still black, and draped it over his shoulders. For all intents and purposes, he looked like an elderly, yet distinguished gentleman as he made his way through the streets. 


The familiar presence still echoed distantly in the Force and he ambled in that direction. 



For over a thousand generations, the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic — before the dark times.

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Allies: Gromm Cardan 
Enemies: None, yet.
Objective: Organise the Fleet. 
Location: FIV Imperator, orbiting Varonat 

Theme: Approaching the Death Star | John Williams 




Varonat Naval Yard was known to many amongst the Sixth Fleet colloquially, as the "Imperator's Rest". While not necessarily the favoured command centre which came under the sectoral command of Rausgeber's Sixth Fleet, Varonat was one which was popular with the crew. They often enjoyed the sun, and tropical warmth in comparison to Isis and Hoth's frigid coolness, and particularly the poor weather and blizzards which plagued the latter. However now. As it sat, now, Rausgeber and now a sizeable portion of the fleet now were orbiting Varonat, preparing themselves for the next stage of their campaign against the Alliance. 

The Fleet Admiral Carlyle Rausgeber slowly made his presence known aboard the bridge of the Imperator, a massive dreadnought, which, had the Itsukusk not been thrown to its doom so readily, could have challenged the Galactic Alliance's engineering and military capabilities. As the Fleet Admiral made his presence realised, with the cooling hum of repulsorlift generators, was met with the harsh, and stern click of boots. "Commander on deck!" Commodore Jarl Bjest barked. 

Rausgeber raised a robotic hand, "At ease." He soothingly commanded, as he continued on his path, making a beeline down the centre of the bridge, to his usual resting place, the fore of the bridge. From there, Carlyle watched as a fleet, beyond his wildest dreams and recognition formed. It was almost magical. Star Destroyers were dwarfed by this new technological terror, one which now was ready, and more than able to finally bring an end to the pathetic Alliance, and their so far incapable navy. The Imperator, and other vessels like it were harbingers of their doom. To hasten the inevitable deaths of the like of Cathul Thuku and Alexandra Morrow. 

"How close are we to full operation?" Rausgeber inquired, not bothering to turn around and face Bjest. His attention was transfixed on Varonat's beauty. Below him, he could see the Naval Yard. He considered the installation almost like a father would its child. Below, he watched as all seven of its maintenance pits were filled with destroyers, mainly being repaired extensively after the L-49 victory. It would be only a matter of time before these vessels returned to full service, and were once again ready to destroy Supreme Leader's enemies.


There was a pause, "From the reports we've received from our engineering crews," Commodore Bjest reported, "Most of the vessels will be ready in anywhere from four, to twelve hours." The Commodore informed his superior from the rear of the command deck. Those were manily refits of the old Imperial-X destroyers into Imperial-X II Class, as well as maintenance on smaller corvettes and frigates. Nothing to worry over. "However sir, the Executioner will be stuck in drydock for another week at least." 

Rausgeber frowned, but wouldn't betray his feelings. "Good." He calmly replied. But it was really bad. To deprive Supreme Leader Ren of his prize for so long would do nothing for Rausgeber's career prospects. He however turned, the holographic interface bearing a taut expression, "What of the Galactic Empire's fleet?" The Fleet Admiral coolly inquired. He had noted their massed armada towards the edge of the system. A sizeable portion of their vessel pool having now departed the system. 


"No idea Admiral." Bjest admitted, "Shall we hail them sir?" The officer enquired. Carlyle considered the suggestion, but immediately discredited it. There would be no need to condescend to their guests yet. The Galactic Empire may be smaller, and in someways, inferior, but they were nonetheless, some form of, well, Rausgeber supposed, family. Cut from the same cloth, but now having forged their own manifest destiny, in a way Carlyle personally disproved of. But he would nonetheless digress.

"No." Carlyle replied, coldly, he was expressionless. "Leave them." He said, a glance cast over the Signals Officer, "If Grand Admiral Cardan had any information he wished to impart upon us, he would have." The droid then returned to his perch, observing the amassed fleet of destroyers and vessels. TIE fighters, and bombers darted around the larger vessels, performing imaginary attack runs. He listened to the monotony of his crew, performing generic and menial tasks, and voicing status reports of various systems.

"Admiral!" The Signals Officer yelped, Rausgeber rolled his holographic eyes, and turned his attention to the crew member, who immediately withered beneath Rausgebers cold glare. "Admiral, we have a report from the Naval Yard sir, sensors have picked up enemy activity between L-49 and Farboon sir." Rausgeber's brow cocked. The Anoat Sector, again. When would these pathetic worms learn? Was the humiliation at the Ison Corridor not enough for them. But enough. Internalised goading did little but soften morale. The droid stood tall, and stern, as it approached its colleagues. 

Bjest's brow furrowed, and he turned to Rausgeber, "What is your command sir?" The Commodore inquired. The entire crew stilled itself, and watched for Rausgeber's instruction.

"We hold here." Carlyle informed the assembled officers, "Caution will be our ally." He coolly informed his compatriots, he allowed a silence to fall over the group. His face was stern, and his voice, calm, yet carrying stern undertones, "Leaping to immediately counter this threat will do nothing for us." He paused, it would be no better than the knee jerk reaction performed by the Galactic Alliance during the L-49 blockade. "We are better than the Alliance." He affirmed to his crew, before he turned to the Signals Officer, "I want communication lines prepared across the Anoat and Mustafar Sectors," He commanded, "Prepare vessels for mobilisation." He continued, "And inform the Grand Admiral of our intention to prepare for troop movements." He added, before again pausing. It was time for the stinger, "We will prepare to spring a trap upon this incursion." He began coldly, "And show this pathetic force the full might and power of the Sixth Fleet."





Battlegroup Imperator | Battlegroup Armageddon | Battlegroup Doom | Imperator Command


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Samka Derith

Samka Derith

    Decitus Ren

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Location: Edgefields Lower City

Allies: The First Order | Kyrel Ren | Veiere Arenais

Enemies: Those who acquiesce to disorder


Samka Derith was a busy young girl. A new settlement of Morodins had been discovered deep in the smelting jungle and with that came a crop of Force Sensitives for the Knights of Ren to investigate. They were bizarre, large, six legged creatures and while the Ren tended to prefer near human stock for convince, everyone had their uses. She wanted to introduce them to their Order personally, show them a friendly face among the leadership who cared about the new recruits. It soothed the fear of the unknown they were about to face conscripted into a secretive Dark Side group. It was a performance she did quite often. It’s accuracy highly debatable. However she also had other business to attend to.


The mercenary Itash Mecetti had another assignment from the young girl, he was nearby and only available to meet for this short amount of time before his other contracts had to be fulfilled. But first Veiere Arenais had requested a meeting.


Samka sighed, absent-mindedly chewing gum as she lounged waiting for the former Jedi. It was tough being this popular.


For the mean time, the task of evaluating the potential Morodin recruits had been passed to her associate Kyrel Ren, the man lacked her gentle touch but had a persuasion of his own. Perhaps after seeing such an intimidating force, her kindly reassurance would be all the more effective.


So she sat in an empty warehouse, reclining on the back legs of the chair, feet resting crossed atop a desk and two elite black armoured Shadowtroopers by her side. When Veiere walked in, the Ren couldn’t help but smile. He’d changed, the Dark Side was with him now. It was beautiful.


She didn’t stop the trooper who went forward to check him for weapons, she continued to lounge back, chewing and watching silently.


“He’s armed,” the Shadowtrooper growled through his helmet and drew a pistol to the Jedi’s head.


“I don’t care,” Samka spoke up, dismissing the trooper with a single hand gesture. “He’s not going to hurt me.” Letting the chair rock back onto four legs, she lent forwards with a smile, half-way between reassuring and sinister. “Or you for that matter, so relax.”


The trooper holstered his pistol and gestured for Veiere to walk forwards.


Samka Derith rested her chin atop her fist, crimson eyes glued on the man approaching her. “I have to say,” she finally addressed him, “I knew you had your doubts but I didn’t foresee this. Welcome to the winning team, your highness,” she continued to press at the term of power she knew he detested, it had always been her form of light teasing the King of Commenor, well, former King if intelligence was correct. Whether the term would still press his buttons would be interesting. Did he crave power now that he walked among the Dark? She’d find out and offer what she could, Veiere Arenais could be a powerful ally indeed.


“So what can I do for you?” She offered brightly.

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Kole Harper

Kole Harper


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Rook Andron


Allies: The Galactic Alliance, The Planetary Resistance

Adversaries: The First Order

Interacting With: Coren Starchaser


Rook Andron simply wasn't Rook Andron today, and instead it was 'Voran Lier' who had taken his place. An Imperial Pilot who graduated from the academy some time ago now. He was nothing extraordinary, simple cannon fodder that would most likely die in the current wars. Although the man was offered a reprieve for the day, or for the next few. Officers were the First Order guests today and he was a mere pilot. Though the man beneath the disguise was something far different, something far sinister. Whilst a good man by all means, he was willing to do whatever it takes to see his cause victorious. The First Order were nothing to appreciate, whilst they may be an organized militant force they were scum in his eyes. Oppressive; the worst kind. His blind devotion had most definitely construed any formal opinion one may grasp from a neutral point of view.


Beneath the helmet, his eyes followed Coren Starchaser. He was the man in charge today. Their objective was clear, and two pilots in close proximity of one another was never anything to look at with suspicion. The Ensign approached and gave his brief words on the relationship of the two nations, to which Coren replied with words as Rook did with actions. Just following. That is all he had to do for now.


Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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Location: Lower City District of Commerce & Trade.

Allies: Samka Derith & The First Order.

Enemy: Those whom bring about death and destruction.

Equipment: Heavy Battle AttireLightsabers of SvivrenThe KingsglaivePromissium Annulos.


Veiere's association with the young Master these days known to The First Order as Decitus Ren, was a curious relationship that had been built up slowly across the years of very irregular meetings, few of which had been conducted privately between the two as opposed to being purposed towards the growth of the Commenor Systems Alliance. Ever since Veiere and his wife, Lady Kay had met with Samka, they had come under the impression that the First Order Security Bureau was gathering intelligence on them, at times given rather blunt hints from the young Master herself without actually admitting anything, that the FOSB held a greater awareness of the Government than what was considered public information.


"Samka, please..." Veiere rolled his eyes, speaking under his breath. He had asked her before, several times now not to call him by such a title; despite his shift in alignment and loyalties, that desire to not be positioned over top of others or have them feel as though he were looking down on anyone, was still very present in his demeanor with the simple exception of the Jedi whom he had since gone from revering to loathing. "I've resigned my position within the Systems Alliance and distanced myself from Commenor and my wife for their sake", the young Master would come to realize his justification for such a move with his further explanation to come.


"I've shifted my attention to the Planet Rannon within the Instrop sector" He informed her, a small yet significant sign of faith in the young woman that she would be aware of his likely position for the foreseeable future, "Since you and I last discussed these recent attacks and the state and failures of the Jedi Order, I've decided that it's time a new Order was established; our Goals are to be similar to yours. Peace and security for the Galaxy as well as the elimination of the guilty responsible for encouraging such vile acts of warfare...-The Dark Jedi Order" he described it, thinking that no better title fit the prospect more comfortably than one that would encompass his past with the dark side of the Force and the intent of going above and beyond any moral code to achieve his goals.


"I've since approached representation of the Galactic Empire in order to secure their support, yet I would too ask for yours. I will not be standing aside so idly while the rest of the Galaxy looks to tear itself apart..." Veiere looked to guage Samka's expression for any hint of her opinion, yet much to his expectations of her, the young master was ever so well guarded within her feigned preview of youth and the masking of her truer nature. "The actions that I will be taking upon myself are going to conflict immensely with the Systems Alliance, hence they will have no connection to my further ambitions. Currently we have a Temple established and are in the process of forming a small fleet of vessels. I've come to you in hope that should we support one another, we may both benefit from such a relationship...".



Asheda Tyr

Asheda Tyr

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Asheda Tyr


Location: Lower City

Allies: Veiere Arenais Samka Derith First Order pepes

opposition: Alliance peps


She was running late, more so then usual, the attack was already underway, the FOSB was having a meeting with some important individual. Who it was the Togurta was unsure of, all that she knew was the Alliance may attack them if found out, or something along those line, she had been away for far too long on mission to remember the current diplomatic situation of the First Order.


Using her natural speed, the Blue Skinned agent quickly bounded through the dark under streets of the city, the sound of combat echoing above. Slowly being dulled by the man roads and birdies from above, beginning to reminisce the acoustics of a cave, giving the entire under city a rather sinister feel to it.


'This place would make a good horror movie set', the young ex-Jedi remarked to herself finally coming to a stop outside and old warehouse abandoned warehouse of some defunct company. Giving a quick looking around to make sure she was not followed before slinking into the shadows, leaping up to an open window, silently slipping in and out of sight, breathing a sight of relief, letting her force signature flow out once again.


Looking around the warehouse she was not surprised to see Smaka along with some dark coloured troopers coordinated in a defensive formation around the Ren, what did come to a shock was the person they were conversing with, ".... Master Arenais"? Asheda voice was soft and child like, with curiosity and wonder, but also surprise, why was the former Jedi master here? When did he get on good terms with the First Order... what happened with his social life?


Jumping down from the ledge she was positioned on the young Togurta slowly approached, flashing one of the guard her identification along the way to avoid any problems, Master Derith sorry for the wait, I had a bit of trouble getting her unnoticed by Alliance forces". She remarked but a few steps behind the former Jedi TJO leader, once her own Grand master, 'this is going to be awkward'.

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Cathul Thuku

Cathul Thuku

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Location: Hex I-46 -> Varonat

Objective: Blockade Varonat

Allies: Mazik Stazi Lokthra Dawning Bandor Kre'fey Mathieu Bahreiko Jyoti Nooran Fiolette Yvarro

Enemies: Gromm Cardan Robogeber


"Open a channel to Admiral Nooran" she opened a channel to Jyoti Nooran.


"Channel open" the communications officer acknowledged.


"According to FLEETCOM, our blockade of Varonat is now active, and since we do not have HIMSes, we will have to stay behind and harass at long ranges whatever the enemy can muster. If you have HIMSes, you should be able to close in to the planet's orbit to allow our own ground forces to land on the planet. If you don't, stay out of standard turbolaser range and let them close in on us. We are about to depart momentarily" she told Jyoti over the channel, while making preparations for departure. "Notify FLEETCOM of our departure"


"Roger, roger" the communications officer acknowledge, before notifying Admiral Nai (Mathieu Bahreiko) of them departing. Once that was done, she was free to contact someone else over comms.


"Switch channels to Lokthra!" she ordered, while the communications officer switched to Lokthra Dawning. "If we need reserves, we will contact you, but for now, stay at the blockade, and intercept any incoming First Order hostiles; weapons free"


After the recent events of the Metharian Nebula and of Dagobah, more than ever, Cathul knew that there needed to be some way to be dealing with the First Order; intelligence reported that the units assigned to this region mostly resupplied on Varonat. It was time to strike back at them, and, with the grim realization that, on Dagobah, they were running low on pilots and hence were forced to divert some fighter pilots to capital ship piloting duty, and paid the price under the form of hyperspace collisions. I'm curious as to how they will deal with the shortfall in pilots - looks like the casualties fromMetharian Nebula forced them to realize they have a piloting problem, which became much more acute on Dagobah, she thought, while realizing that a field of gravity mines would render their hold on the Metharian Nebula, and also on all surrounding sectors, more vulnerable than ever, especially since known intel places the planet as a critical link in the First Order's southeastern naval chain. While the Excubitor was one of those battlecruisers she commanded on multiple occasions, it was going to stay in the Eriadu system; she would be in the CIC of the Viscount for Therapy Command's contribution to the assault fleet Starbird. At the head of the vanguard, knowing that the reserves will be held in a nearby staging area, she issues orders to her vanguard, while the reserves will simply stay there until called for.


"Load all squadrons with heavy proton bombs! Once we make contact with the enemy, we shall harass the enemy at long range and prevent them from closing in! Also, once on Varonat, the Impasse shall activate its gravity field generators!"


"That being said, even if we were to expect the bulk of the First Order fleet, it is best not to have the whole fleet deployed at once. I hope Tanith is safe as the commander of the reserves; if we need to call up the reserves, they can come at a moment's notice" Carmen retorted.


"Vanguard group, prepare to jump to Varonat"


Doing battle meditation meant one thing: no IAC, she thought, while knowing that IAC drains mental energy at a pace that may not allow her to fully recover in the time it takes to go from the staging area in the I-46 sector to Varonat. Which was just enough to get heavy proton bombs loaded, to the tune of two a craft. Yet, she knew that performing battle meditation was mentally taxing, exhausting even. She did use it on a few occasions, but never on such a large scale. As they set course from the coreward direction, they find their arrival being a good distance away from the planet orbit and, from it, any enemy fleet that has currently formed up, thanks to the distance between the planet and the blockade. The sensor technician showed the chief gunner, Carmen, Cathul and a handful of other CIC personnel, a tactical display that showed a poodoo-load hostile contacts, fighters, capital ships, albeit at very long ranges, at least compared to the armaments they got, but firing energy torpedoes at that range would be a fool's errand, and, while HVCs could potentially hit the battlecruisers at that distance, long-range turbolasers would dissipate so much over that sort of ranges that it may as well be useless.


"Enemy fleets detected. However, we're out of range from them" the sensor technician reported, while rotating the view in three-dimensional angles in the console.


"Robogeber" Cathul smirked, while her skin crawled with horror, upon seeing the sheer number of enemy contacts in the system. That's going to be Tartarus multiple times over, she thought, before regaining her composure. "I would be curious to see how he is coping with the First Order bleeding its pilot roster dangerously low, almost dry even, since Dagobah! Given that, I expect him to be holding position, we are to advance only when we are able to form up with our convoy of ground forces: transmit sensor readings across all fleets"


"Now, admiral, now!" Carmen hustled.


"You're temporarily in command, Carmen" she notified Carmen while now being in position to meditate. Once her meditation began, every Alliance fleet in range of the planet, every Alliance asset even, in the system will feel energized, pumped up, while the organic personnel of the First Order will start to feel despair, fear, and other emotions that will likely adversely impact their effectiveness.




"Fire hypervelocity cannons at the Deliverance: even though its lack of mobility is disturbing, make sure you properly lead the target in your targeting solutions to account for the projectiles' travel times!"


Taking into account the drift was a formality for the heavy long-range HVC gunners under the effect of battle meditation, well outside the range of even a heavy long-range turbolaser, and the Deliverance would probably get a little time delay, so leading the target was a necessity. Yet they were confident, very confident that, even if the volley of HVC fire would miss the huge durasteel slice of pizza that was their target, they would come close enough to it to also put surrounding enemy ships at risk. But Carmen knew as well as Cathul that HVCs, regardless of caliber, did not bleed firepower over distances, unlike turbolasers, so Carmen needed not interrupt her commanding officer's meditation, as she saw the volley of HVC rounds travel through space, towards the Deliverance, whom they knew that a ship that size would inevitably be ponderous and slow to maneuver or angle. And then the whole crew in the CIC, heck, the whole fleet, began to feel vengeance for the Metharian Nebula, driven by the righteousness of the Light, and also by a desire to turn the tables on the enemy, after all the various defeats the veterans suffered at the First Order's hands: Kaeshana, Asmeru, Ison, the Metharian Nebula...


Summary of actions


Therapy Command


OOC: Reserves will be listed if and when they are deployed.

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Gear: Armor of the Therapist, Siri Tachi's lightsaber, personal slugthrower

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Theme: Magicians' Tower

Sieger Ren

Sieger Ren

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[ Theme ]

FIV Executioner | Resurgent II | Sieger Ren's Flagship

Outer Rim | Anoat Sector | Varonat



The First Order | The Galactic Empire

Gromm Cardan | Leskie Tomiet | Samka Derith

Shaydae Desmaris | Asharad Graush | Veiere Arenais



The Galactic Alliance

Coren Starchaser | Aryn Teth | Mathieu Bahreiko

Fiolette Yvarro | Unknowns




Victory had come at a cost. A sacrifice. In the moment it had never been a question for the Supreme Leader, his will indomitable as the fleet which bore it to fruition but in the relative silence of the now empty bridge he wondered. Did he doubt their strength? Did he doubt their ability? No - a price had to be made for such gains and Sieger was willing to do what was required. Nothing would get in his way, and that which did? It would be removed. The encounter aboard the bridge of the Executioner had reintroduced a feeling he'd not felt in a long time. A thirst for battle. A Thirst for blood. The adrenaline had long since worn off but the memory remained, calling out to him. He had felt young again, for a fleeting moment the boon of age lifted from his shoulders. With a sneer his feet brought him forwards towards the edge of the platform overlooking the Resurgent II housed in one of the extensive ground hangars. From his perch, Sieger could see various automatons working furiously across the starboard hull, sparks and heavy lifting machinery scattered across the wide dorsal surface of the ship. A brief flash of anger coursed through the man's body, frustration at the sight of the wound inflicted upon his vessel by a charged proton beam. The Executioner had put her armor plating to use but even that hadn't stopped the sheer firepower from tearing a gash in the starboard hangar. Half of the Resurgent II's complement of starfighters had been evaporated in an instant. To add insult to injury, the flagship of the Supreme Leader had been set upon by the Jedi, two masters dispatched to assassinate him he supposed - risky for a Jedi. Such drastic action was that of an order doomed to fail. It had been exhibited in all but words, the rush the two had descended upon the bridge, the violence with which they had attacked. *Foolish.* It had been in that moment he knew they would meet again. It had been clearly painted in his enemy's eyes as he'd leapt, seeking to strike down the likes of Sieger in one fell swoop. *Laughable.* thought Sieger.


The crippled hull of the Executioner had been repaired in haste, but according to the timelines the best engineers were giving it would take weeks to complete, maybe into a month or longer depending on how deep the damage actually went. The superstructure had remained solid but much of the armor had been annihilated at the hands of the Alliance, she was yet capable of flight but in a battle she'd be hard pressed to match pace with ships even half her size. It was a dire situation, but they were not lost - in fact many took the heavy losses in stride, yet another scar to define the history of the First Order, to remember their fallen comrades by. It was a lesson learned. The Alliance though beleaguered and battered was not yet broken. Folding his hands in front of him, Sieger turned on a heel. Now ahead at either side of the blast doors exiting the hangar stood a pair of silent sentinels, their crimson armor easily marking them as Sieger's own Praetorians. With little more than a twitch of his finger they simultaneously turned in kind, the doors parting with a hydraulic hiss. 


Stepping across the threshold into a widened corridor, droids and personnel alike hurried away at the sight of the two crimson guards. The near silent steps punctuated by Sieger's solid footfalls as they progressed. The Supreme Leader's robes had been replaced, now adorning his shoulders were expensive threads, exquisite hand stitching and embroidering decorating their surface. Loose fitting enough to allow movement should he need to perform uncharacteristic feats of acrobat but trim enough that they yet framed Sieger in an imposing light. Even those who'd never seen his face felt the aura of the man - Dark Side of the Force practically teeming at the very edge of perception. With haste, those ahead scuttled out of the way. Salutes and shouts of "Hail Sieger!" echoing in the vaulted corridors. Their respect was met with silence, instead a pure gaze boring into each and every one. They would remember this, that today they walked among their leader.

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Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

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Location: Edgefields, Lower City Varonat

Equipment: Vader's Bane Lightsaber, Armor of the Enforcer, Zark's Second Lightsaber, Gloria Blaster pistol.  

Enemies: Galactic Alliance

Allies: First Order,Samka DerithVeiere Arenais Asheda Tyr 



Kyrel could not remember the last time he had rested. If you want to call bouts of unconsciousness rest that is. It had seemed that the battles never ended and then that was his purpose. To enforce the Supreme Leader's will to go off into battle and to crush his enemies. That is what he has lived far for most of his life, from serving as a TIE Pilot Ace to being a dark warrior born from destruction. He had often gone into battle to where he was needed whether it be full-scale war, hunting down the Jedi, or dealing with a rebel cell. He goes where he is needed the most. He had never been to Varonat only hearing of its Shipyards that had repaired their fleets and had even allowed even deadlier and effective ships to expand the First Order's Warmachine.  


Now he had been requested by Overlord Samka Derith for a special assignment much to his surprise although the two never had much interaction, Kyrel had often remembered first seeing her in the Bastion of Ren on Virgillia so long ago when he was more machine then man, on the outside a young girl that could provide more harm, but on the inside a psychotic and insane girl who would follow the Supreme Leader's command to the letter, he had even admitted himself that he was intimidated by her and even more by her ferocity shown as they fought together to protect the Bastion of Ren, her power, and skill he had wanted it, craved it. He had desired to become stronger and so in a sense she had inspired him to become stronger and look what became of that. He had brought down the enemies of the Order, killed Jedi, and had made a name for the Knights of Ren all across the galaxy as even though he had often considered her a rival a being that he had desired to be superior to in every sense, he can only thank her now for making him the being he was. 


So he had readily accepted the request accompanying her to acquire Mordian Force Sensitives. At first it struck him as odd of the thought of having beasts be sentient beings and could be Ren, but in the end, he was passionate of their way. In fact, lived to see it thrive and so accepted gathering several candidates and taking them to a Warehouse in the underlevels of Edgefields in a warehouse in the dark corners of the city. To which he had tended to the Force Users standing in front of them, in his signature armor a mix of dark armor weave robes armor and a cloak, looking them intently through his expressionless mask, they had looked nervous as he explained what their purpose was.  "You all have been chosen for a very special purpose... You will have the highest honor of serving our wise and charismatic Supreme Leader... You will study the ways of the dark side, hone your skills to serve him in any way you can. In serving him his will is our will. His power is our power and thus in serving him we create a better and brighter future for the First Order, and in turn creates a brighter future for the Galaxy filled with peace, security and stability." He said speaking proudly to the group, not detected through the dark sinister tone of his mask, but his words had the same effect that many were thinking, some were even intrigued by the idea of peace in the Galaxy through these turbulent times of War and Chaos. 


And still one had dared to protest to the Enforcer, speaking his mind and stepping forward speaking passionately. "What peace is there... You have ripped us from our tribe from our families for wha.." Before he could even finish Kyrel already had his hand raised as if he was squeezing his throat slowly. The man had tried to grab his throat in a vain attempt to stop the choking but all was for naught as Kyrel then continued. "For what? You may ask... Were you not listening... Allow me to retort then, We seek to bring Order and Peace through the will of the Supreme Leader... By any means necessary.."  He said as he finally closed his hand snapping the man's neck as he fell to the floor all the Mordians could do was stare in shock and horror, while Kyrel continued as if nothing happened. "My apologies... We will not weakness persist in the Order... Now you all will be transported soon to someplace safe to begin your training... The weak will be culled and the strong will survive that is our way. You must stay here for now soon a ship will be coming for you."  He had said turning away from the group not wanting to give away the locations of the Order and just letting them find out for themselves. 


Ignoring the body before him he looked to see former King of Commenor enter into the warehouse to which Kyrel could only speculate that it had been Decitus's will that he come here. What she had planned for the man must have meant private business as Kyrel noticed the Shadowtroopers in and outside the room the girl resided in. After the man entered Kyrel saw moments later a face he hadn't seen in a long time.. Asheda Tyr nonchalantly brushing past the shadowtroopers showing anID card to them. Still, he would not allow such disrespect as he approached, and had grabbed her shoulder with his armored glove.  "This is a private matter Tyr and does not refer to Decitus in such a disrespectful manner again.. Leave them be to conduct their business alone it is not your place to listen."   He said pulling her back slightly and away from the sight of Decitus giving her a nod of respect as she continued the conversation and would not allow it to be interrupted by an outsider. 

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Kyle Ajahn

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Location: Aboard the Fleetwood with Aryn Teth and Fiolette Yvarro

Objective: Prepare for landfall

Allies: Galactic Alliance
Enemies: First Order and allies


He had not been privy to the extent of the plans. Nor was he extensively familiar with the Alliance military structure or it's leaders. Even still, as he stood aboard the Fleetwood, he could feel the light make it's purchase in a space so pervaded by the darkness. Whether it was Aryn Teth or Coren Starchaser, a cached confidence gripped the jedi's heart as they drew ever closer to the darkness he could only presume belonged to the rumored Ren.


Rumored in all but the actuation of their appearance in the Hydian Blockade.


Delving inward, dissuading any distracting emotion to the excess of his thoughts, the jedi stepped close to the man he briefly knew as Aryn Teth and glanced over at him with eyes expressing what they both knew to be immediately apparent. They would soon arrive at the planet surface and be faced with more than the chaos the general spoke of. As quickly as he granted the general his attention he returned it to his own thoughts and the words he felt urged to speak.


"We must be wary of their unruliness and allow them to feed the chaos so that we may channel it back to them in righteous retribution." The jedi spoke, likely out of turn but with a mindfulness to the general's own coming words. With his words spoken he was apt to retreat back to his internal focus, leaving the rest of the planning to the mind of a warrior more immersed in the war with the Ren than he could imagine.

He was a hunter, but he was no expert.


Time was neither with or against them, as he could see it. They would soon submerge themselves in the darkness but it was hardly a darkness he considered dense enough to swallow their spirit. With his weapons, his courage and his belief he was a weapon to drive into the heart of the darkness that was the Ren and Sith; the white hot brand that would remind them that the light was not yet dead.


Nor would it ever be.

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Ara Zambrano

Ara Zambrano

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Location: Lower City Residence
Objective: Reconnaissance
Faction: First Order \\ Enemy: Galactic Alliance
Enemies in Vicinity: Taeli Raaf
Allies In Vicinity: Varas Kyrel \\ Itash Mecetti
Equipment: Hidden Vibroknife


A soft, wicked smile curled up the corner of her lips as her crimson gaze caught a curious glance from a pair of sapphire orbs, the tell-tale shiver of intimidation rolling down his spine as the full weight of the Arch-Queen’s attention fell to the young politician. Nervous motions gave away his discomfort at her scrutiny, fingers that tugged on the edges of sleeves that already lay perfectly against his thin frame, eyes darting to objects within her vicinity and yet trying to settle everywhere but on the figure of the half-Hapan pinning him with a predatory stare. One eyebrow lifted slightly as her assessing glance swept away from his face to take in the rest of the crisp, yet uninspired navy suit, cream shirt, and matching tie, every bit the young aspiring aide his youthful face and optimistic expression screamed him to be, even from across a crowded room.

For the briefest of moments, her attention swept past him as she flashed a smile at yet another passing dignitary, relieving him of the pressure of her scrutiny long enough to compose himself once again. The slight straitening of his spine and return of the rakish grin she suspected had many of his classmates at the University falling over themselves for but a moment of his attention, bespoke of settled nerves, a determination to approach that amused and entertained, a step in her direction taken. Her smile blossomed as she watched his advance from the corner of her gaze, anticipation swirling within.

The politely interested expression faded to disappointment, forehead wrinkling and eyes narrowing, as Ara watched the young aide get swept away in a tide of similarly adorned political personas, his desperate attempts to break away from their attentions failing as something far more important than a pretty face required his attention. A small sip of the crisp and sparkling champagne in her flute washed away the frustration that rose within, her eyes following the small group until they disappeared into a side salon, away from the prying eyes and curious countenances peppering the party that had just begun. A nearly silent chuckle slipped from her lips as she shook her head once, the thin metal feathers hanging from her ears clinking together softly with each movement. They would cross paths again, he could be assured of that.

The Master of Ren turned, the wide net of her attention spreading to take in the gilded glamour of the Lower City Mansion, the mix of political, noble, and military painting the small gathering in a tapestry of riotous colors and facades that never ceased to intrigue. Tonight, she was here to enjoy and observe, her gown a soft waterfall of light peach, a sharp contrast to her dark curls and garnet irises. The weight of a hidden blade pressed against her inner thigh, the smooth leather a satisfying weight, a reminder of the warrior behind the polite smiles and pleasantries, a Ren lurking behind the mask of a Queen. Patience would serve her better this eve than any of her other skills, the young Zambrano a silent sentinel to the Knight of Ren who would prove her own worth or fail spectacularly, the Master present to pick up the shattered pieces should it be required.

A bright flash of a familiar aura caught her eye as the Knight in question emerged, seamlessly blending into the crowd in her guise as a waitress, a tray of beverages precariously alit on her palm. Ara’s attention moved away from the young clone as quickly as it came, a larger sip draining the glass in her own hand, the light burn of astringent liquid coating her throat. They would see how Varas handled her newest assignment, subtly and subterfuge far more valued in this instance than strength and endurance, traits often overlooked by so many of the others within their ranks but no less important.

”Your Majesty? May I introduce…”

The rich voice pulled her from her observations, turning to the couple approaching her with dazzling smiles and desperate eyes, the polite grin she returned absent in irises that brimmed with cool disinterest.

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