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Thus Always to Tyrants | Galactic Alliance Invasion of First Order Held Varonat Hex

- - - - - Galactic Alliance First Order Varonat

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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Location: Lower City Residence

Objective: Mingle with society

Allies: Galactic Alliance

Enemies in the future: Ara Zambrano Varas Kyrel


Equipment: A stylish dress, a comlink, her wits, and the Force




When she had volunteered to infiltrate the planet ahead of schedule, SIS had been insistent about this and that. They obviously had not felt that a Jedi Master, like herself, would be able to have the required false identity, penchant for disguise, etc. etc. Equipment and mountains, or at least it felt like mountains, of false identicards had been heaped on her. Each spymaster telling her something different about how she should go about this mission. One thing they had agreed on was they all wanted to know if the information being offered was legitimate or not.


She politely accepted everything from them... then promptly put it somewhere else. She didn't need what SIS was offering. Call her... a little paranoid, but she didn't trust anything SIS might offer her in terms of identity to hold up to scrutiny like what would be encountered in moving into First Order space.


Instead, she activated one of her own false identities. She had been careful choose one of the identities she had cultivated for... her other work that was not from a planet within Alliance, and was from a galactic power that was at least neutral to semi-friendly terms with the First Order. Hair dyed blonde and up in a wavy fashion, brown eye contacts so no one recognized her vibrant purple eyes, a long elegant green dress embroidered with a purple floral motif, long synthsilk purple gloves, she looked the part of a Kuati noblewoman. Essentially, she was. One of her favorite identities she had cultivated was Elleria Danu, a member of the prominent Danu family on Kuat that was loyal to the Lady of Secrets.


"Lady Elleria, we hadn't expected you to arrive so soon," a voice said from among all the high society people. "Not choosing to be fashionably late again hmm?"


"No, Viceroy," she laughed. "I would never be late to such a fine party."


Her Force presence was tightly being concealed as she expected several Ren to be present or nearby on the planet. It was the staging ground, apparently, for the current campaign against the Alliance.


"Champagne?" the Viceroy of somewhere that she didn't care to remember asked.


"You know I don't drink," she laughed, instead taking a flute of water from a passing waitress. Begging off interacting with the Viceroy more, as she needed to greet several others she knew, she started working her way through the crowd of dignitaries, nobility, and so on. It was going to be a long day, especially when the small pocket chrono in one of her dress's concealed pockets vibrated that the invasion was coming soon. The blockade should already be in place.

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Leskie Tomiet

Leskie Tomiet


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Location: Varonat spaceport

Allies: The First Order | Shaydae Desmaris

Unknown Enemies: The Galactic Alliance | Coren Starchaser | Rook Andron


Leskie smiled at the TIE Pilot (Coren Starchaser) who greeted her.


“Let’s go!” She called out to the group, giving a nod to the First Order’s customs crew now boarding the frigate for inspection, before turning on her heels and walking briskly towards a corridor leading out of the hanger.


The ensign did her best to seem authoritative but she wasn’t a commander. She wasn’t used to marching around confidently giving orders. She avoided eye contact, moving ahead of the group, focussing on nothing but the sound of everyone’s footsteps and the faint hum of a droid.


That was enough to make Leskie cast her gaze backwards and shoot a confused frown at the small droid floating around near the Stormtroopers at the back. It belonged to that woman, Desmaris. Did she have to bring the little machine? It didn’t seem to match regulation, it might even make the First Order look disorganised to their guests. Ensign Tomiet couldn’t stand the thought.


She did also catch the attention of the TIE pilot following her close behind. Curiosity got the better of her and her pace slowed to walk closer to the man. “So…” She tried to strike up a conversation as the group continued to march along the spaceport corridors. “Why fly for the Galactic Empire?”


The Empire interested her. The group gave the ensign mixed emotions. At first, the Order had drilled it into them all that the Galactic Empire, or Imperial Remnant as it was then known, were a collection of traitors, of faux Imperials. The two sides had even engaged one another over Kaeshana, the blasted world which had started all of this. Yet here, today, they stood as comrades. Past transgressions were not fully forgiven but they were apparently brushed aside in the warming of ties. She wondered what sort of people served the regime. Were they the same decent folk who served the First Order?


An alarm blared through the spaceport. “All hands man your battle stations. Enemy fleet engaged in the system. This is not a drill!”


“Um.” Leskie blinked, standing rigid in surprise and fear for a moment. Her eyes flickered towards the back of their crew, to Desmaris and her Stormtroopers. They’d seen combat before, they’d know what to do.


No, she had to get ahold of herself. “This changes nothing!” The ensign rose her voice to be heard over the alarms, her body trembling ever so slightly as she went to reassure the Galactic Empire’s troops. “We’ll keep you safe but let’s hurry!”


She quickened the pace, she had to take the other Imperials to their people and then… she may have to head back to her Star Destroyer.

Nuuc Lapt

Nuuc Lapt
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Location: Aboard the Fleetwood


Allies: Galactic Alliance, Fiolette Yvarro | Aryn Teth | Kyle Ajahn


Enemies: First Order and allies


Equipment: HK LA-2 light armor(squad), HK Commando Blaster Rifle(squad), OM-P 376(personal), Interlocking-hilt lightsabers(personal)




Nuuc wasn't happy to be going on a ground assault after Dagobah, but thankfully Varonat would be a far cry from the dense marshes of that planet. Besides, there wasn't much for him to do on the Salvation while it was stuck in a repair bay somewhere, recuperating from the heavy beating it took in its last engagement. And the Alliance had done good by Captain Jelt, so it was only right he would send a squad to support them in this engagement. Twenty-five wasn't much in the way of manpower, but with their limited resources as it stood, it was more than they could spare, and all under Nuuc's command.


He listened to Fiolette's briefing on the plan once they made landfall, and his ears perked up when she mentioned stealing First Order craft and turning them against the very base that held them. While he had loved the MRF-1 that he flew(and crashed), he wondered if they'd let him keep a TIE fighter should he be able to steal one and survive the battle with it. But that was neither here nor there. With the briefing complete, and the layout of the base memorized, he made his way through the ship to where the soldiers under his command prepped for the assault.


Every single man and woman that crewed the Salvation, from the designated guard to the engineers and food prep, trained in their off-time. Nobody on the ship was allowed to crew it without being able to double duty as a soldier when needed, and Nuuc held nothing but trust for every single person that Captain Jelt had sent with him. 


"How much longer until we're to land, Lieutenant?"


The prim and polite voice of Sergeant Osure came from his left, and when he glanced over to the Mirialan he found her already geared in her armor, loading 20mm grenades into a side pouch.


"Not long now."


She chuckled, a small grin finding its way on her lips as she glanced up at him, the tattoos on her cheeks showing in stark contrast to the pale green skin. "Excellent. I mean no disrespect, Lieutenant, but I'm still surprised Captain Jelt assigned one of the pilots to us."


Nuuc made his way to a seat near her, reaching for his own rifle to give it one last inspection. "My fighter is nothing more than a smoking hunk of metal in a swamp somewhere, so I'm not flying it anytime soon. Besides, no use in risking any of the other pilots to command you lot. He trusts me because of my training, and because of how long I've been with the crew."


"Ah, I'd forgotten," she replied with a polite smile that Nuuc had come to know typically held a smart-mouthed remark. "You're one of the oldest we have." 


"Not as old as some. Zhay has been with us since the last Captain."


"And will probably still be on that bridge long after we've taken blaster fire straight to our hearts."


With a sound that came out more like a grunt than a laugh, Nuuc began loading power cells and grenades into the pouches on his armor. "We just might today. This is going to be a gundark nest we're dropping into."


"Then it's a good thing you have that at your side." She motioned to the lightsaber at his hip. 


"Let's hope I won't have to use it. The second I ignite that thing I'll be the biggest target on the base."


Osure stood, sealing the pouch she'd just finished loading. "And here I thought you lived for danger."


As she left, Nuuc couldn't help but laugh at the expression. It didn't last long, however. He looked out at the faces of the men and women who'd been sent to help with this mission, and the weight of that decision felt almost crushing. He knew he wouldn't be returning to the ship with even half of those faces if they met the sort of resistance they were expecting. Silently, he returned to his preparations, awaiting the signal for the attack.

Mazik Stazi

Mazik Stazi

    the sound and the fury

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Allies: Galactic Alliance, Mathieu Bahreiko | Jyoti Nooran | Cathul Thuku | Bandor Kre'fey | Roth Tillian

Enemies: First Order, Sieger Ren | Carlyle Rausgeber | Gromm Cardan

Objective: Establish Counter-Blockade Across Anoat Sector




Command Deck // ANS Hereafter

Alliance 5th Expeditionary Counter-Blockade

Several Lightyears From Varonat System


Not since Castameer or the Rishi Maze incident had Commodore Mazik Stazi seen such a combined force of ships bearing the Alliance starbird on their hulls. Many vessels had been re-appropriated from the Inner Rim and Expansion Region, each captain receiving classified orders to reroute near Javin. The crews were told nothing until they arrived, and hasty briefings were conducted mere hours before the operation commenced to mitigate the risk of any intelligence leaks. Thus the Fifth was fully replenished and then some, assembling in full force and pushing into First Order territory alongside the Ninth under Admiral Nai's command before breaking off on their own.


They had gone as far as hyperspace would allow, and then brute forced their way past a First Imperial picket. Now on sublight, they were slowly moving into position on their objective near the Rimward edge of the sector. By now they had to assume that Imperial High Command knew of their presence in their space, so Vice Admiral Alsek had wasted no time in setting up along their assigned sphere of control. Gravity well projectors powered on as their Stalwart cruisers and Nebulon B9 frigates spread out across the void. Their tactical situation would be a precarious one. To gain the kind of coverage across Imperial supply lines they were looking for, their interdiction pickets would have to maintain some distance, which meant defending their position would be a daunting task should they be challenged.


"Incoming transmission from the Radiant," Bashir announced, drawing Mazik's attention from his current task of overseeing the distribution of their squadron patrol patterns, "It's the Vice Admiral."


"Put him on main screen," he ordered, moving to the command dais at the center of the star carrier's bridge, and the large holodisplay projected above it.


"Commodore Sstazi," a holographic representation of Vice Admiral Vsil Alsek hissed a congenial greeting at them as the Sluissi's form overlaid their tactical map, "Your Hereafter will command our main battle line while I overssee our blockade from the Radiant. I sshall patch you in to my direct line with Admiral Nai."


"Aye, sir," he nodded, struggling not to show it but bursting with pride at the opportunity to not only prove his mettle, but serve once more on the front lines against these Imperial scum. The duros had started out as a line captain, between that background and his command carrier's heavy shielding, it made sense that he would be chosen for such a responsibility. Nevertheless, it showed that Alsek had faith that the Commodore would prove up to the job. After languishing in the lower ranks for so long, that meant a lot to him.


"Be ready, Commodore," Vsil warned him, grainy transparent features turning quite grave, "Ssoon we will have our firsst catch of the day. You have your orders, good hunting."


"What are our orders, sir?" Bashir asked him when the transmission had ended, brow furrowing at the Vice Admiral's parting words.


"Anything coming from First Order space is to be destroyed," Mazik replied simply.


"But shouldn't we hail them first?" the Mon Cal first officer asked, his eyes widening, "What if they are non-combatants, or bystanders?"


"If they're headed towards the Hydian Way, they are violating sovereign Alliance territory and are to be declared enemy soldiers."


Bashir opened his mouth as if to speak, but the look from his superior firmly suggested anything he might have to say would be extremely dangerous.


"Contact! Incoming subspace readings!"


"Excellent, move us into position," the Commodore leaned forward, gripping a panel on the command dais in front of him as he gazed up savagely at the tactical display, "Reroute power to weapon batteries."


The combined strength of the nearby Nebulon B9s' artificial gravity wells ripped a vessel from hyperspace several hundred kilometers in front of their position.


"Advance and engage," he ordered, "As soon as we're within weapon's range, open fire."




Galactic Alliance Fifth Expeditionary Fleet


Summary of Actions

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Cavris Lyran

Cavris Lyran


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Objective: Ensure the security of the lower city and the party.

Location: Lower City Residence, Varonat

Allies nearby: Varas Kyrel | Ara Zambrano

Enemies nearby: Taeli Raaf


Cavris wasn't especially thrilled to be patrol duty of this pretty tame party, it wasn't his style. Though he had a strict upbringing of order and keeping the peace, raves were his style. The loud thumping music, the carefree way of the ladies there and the cheap, nasty yet very intoxicating drinks all suited his way to party. He was carrying a standard First Order assigned blaster rifle, his leg held a vibro-dagger in a sheathe and his hip belt held a blaster pistol. He was ready for anything these party goers would do. It wasn't his first time keeping the peace at a party. Back in his merc days he would often be guarding his benefactor as they enjoyed themselves. He wished he could have a drink as he had to watch everyone else 'enjoy' themselves.


He spotted one server taking a sip of a drink before serving the others. Cavris smirked behind his helmet, that was a girl he could spend some time with and have a laugh. At least, he hoped she was. Before he knew what was happening, he walked over to her discreetly. "Hey, we could party later if you wanted to have a drink or two." He chuckled behind his mask. Unwittingly hitting on a Knight of Ren, something he dare not do if he knew who she was. Moving along, not to cause eyes to turn on them, he watched as others entered and studied the party. He wondered what was going on elsewhere on the world. Perhaps other people were enjoying themselves with drills or an actual fight, instead of patrol duty in a residential area. 

Jyoti Nooran

Jyoti Nooran

    Tech Support

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Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the 

...Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the 

~Dylan Thomas


Location: Space > Orbit
Objective: Distraction
Allies: GA (Mathieu Bahreiko, Cathul Thuku, Bandor Kre'fey Roth Tillian Allyson Locke)
Opposition: FO (Sieger Ren, Robogeber, Gromm Cardan

Directly Engaging: Robogeber, Gromm


While the bulk of the first wave of GADF ships had deployed to the Anoat sector to begin the blockade, Jyoti had parked her fleet in the adjacent Javin sector. Far enough to remain unaffected by their interdictors operating within the the Anoat sector, but close enough to make a near instantaneous microjump into the Varonat system.

From the hangar of Moloch, she accepted a direct hail from Admiral Thuku as she calibrated her power armor.


"According to FLEETCOM, our blockade of Varonat is now active, and since we do not have HIMSes, we will have to stay behind and harass at long ranges whatever the enemy can muster. If you have HIMSes, you should be able to close in to the planet's orbit to allow our own ground forces to land on the planet. If you don't, stay out of standard turbolaser range and let them close in on us. We are about to depart momentarily" she told Jyoti over the channel, while making preparations for departure. "Notify FLEETCOM of our departure"

She didn’t immediately reply, taking the opportunity to observe the battlespace to assess enemy force strength though Thuku’s shared feeds. There was no need to jump in blind if wasn’t necessary.

It was a good thing she did her homework as she noted two massive armadas in Varonat’s orbit, the largest she had in one system outside a capital worlds.  

Rather convenient...for me.

She smiled, seeing opportunity to devastate the First Order and the Galactic Empire far beyond Varonat. She would make them pay dearly for concentrating their forces in such a manner. She contacted her officers to make quick adjustments in light of the revelation.

Through her wireless implant, the cyborg directly transcribed a text message from her thoughts and forwarded to Thuku via encrypted hypercomms, updating her Therapy counterpart with her plan of action.

I’m not sure why the First Order and their lackeys decided to concentrate so many ships in one small area, but I will exploit this for our benefit. I suppose there’s nothing you can do but keep at range for the time being, but if you can muster additional ships with HIMS, then that would be helpful. When I jump into the system, direct command of my reserve forces will fall to Captain Noa. Contact him in the future for additional guidance.

There is one more thing I request. Your battle mediation. I am not familiar with your specific technique, but I recommend on focusing solely on demoralizing the enemy if is within your ability. Harass them with the very mental image of yourself. I don’t understand why, but First Order seems to experience a collective psychosis every time you appear on the field. Who knows how they’ll react to such focus, but every little bit helps. All the better if they become deranged.

She ended the transmission there, shifting her focus to Allyson. For some reason, the Corellian kept following into battle after battle even as each mission became more extreme than the last. This one by far would be their most dangerous assignment yet. She simultaneously dreaded and welcomed having the technopath with her all the time now.

“I’ve been looking over these formations,” she explained as she held up a mini holoprojector on her armband for Allyson to see. “Most of these models are known to SIS, but the two largest battlecruisers are new. We need to scrape up any data we can on these models during our assault.”

“General, astrogation solutions are complete," Captain Noa reported over a private line.

“Excellent, once we’re in system, reconfigure drives as discussed. I don’t want any ships around longer than required.”

“Yes, ma’am. We’re ready to jump at your command.”

“Good, do it.”

“Operation is a go!”

One by one, starships of from the main group began to blink out of view as they entered hyperspace. A few minutes of hypertransit, the swirling blue vista of hyperspace replaced by the giant green orb that was Varonat.

Precise astrogation solutions had been plotted by powerful biocomputers and neural nets, so that her battle group emerged right under the the GE and FO formations on their rear at a slightly lower altitude.

For each enemy formation, she had dedicated a two breakwater battle stations and a few destroyers. Not nearly enough to take on the two armadas even with a surprise attack at their weakest point, but their aim wasn’t to destroy, not yet.

It was distraction and delivery.

The space became saturated with missiles as the battlegroup began a large scale missile strike against all enemy military vessels arrayed against Therapy command ahead. Intruder missiles and Genie missiles (loaded with proton submunitions), interspersed among Dancer missiles and EWAR missiles designed to baffle enemy sensors with decoys, ECM, and nagnol gas. Hundreds of missiles now became thousands to any system successfully spoofed by the ploy.   

ECM missiles weren’t just launched at the fleet, but also down below at the main naval base to overwhelm ground based AA in a similar manner.

At the same time, swarms of Inago would depart from hangars and holds, racing towards the the nearby Imperial vessels behind the missiles by the hundreds. The spaceborne biots existed for one purpose and one purpose alone.

To consume.

With their acid launchers, they could melt through many starship hulls within minutes. Even a handful of Inago could prove to be a nightmare for enemy fleeters, but with nearly 80k on tap to be deployed collectively by the battlegroup, complete annihilation was almost assured against the massed forces.

Along with the Inago, a flight of four Sowa stealth drones departed from one of the destroyers, then quickly dispersed to begin their ISR mission to provide real time intelligence on all happenings within the system.

The imperials in orbit would be forced to make some tough decisions soon. Either they remained in position and allowed themselves to torn apart by Jyoti’s attack, or reposition and create more openings to Varonat. It was either their fleets, or the planet.

Amid all this chaos, a trio of Kometa warped near one of the mystery battlecruisers (FIV Imperator) facing its ventral side. Why that one? Its BoSS codes identified it as the FIV Imperator, giving Jyoti a clue about who just be at the helm. A certain man (or droid?) she wanted to personally capture or destroy to rob the First Order of their most dangerous commander.

ECM drones were deployed, mimicking the signatures of the Kometa to further fool sensors that may be targeting them admit the environment of heavy interference.

“Prime time,” she told Allyson as she gripped her rifle.

Under her helmet, she breathed in deeply as she dived into the Force. Shatterpoints began to bloom around her large and small as she entered a hyperaware state. She would need to be at her best if she was going to make it with her strike team in and out of the battlecruiser alive.

In a matter of seconds, she would soon be facing her first major obstacle that could thwart that goal. Breaching.  

Order of Battle

Summary of Actions

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Samka Derith

Samka Derith

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Location: Edgefields Lower City

Allies: The First Order | Kyrel Ren | Veiere Arenais | Asheda Tyr

Enemies: @Tiland Kortan



Samka rose her brow as Veiere approached. He didn’t seem in the mood for her games, that was a pity. She enjoyed them. But she remained silent, listening to the man explain his ideas, still chewing the gum in her mouth. Her head tilted in curiosity the longer he spoke.


This was not the man she’d known so recently. To abandon Commenor, to abandon his beloved wife… all to pursue a galactic cleansing. Did she have a role in this? A small manipulation here and there? Perhaps but this was something she couldn’t take full credit for and that made it oddly satisfying. Veiere, the paragon of the Light, had found the Darkness all on his own.


“If our ideals are so close, you could just join me,” Samka smirked at the man. The offer was half-serious, she knew he’d decline to seek his own path.


“Anyway,” she moved on to discuss his offer. “I’m intrigued but we need substance. How far are you prepared to go? What can you offer us? What would you like of us? These are all questions which need to answer before anything solid can be agreed.”


Enter Asheda Tyr. Samka smiled on the FOSB agent’s entry, later than expected but no matter.


Enter Kyrel Ren who, true to form, immediately berated her. She had to repress a good natured rolling of her eyes. She still chuckled quietly, the two Ren had such different approaches.


“Spare the girl, Kyrel. A spy listens, she’s doing her job. Curious ears mean curious minds and it’s our job to nurture them.” Samka rose from the desk to her feet. “Give me a moment,” she nodded apologetically to Veiere and approached the pair.


“How goes the recruiting?” Samka asked Kyrel, her tone now business-like. “Any potential to you?”


Then the alarms began to ring. The Alliance was here.


Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    Captain Alliance

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Objective: Lose the First Order, get to his people

Allies: Alliance, Rook Andron

Enemies: First Order women in Uniform, maybe Leskie Tomiet




Say all you could about the difference between the Alliance types and Imperial types, being in the military was one thing that was always similar. Sure, maybe the Imperials, in Coren’s experience, were a bit more hardlined on their discipline, where as the Alliance could become looser. At least after basic, and when you weren’t currently under fire. One thing that was the same, though, was that women always looked good in a uniform. Even if it was the Imperial styles. Officially, he was allowing the Ensign to lead because, well he had no idea where they wanted the Galactic Empire visitors to go, and it just felt right, but well, sometimes you just had to look, right?


And this one seemed like she may be fresh on the posting, so it was just easier to help them along. Hell, it would happen to anyone. Get sent to a new post, go told to greet because they didn’t want you doing something else, and you had to make do. The next question is one he was not fully ready for, but not completely unexpected. When the Galactic Republic and the Alliance were sharing the galaxy, trading of stories between related nations happened. Even now, the Silvers, and Alliance, Remnant, and Sovereignty, all shared war stories.


“The Empire was in my blood. Family was raised in the Imperial ideals many generations back. I suppose you could say moving off Imperial Center and flying for them was the family business.” Not entirely false. Word was that his actual upbringing was linked to the Empire of the Hand. So, partially it was true, as to why he had flown for Imperial flags before the betrayal, a few decades back.


The next situation was not something wholly unexpected, but not something he was timing to the minute. He had pulled the Force close to himself, so as to not get invited to Welcome the Black Parade on Varonat, he had his own situations to deal with here. Other plans that were already made. But without the Force to reach to, he didn’t know the situation going on upstairs. So, his reaction was real when the klaxons came on.


Battle station calls, good. He could use that. Looking to his comrade, maybe this was the time they could get moving. Rook knew the move. If things got bad, he needed to find the way to split off.The klaxons were joined by the sounds of incoming missiles and anti-aircraft fire.


“You need to get to your post. We can get to ours, where are our people? Where’s the hangar?” 



Posted Image

Posted Image

Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke


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Location: Space > Orbit
Objective: Distraction
Allies: GA (Mathieu Bahreiko, Cathul Thuku, Bandor Kre'fey Roth Tillian Jyoti Nooran)
Opposition: FO (Sieger Ren, Robogeber, Gromm Cardan)

Directly Engaging: Robogeber, Gromm


Stim shots were Jyoti’s advice the last time they were on a mission together and Allyson seemed to have adapted a slight need for them. Though, through her rehabilitation the docs were slowly giving her less and less. Which was a good thing in this case, the last thing the Agent needed was to have that be her newest crutch. Her eyes remained closed as she did her best to center herself like Jyoti and Kaili had been trying to show her. The Force wasn’t something she could freely touch and feel like they could, but what she could feel was the life that danced around the electronics and machines that surrounded her.


Her mind wandered as memories continued to become stronger for her as time progressed. This memory was one she hadn’t thought about it in some time as for the person it was about caused so much pain in her heart. Though, she was the one that showed her what the difference between feeling the world like she did and how a true force user felt it. Remembering that feeling, Allyson reminded herself of what she fought for and why she continued to do so. The feeling of the world around her, knowing that everything she did and everything she sacrificed saved that world. Shaking her head, she was brought back to reality as she held a pouch filled with tools needed for slicing. Strapped to her thighs were a pair of blasters and Jyoti spoke to her.


A small salute to the General that seemed to be more and more in her life for some reason. Allyson didn’t know why she kept returning to the Echani woman’s side, but something felt right about it. She had never been one to attach herself to higher ups, but Jyoti had stuck her neck out for her back on the station. Hopefully knowing that someone was actively watching her back would ease Kaili’s worry. Rolling her shoulder’s back, Allyson made a final check of her helmet and suit. The worst thing about space was that one small crack in one’s armor could end it all. Shuddering, she tried to push the memories of floating in space out of her mind. The bulk of the armor wasn’t something she was the fondest of, but she knew the creator of the suit was smart and it was excellent quality. The lighter version saved her life previously.


Allyson tucked away the LK Hermes tablet into its safety pouch and she inhaled deeply. Just like before every mission, she prayed to some greater force to protect her, she begged for Kaili’s consistent forgiveness and love while she also hoped that Arisa was somewhere in the Force watching over her. At times, very brief times she felt as if she could feel the woman around her. She hoped that where ever she was she was happy and finally resting freely from her duties.


Looking towards the General, Allyson gave the woman the peace sign close to her own face which had her typical grin plastered on it. “Let’s ruin someone’s day, General.” 

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Location: Lower City District of Commerce & Trade.

Allies: Samka DerithKyrel Ren and Asheda Tyr.

Enemy: Those whom bring about death and destruction.

Old Friends: Tiland Kortun.

Equipment: Heavy Battle AttireLightsabers of SvivrenThe KingsglaivePromissium Annulos.




The young Master of Ren was by no means impulsive in her actions and reactions to situations placed before her path in life, Veiere had come to know her over the years to be a highly intelligent and cautious mind, always aware and considerate of the alternative consequences to a bad decision or offer of advice within their discussions of the past. Due to their history, Veiere had expected that she would need time and prove of his willingness to support the First Order and their Ren; her half serious invitation for Veiere to join them himself encouraged a slight lift of the corner of his mouth in a small smile, both amused and appreciative yet already dedicated to his objective for his soon-to-be, dark Organization.


 “Give me a moment”


Veiere simply nodded in his compliance to her request, watching as she would soon move to greet Kyrel Ren and Asheda Tyr; the girl who was being spoken down to by the armored Master of Ren had once been a fellow colleague of Veiere's within the Jedi Order. A student who had chosen to pull away early on within her training. Veiere had never known what had become of her and now finding her here within the First Order's company, he couldn't help but find it all rather ironic and almost typical of the Force to continue to drudge up his past in his path to progress and strength of self.


Kyrel Ren on the other hand appeared to be an example of the First Order's admiration of pride and the intimidation of others through their over-baring stature, standing over others with authority and temperament. His gaze once more befell Asheda as he looked in, intrigued as to how she might receive her superior's reproach. These Knights of Ren had always been at a distance from the public spot light of worlds and peoples they weren't directly in competition or threatened by thus this was the first time Veiere was seeing how they operated within the field; he would remain silent, the behavior not how he would have chosen to do things yet nor was it his business nor right to impose his views upon another government or culture. He had taken a lesson from his past experiences trying to share tolerance and compassion for those that had once walked the path of the light, and received only resentment and exclusion as a result. Coming here was not about his learning of the Knight of Ren but his wish to support the First Order and in turn receive their backing for his new Order.


Nothing in life was straight forward, nor went to plan where politics was concerned; Ambition and intent for the future, even less so. From the entrance to the warehouse and loud enough to surround the building and echo against it's walls was the sudden siren call of the Cities emergency alarms. Veiere's attention soon being pulled away from the others, brows furrowing and his expression turning to one of confusion and intrigue, taking it upon himself to step away from their previous business in order to return out into the natural and cool breeze to see if he could witness any sign and source of the proposed cause for panic and preparations.


High in the skies overhead, distant and barely visible flashes of light could be seen dotted against the limits of his line of sight; through previous experiences and knowing the First Order's history and likelihood of entering into conflict with others again, it didn't take him long to come to terms with the impending attack, now lowering his gaze to search the streets around them in need to assure there were no immediate threats to himself or the young Master Decitus Ren; he still needed her for the future prospective goals he had thus far planned.


It was only now with his awareness and sensory abilities within the Force being engaged and concentrated upon, that he would manage to sense an all too familiar presence within the Force; one that he had been fond of in their few yet common goals and former support of both the Church of the Force and the restoration of the Jedi Order's integrity. Tiland Kortun was somewhat older than Veiere, he having once been considered as a pillar for which Veiere had been able to lean upon when he needed guidance for the Order of Deneba. Now however, with so much having changed and his awareness of the corruption within himself and most significantly his acceptance and control over the Dark Side of the Force and it's influence upon him, the likelihood of this meeting would be rather more confrontational than their previous times.


'I can feel you here, somewhere...-Come to me, Tiland. Share a conversation with your old friend...'.

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Rook Andron


Allies: The Galactic Alliance, The Planetary Resistance
Adversaries: The First Order

Interacting With: Coren StarchaserLeskie Tomiet


Whilst it wasn't a necessary question he needed to answer, he had a response prepared already. Andron, at this moment, was entirely prepared for anything anyone from the First Order may have thrown towards him. Though it appeared that wasn't the required. His head swiveled beneath the Imperial Pilot's Helmet, caught off-guard someone at the sudden alarms and flashing lights, whether he truly was or not nobody would actually know. There wasn't much to do, really. Starchaser, the man in charge had the jump in already. Rook just had to stand there and look convincing, and with all this gear and credentials he most certainly would.


The Agent glanced about, seemingly distressed in attempt to gather his bearings in a location that was truly unknown to him. Coren was right, however, he knew what he had to do. Though going undercover always meant improvisation. Fortunately enough, Andron knew it all too well.



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Allies: Gromm Cardan | Magnus Ren | Skull Squadron | Sieger Ren 
Enemies: Cathul Thuku | Jyoti Nooran | Allyson Locke 
Objective: Defend Varonat.

Theme: Imperial Attack | John Williams



The Fleet Admiral watched as the report of the intrusion between Belsavis and the First Order sensors within L-49 was broadcast for his pleasure. It was odd. Quite odd indeed. What was the strategy here? To strike again at the heart of First Order industry, and more importantly, military? It seemed quite daft to Carlyle. There was no way, his automated mind could rationalise such a gesture. There was no feasible way a fleet could blast through undetected. If anything, Rausgeber anticipated an attack elsewhere, perhaps to retake their hyperspace lane. Not the Ison Corridor. 


Was it not the Ison Corridor route, which forced the Alliance to the pleas and grovelling of the negotiation table? Was it not the Ison Corridor where the Galactic Alliance received its most humiliating defeat ever? Rausgeber could hardly consider the need to attack here again, unless. Unless they had intelligence. It was an unknown variable which toyed and tinkered within the droids circuitry. The SIS was an unknown variable, and one, Carlyle was yet unable to make hide nor tail of their existence. However, as Rausgeber now considered where the Alliance would attack, the Sensor Officer's brisk tone barked, "Fleet Admiral, multiple contacts emerging from lightspeed." 

Carlyle's holographic eyes diverted from the display to the viewport, within seconds, dozens of warships had pulled themselves out of lightspeed. Perhaps, caution was thrown out the window. And Carlyle relished that. The aggression of the GADF was nothing if not, predictable. But before engagement, a few cursory orders had to be delivered, before bombardment could be initiated, Rausgeber turned to the Signals Officer, "Order a class one order." Rausgeber commanded, "Get Governor Mellhurse to organise evacuation efforts." There would be no room for civilian casualties. With the order, all civilians would be evacuated to shelters, manned by army forces. It would be a massive effort, but that was the social contract the army had to its people. Varonat's loyalty and support, came at the cost of protection, as any world under Sieger Ren's yoke did. Casualties which could have been prevented, were unfavourable for Central Command, and by extension, Carlyle's career prospects. 

"Get me General Rieal." He added, "Raise the Naval Bases shields, and mobilise all forces," Carlyle continued. "Prepare the ion battery for assault, to cover us." As it sat now, Therapy Commands attempts to bombard the FIV Deliverance from range had largely failed. Sitting in the middle of a fleet constructed with state of the art of point defence weaponry meant the attack essentially fell unto an unbreachable defence. The combined force of First Order battlegroups now returned long range fire, most of it directed at the Alliance's larger vessels, as the Deliverance settled into siege mode. 

Carlyle allowed a smirk to purse the holographic face of his. The pixelated wrinkles created a taut smile. This was exactly how he liked to fight things. Mega-class turbolasers verses hypervelocity guns. The massive, triple barrelled batteries began to hammer, and pound the enemy. In preparation for the oncoming barrage of missiles, as coming with any Alliance fleet, the captains and commanders of the dagger-ii class escort frigates now activated their missile jamming and E-WAR technologies. "All too easy." Rausgeber confidently mused. Watching as these loathsome intruders were now subjected to the full might and force of his command. His fleet. Even with vessels, he didn't recognise. It would all be the same result. The blood of yet another Alliance fleet, spilled for yet another senseless offensive. 


"Admiral Rausgeber, we have contacts coming in from point four, sir." The Sensor Officer informed him. Rausgeber was puzzled. Point four, why that was? Below them. Carlyle froze. No. Not now. Not in his moment of triumph. Carlyle watched with muted horror as the sensor terminal lit up with contacts. How could that be? How could they have not detected them? How was this- And then he saw it. Those vessels were not strictly Galactic Alliance. Oh no. The Silver Jedi. Rausgeber immediately saw flashbacks of Skor. When he and his men tried to fight off a fleet about triple his in terms of manpower. It had been a humiliating endeavour. One which haunted him. 

As the Silver Jedi's missiles detonated prematurely, or impacted against the Naval Yards defensive shield,Carlyle clenched his fists. Servos ground and fizzled as he tried to calculate his next move. But he couldn't. For the first time since his resurrection within this cursed metallic body, Carlyle now felt himself speechless. His tactical computer may still be running simulations, but the personality. The part of him which humanised, and added something of a biological touch to his otherwise cold demeanour now took over. And incandescent, unadulterated self-loathing and fear took over, paralysing him. On the screen, the one window for outsiders into the droids mind and ability, froze. The image of an angry, yet fearful Rausgeber, whose jaw was clenched, and eyes retreating into slits. 

"Orders sir?" Voices began to inquire. Rausgeber stilled himself. He was like a statue. A ghost even. A silent spectre, whom could only be heard via the hum of his repulsorlift, and the grinding of gears and motors within his hand. The silence of the Fleet Admiral was deafening. 

"Admiral?" As seconds drew into a near minute since the Silver Jedi's reversion. Carlyle's eyes remained focused upon the viewport. He could feel the tension building. Humiliation, self-loathing now festering inside of him. Now was not the time for cowardice. He was not a coward. Nor would he ever be one. No. 

"Sir, we need orders." Commodore Bjest barked, "Sir-!" Rausgeber raised a fist, and turned to face his second in command. The screen now carried a dark, anger. He was Carlyle Rausgeber. Hero of the Ison Corridor. Vanquisher of the Alliance, and Ossus' Obliterator. He would not now, or ever be caught unawares. He was, at least in his mind, a mind which would unify the Galaxy beneath the banners of his masters. 

Rausgeber's screen went dark, and lit up. There would be orders. There would be revenge. There would be a reckoning. Carlyle analysed the situation, "All fighters, move into assault position, and attack enemy fighters," He commanded, his voice thunderous, the malice and bile of a man, too long denied his revenge. Too long denied his right now reaching a righteous crescendo, "Order Grand Admiral Gromm to assault these newcomers," He barked. There would be no pleasentries. This was Carlyle's battle, and territory. Gromm would be an asset, to crush these new incursions. The anger, sensed by the crew, was so palpable that many assumed,had he been alive, flecks of spittle would have sprayed the deck, "And order our bombers for full assault." He finished. Smoke began to slowly filter out of his dewback leather gloves as the servos began to moan.. 

As the ramships began their approach, the numerous corvettes they passed, began to open fire, delivering devastating salvos of missiles at close range to their mid section, and engines. Bombers, concentrated on the engines, firing proton, and ion ordinance to disable and destroy their vessels. Fighters, and the anti-fighter corvettes now began to scour the fleet, eliminating the droids, deployed by the Silver Jedi. Lockdown was their approach. An attempt to enforce a no-fly zone through out the fleet, and exile those who would dare to try and subject the Sixth Fleet to the underhanded trickery the Jedi were notorious for. Nothing would, and ever would be, getting by without one hell of a scrap.






Battlegroup Imperator | Battlegroup Armageddon | Battlegroup Doom | Imperator Command



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Fiolette let the smoke from the Black Label cigarra billow from her lips, as they parted into a smile. "It must be like a gift from the Force to you people." She stared Allyson Locke down from across the table, "to have me here, so close." Her azure gaze landed on the agent with a Chesire cat-like grin. The Galidraan relaxed in the chair and turned her attention to the two-way mirror and then back to Locke. "Lucky for you and your government, I happen to be in a rather cheerful mood."
She brought the cigarra back to her lips and drew a breath. Reddish-orange hues lit up at the end as the paper burned away. The former grand admiral wasn't in a position to negotiate, she knew that but it didn't stop her from delaying the process. She heard someone enter the room, an ash tray was set on the table and Fiolette gave the agent a smile. "Alright." Fio shifted in her seat and pulled the cigarra away, taking one last drag before she extinguished it into the tray. Smoke left her lips once more as her hands tugged at her suit, her blue eyes swept the room surveying it in its entirety and then as she sat upright in her chair. 
"Let's talk."
The Fleetwood had been given explicit instructions to turn around. Fiolette wanted to ensure her personnel would be safe. "If it's of any consolation, I don't want to be here either," she told Aryn Teth as she stood several decks below the main bridge. She tugged at her cufflinks and ran a hand through her hair, pushing blonde strands out of her face. The small assault corvette moved with the bulk of 'Rancors' forces, traversing space as the men and women aboard prepared to invade one of the First Order's key holdings along this sector. She took a deep breath, and exhaled whatever happened after this, the Balance only knew. 

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Command Deck // FIV "Eidolon" // Resurgent II Class Battlecruiser.
Indellian System, Ison Corridor - Gateway to Varonat.
First Order's Thirty-Second Fleet, "Vindicta." with the Indellian Planetary Defense Fleet.
Several Parsec's and Light Years away from Varonat.


To blockade a sector, especially one as vast and as treacherous as Anoat, one would have to wrest control from the armed forces that currently stalked through the stars. It was a foolish mistake for any naval captain to sail away from the relative safety of their stellar conduits, as their shift shields could any protect them from so much astronavigational debris before they flickered and failed. Surely, anyone who sought to use such unconventional methods of approach via lightspeed would find themselves atomized and scattered to the solar winds - all because they collided with celestial dust, atoms, or dark matter. The records told of such a similar event occurring, before the dissolution of the ancient Republic’s senate, during the foundational years of Palpatine’s rise to power. Doubtlessly, several incidents just like the one that was reported occurred time and time again. In fact, it was said that an Imperial vessel, in service to the Order, had collided with an enemy vessel due to a miscalculation in their navigation computers. All hands were sadly lost, but such a lesson would prove to those that followed in their footsteps the importance of ensuring your calculations were correct before the jump to lightspeed was made.
Thus, as the dangers of straying off the path were made apparent, it was imperative for the controlling military to retain control over the various hyperlanes that threaded their way throughout the sector. With their domain secure, the sovereign armada would be able to restrict any naval advances as they saw fit - forcing the enemy to either flee further and further into the spider’s web in the vain hopes of breaking through whatever defences that stood in their way or stand and fight. The advantage would always be in the hands of the defenders, in this aspect, as they were more familiar with the hyper routes than the prospective invaders, and knew what assets they could call upon should they be required. Though the same could be said of an experienced force, who had failed in their attempt to wrest control over the sector from their victorious foe but only ever in the aspect of knowing what assets they could deploy and what they may face - based entirely on their unreliable information gathered from previous battles. It would be irresponsible of the defending force to have everything remain the same in the wake of a repelled assault. 
Such an act invited disaster and begged the invaders to take their territory away from them.
The First Order was not rife with such incompetence. It learned from every victory and every failure, ensuring that they would never repeat their mistakes in the days to come. To this end, they shuffled the defence fleets about the Anoat Sector and had reinforced the various worlds within this nigh-isolated corner of the galaxy in the wake of the Galactic Alliance’s previous failure. They would not allow their most hated foe to take one of the most fortified zones within the Order’s sphere of influence, and if they did? Well, the Order would be sure to make the Alliance bleed for such a loss. Hundreds, if not thousands of star-faring vessels sailed the solar winds of Anoat and patrolled the terminal junctions in preparation for what would come. Therefore, whatever meagre force that the Alliance could muster, would find itself equally matched by the Forces of Order. With both militant bodies on a seemingly equal footing, the defining factor of dominance lay within the strategies both sides would employ.
It was expected, that if the Alliance had ever returned to the Anoat Sector, that they would seek to deny the First Order of their ability to construct and repair their vast armada. By which they would inevitably attempt to crush the Naval Yards on Varonat, and the various worlds scattered throughout the Ison Corridor and the sector itself. Yes, such a vast war machine as the one that swore service to Sieger Ren, required more than a singular Naval Yard to retain its combat efficacy. Multiple systems had found themselves orbited by large, modular construction rings that housed the foundations of the next generation - with many more installations secreted away in the depths of space, far away from prying eyes. So, it would be challenging to cripple the Order’s efforts in returning the various vessels from multiple war fronts by striking out a single installation. Yes, it would be a setback, but in the grand scheme of things, should the Alliance ever attack and somehow manage to prevail, well, it would be nothing more than a bloodied nose. Perhaps that would be enough to galvanize the armed forces of the Galactic Alliance into launching more full-scale operations in the future. Maybe it would give them the hope that they could win this war. Astarii smiled at that thought when it crossed her mind.
With as many losses attached to their name and so few resounding victories in so short a time, it was any wonder how the government was able to retain its control over the myriad member worlds - and still have such an able-bodied fighting force to muster. Surely they were being supported by the other factions that populated the galaxy, and as the geopolitical lines became ever more defined, such speculation was no doubt growing into the truth with every passing day. It was of little consequence in the bigger picture, however, as no matter how many soldiers and ships they threw, or rammed, at a problem - they would eventually run out of starships in which to transport their armies, and defend their worlds. Even now, there were scattered reports of unrest as the Alliance had uprooted themselves from their foundational homeworld, and moved towards Coruscant, as the Forces of Order drew closer towards Sullust. Such a move could be misconstrued as cowardice, and as the Hapan Officer herself had learned of their moving Capital, well, it sufficed to say that several choice curse words were thrown about in response. So much so that her Bureau handlers had to intervene, especially when the mounted portraits in her office began flying at the opposite retaining walls.
She had staked much of her return from retirement on devising strategies to take the former Alliance Capital. When the information was passed through the lines and had finally made their way towards her newfound station in the Western Reaches, Astarii was far from content. Months of painstaking planning and preparation were tossed out the window seemingly overnight, and that made that Hapan wish that she had spent her efforts doubling down on the burgeoning might of the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium instead. If she had done that, it was more than likely that they would’ve burned the Cluster and made the Xenos scum pay for their misdeeds upon Dosuun. However, they remained a nuisance on the Western Front, and much of Astarii’s recent history had been spent fighting them - rather than being employed against her former comrades in arms. The woman couldn’t blame them for wanting to ensure that her oath of loyalty was sound. It would be foolish of the First Order to keep turncoats in the fight against their allies, especially after the debacle that had seen Fiolette Yvarro taken from Sieger’s embrace. So, by the order of the Supreme Commander, both Astarii and served under the leadership of the recently retired, and apparently captured Admiral Yvarro, were placed under the Hapan’s command. They were to be given honourable deaths at the hands of the Ssi-Ruuvi, rather than being executed for their commander's weak will. While the Admiral had considered such a move to be a misspent effort, she understood the reasoning. If the former Fleet Admiral had ever turned her mind against the First Order, it wouldn’t do to have forces loyal to her in any sector, and why squander valuable munitions - when the enemy's weapons would do just fine?
They had to be purged, and by the graces of the Security Bureau, and the Order’s Navy, they had received just deserves at the hands of the enemy, rather than someone they might consider a friend. It was a kindness, she mused, rather than endure another public spectacle like the Decimation following Skor - and the haunting memories that the Alliance sought to impose in the aftermath - they would be honoured as Heroes of the First Order. Martyrs to the cause, rather than victims of a commander’s failure. Should the Alliance ever decide to employ their propaganda tactics against the Order, it was doubtful that they would succeed. The overall satisfaction of the populace within Sieger’s domain was far from seditious, as they were given everything they could ever ask for and more - should they carry their weight within the Order itself. Service was expected from all that lay within the comfort of the First Order, as nothing given selflessly was ever truly free. In return, however, the populace was given the best education and advancements in medical care that the Galaxy could provide. They were also safeguarded from many threats, especially those that grew jealous of the Order’s holdings and sought to take what they rightfully saw as theirs. 
Such a utopian society came at the cost of a heavy, orderly hand, however. So it was no surprise that the downtrodden, and filth-ridden proclaimed fascism and tyranny, with little understanding of what those systems entailed - and how free the populace actually was under the reign of a benevolent dictatorship. 
As a voice in the distance had drawn her mind from her musings, Admiral Saren tore her gaze away from the datapad that lay before her and focused on the shadow lingering just outside her ready room’s door. There, standing opposite of the Admiral, was Captain Veers in all his accomplished glory. He, like the late and recently returned Admiral Carlyle Rausgeber, were lauded for being Heroes in the last Invasion of the Anoat Sector, efficiently cutting the Alliance forces off in the Indellian Gateway - and denying the enemy the vital reinforcements they required to establish a foothold in the sector. Though he had been recently assigned to the Fleet Carrier that was utilized to great effect during Operation Serpent’s Folly, it seemed that Central Command had deemed him worthy enough to place in the Command Throne of a battlecruiser once more. It was also the reason why, when recalled from the Ssi-Ruuvi front, that Astarii herself had personally requested his Battlecruiser to act as her fleet’s command vessel. 
“Ma’am,” He said once again, ensuring that his voice was heard and her attention garnered. Astarii never responded, merely flicked her eyes from one surface to another, and fixated the man before her with a cold, and calculating gaze. “We’ve received mobilization orders from the Supreme Commander. Our early warning stations near Kirtarkin have detected amassing signals beyond the borders of our space, and several of the tachyon grids have relayed information of translations bypassing our interdictor fields. The Alliance is making its move.”
The Hapan’s once scarred face, now grafted into porcelain perfection, peeled back into a serpentine approximation of a thin-lipped smile. “Of course they are, Captain. It was to be expected after our incursion into their space. Have the planetary defences of Indellian been made aware of what’s transpired?” Achim nodded, curtly. “Yes, Ma’am. They were copied on the Supreme Commander’s message and were ordered by Central Command to make ready. The Alliance would have to translate back into realspace here, before altering their trajectory into the Ison Corridor.” The Captain scoffed. “No doubt another attempt to sever, or cripple our abilities to repair and construct our Armada.” 
Astarii’s smile grew wider at that. “Indeed, Captain. We will let the serpent strike, as commanded, but they will be forced to split their forces to keep the conduit for reinforcement open. Should the Naval Yards be their intended goal. Admiral Hask has command over the Lutrillian Cross, and will keep the Alliance forces contained at Shuldene and Mijos.” Before she could detail the other route, Captain Veers saw fit to brazenly step forward and allow the door - now behind him - to slide closed with a gentle whoosh of atmospheric pressure. Raising an inquisitive eyebrow, the Admiral’s tongue stilled for a moment, before a swift gesture of the Captain’s hands had informed her that others had begun to congregate near the entrance of her ready room’s primary portal. Undaunted, after the explanation had been given through sign language, Astarii continued. “The Nothoiin Corridor will be hard pressed to keep the enemy at bay, for they’ll be fighting on two fronts, with only a single ingress for resupply and reinforcement. However, I’m sure my fellow Admirals will have little issue in repelling any forthcoming assault. As will those down the length of the Trade Spine.”
“What does that mean for us, Ma’am?”
“Why my dear Captain,” A pause halted the answer to her subordinate’s question, as the Admiral roused herself from her padded chair, and casually tossed her datapad away. “We’re about to become the frontline. Order the fleet to active combat readiness, and prepare to greet our guests…” Her eyes narrowed into venomous slits, as she spoke again. “With every weapon we have.” 
Command Deck // FIV "Eidolon" // Resurgent II Class Battlecruiser.
Indellian System, Ison Corridor - Gateway to Varonat.
First Order's Thirty-Second Fleet, "Vindicta." with the Indellian Planetary Defense Fleet.
Several Parsec's and Light Years away from Varonat.
When elements of the Galactic Alliance’s amassed armada had finally made their appearance at either end of the Corellian Trade Spine, Astarii could barely contain her surprise. Several of the vessels that they had employed were those she was intimately familiar with, and then there were few others that she had only seen in passing before she was forcibly retired from the Triumvirate’s totalitarian regime. This meant that there would be some excitement to be garnered from this engagement, and not the dull slugfest that she had previously expected. Perhaps, now that their former Supreme Commander had perished weeks before this assault, the man that had become his replacement saw fit to alter their approach to combating the First Order. A subtle blade between the ribs didn’t seem to work when your foe was clad from head to toe in the most advanced armour in the Galaxy. The fact that they had tried it over, and over again had only showcased the tactical failures of an ageing mind. Astarii had worked directly under Nemo Ven before she was retired by Alliance High Command, and had seen what ailed him long before the others had finally taken notice. The man, was the spitting image of insanity, as he tried the same tactics over and over again, expecting things to change. It seemed that with his death, and his eventual replacement taking over the helm, that things had drastically changed. 
That was to be expected, Astarii mused, as the same occurrence had happened within the First Order, after the debacle at Kaeshana, when the current Supreme Commander took over.
Now that things were made interesting, Astarii watched as her armada and that of the Indellian Defence Fleet had begun to take their places. With the various stationed that were deployed in Orbit over the Gateway world, their guns began to shift and turn towards the inevitable. When the Alliance would translate from hyperspace, as they would be required to do, before making the translation into the Ison Corridor, they would be greeted by volley after volley of plasmatic bolts and ferromagnetic slugs belched forth by Imperial guns. This assault would come from two fronts, as the Admiral had designed, due in part to the distraction tactics she had almost perfected against the Ssi-Ruuvi. Her force disposition would require the Alliance fleet to splinter to adequately combat the threat both her fleet, and the Battlestations over Indellian had poised, as to focus solely on one or the other allowed the unengaged force to flank - and subsequently destroy the attacking force easily.
Naturally, no matter how the Alliance sought to engage the turtled forces at Indellian, those that had managed to bypass their barricade, were only allowed to do so because it further fractured the overall combat efficacy their enemies could bring to bear. Those that attempted to do so again would be faced with the consequences of flying through an astronavigational minefield of the Ivax Nebula or be trapped in realspace once the interdiction stations and gravity mine’s laced throughout the system had been activated. Therefore, the only thing that the First Order had to worry about were the Alliance themselves, and any evacuating craft that were stuck within the Trade Spine. Those civilian and support craft that had sought to gain entry into the system were turned away; diverted to other nearby planetary systems for their safety - allowing only those who served in the military free and unrestricted passage throughout the Anoat and Greater Javin Sectors. It was standard practice for the First Order and had been enacted multiple times before throughout the war. 
Therefore, no matter what the Alliance had brought to bear, the Forces of Order were ready to stand against them; fangs bared and claws at the ready.
“Mobilize the Starfighter Corps,” Astarii ordered, allowing her authority to drown out the muffled conversations and sounds of the primary command deck. “I want our pilot’s in their fighters when the Alliance breaks into the system. Relay the order to every ship in the Fleet, and to Commodore Gwendoline in the Indellian muster.” As was expected, a single response of respectful acknowledgement was given in return. It was good to stand amidst proper soldiers again, she thought to herself. Working for the Republic Engineering Corporation had its perks, but was ultimately lacking in the professionalism of it’s employed security forces and officer caste. 
The First Order had given her purpose, and one Astarii would not see squandered when it’s sovereign systems were assailed by the twisted and voracious appetite of her former comrades-in-arms. Let them come, the Hapan had told herself. Let them break themselves atop our anvil, and know the truest meaning of defeat. Her lips curled, once more, into a serpent’s smile as she stared out into the bespeckled canvas of endless night. They were ready, and when their enemy had revealed themselves, they would finally close this spider’s web and feast upon those that had become trapped upon the becalmed solar tides. 

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Location: Lower City Residence
Objective: Reconnaissance
Contractor: First Order \\ Enemy: Galactic Alliance
Enemies in VicinityTaeli Raaf
Allies In Vicinity: Varas Kyrel \\ Ara Zambrano
Equipment: His voice. His looks. His title. His name






Bespoke suit, bespoke attitude, glass in hand, one Lord Itash of House Mecetti strode into the party. 


A gaze swept from here to there, glass raised up, lips touched and wine was sampled. Hm. The glass was put aside as quickly as possible. Oh, it wasn't bad, but heavens Ms. Klakk should know better than to mix Corellian Red with a '23 vintage. Itash supposed that he couldn't exactly expect Tapani sense from these people. Where the Colonies were the bright point of society, just on the edge of the Inner Rim, this... was the Unknown Regions. It was a surprise they knew how to pour their glasses without stumbling, as far as the Tapani was concerned.


This had been Samka Derith's request, of course. 


Serve as a focal point within the party, support where necessary, mingle and in the meantime let the Knights of Ren do their job. This was acceptable to Itash- it meant sipping wine (or not, he supposed), enjoying the music and navigating the usual court intrigue. In the meantime those mysterious forcers could do their job. Yes, the Tapani was quite agreeable to these terms.


"Lord Mecetti?" He turned- the turn gave him a glance of Ara Zambrano, the Queen- and smiled warmly at the owner of the voice. Lady Tae (Taenania, but truly nobody wanted to pronounce that dreadful name), had approached him with another glass in hand. 


"Champagne? Oh, you shouldn't have." Itash accepted, of course. Taking a measured sip before inclining his head in thanks. "Your taste in a good vintage is only eclipsed by your taste in fashion. How are you, Lady Tae?"


Tiland Kortun

Tiland Kortun

    The Jedi Iroh

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Coren Starchaser Rook Andron 

Veiere Arenais


I can feel you here, somewhere...-Come to me, Tiland. Share a conversation with your old friend...'


Tiland's shoulders slumped when he felt the message echoing through the Force. There was only one who knew him well enough to sense his presence on the world and to recognize him by name. Veiere. A Jedi turned King turned... Tiland wasn't sure what he had become now. But his presence was tinged with the Dark. No, it was more than tinged. What had happened to the man to bring about his fall? 


Nothing catastrophic had struck Commenor, as far as he could recall. In fact, they had been neutral in recent events and left unharmed. It wasn't unheard of for tragedy to drive a Jedi to the Dark. It was easier that way, to stew in the darkest depths of one's emotions until they festered deep within. Tiland pitied those who fell in such a way, just as he did those who had been raised in the Dark. 


But to choose the Dark for some other reason? That brought a chill to his heart. Whatever had happened, whatever realization, must have been horrific to drive the man to such a place. 


The ancient Jedi wrapped his robes closer around his shoulders and hurried off into the street. The staff echoed against the stone while sirens blared in the distance. Veiere was clear in the Force. 


Without pausing, Tiland pushed through the suddenly hurried street. Civilians rushed past him, moving to take shelter. None gave him more than a passing glance. He wound his way further into the city, away from the upper city, lit by the warmth of the sun above. It disappeared into the shadows of the buildings that loomed tall above. 


Oh, I do hope you brought some comfortable seats. Tiland let the message slip into the Force. I brought the tea. 


He had a thermos full of hot water in his satchel and several of the travel mugs that he always carried around with him. The streets emptied the further he walked. He was getting close though. 


Turning a final corner, Tiland stopped. Buildings stretched out alongside them both while remnants of trash drifted along the street in the wind. Somewhere, a half-feral feline yowled in an alley before growing suddenly silent. 


"Veiere!" Tiland called to the figure that he could just make out ahead. "The Force has brought our paths together again." 

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic — before the dark times.


Sieger Ren

Sieger Ren

    Supreme Leader

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Theme ]

Varonat Naval Yards | Hangar A1059X

Outer Rim | Anoat Sector | Varonat



The First Order | The Galactic Empire

Gromm Cardan | Leskie Tomiet | Samka Derith

Shaydae Desmaris | Asharad Graush | Veiere Arenais



The Galactic Alliance

Coren Starchaser | Aryn Teth | Mathieu Bahreiko

Fiolette Yvarro | Unknowns




By the time the alarms had sounded across the installation, Sieger had made his way through a handful of sections. Some were laid out with a high ceiling, open space dedicated to starfighter repair, others much larger designated for frigates and cruisers. Even larger still were the deep underground hangars which rose hundreds of meters upward to accommodate the largest hulls of the First Order's battlecruisers. Pristine it was not, the darkened durasteel decks stained with grease, fluid, and any number of scratches and pitting from use. This was a shipyards that produced results. *Results that shall see this threat ended upon.* Several long corridors and turbolifts later Sieger emerged upon the glossy black sheen of another deck. This one was different from the rest, the room shrouded in darkness. They had passed none along their way, the two silent sentinels halting at the door. Ahead, a high backed chair - almost unfitting for a room this size, it stood alone in the center. 


With an air of pride, Sieger strode towards it, lingering a moment before he settled down within its embrace. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath, gathering his mind and his focus. Chaos had found them once again. Like a vicious worm he bore into the minds of those around him, not only these but those deeper within the facility. The picture was hazy at first, but as he came to understand it he withdrew back into himself. *The Alliance.* He let loose a quiet sigh, body sagging deeper into the chair he now occupied. For a moment there was silence, a quiet still around him - and then a violent rush of energy, power immemorial surging to the very surface of reality. It took but a moment for the Supreme Leader to call upon the vast power of the Force, channeling it until he could see with his mind's eye. Like beacons of strength to draw from he could identify those of the Order. Across distance unknown he called out to the one he had entrusted among his counsel, the Overlord - Decitus Ren. Images projected to hers from the minds of those he had asserted himself over only minutes ago, the impending and ongoing assault being executed above. No command, merely a warning. It was then he searched out the others. Again the same, a warning.


And then it was that Sieger found himself reach for the edge of the chair, a small control panels buttons flashing briefly as he manipulated them. Seconds later a secure channel had been opened to Fleet Admiral Rausgeber aboard the FIV Imperator. Sieger didn't know the man personally, but he knew enough about him - in fact it was likely he knew more about the man than even his own mother, though that should have been hardly a surprise. The Fleet Admiral had not always been a man the Supreme Leader thought could be relied upon but beginning with the Mustafar Campaign and the following hostilities, he'd proven himself time and time again. When Sieger spoke, people listened. So also was it with those who served among the military forces of the First Order. What words fell forth however weren't commands, they weren't the musings of an idling man - they were meant for the Fleet Admiral and the Fleet Admiral alone. Without question Rausgeber would be told who exactly was on the other end of the line, and as it came to life the voice of Sieger rose.


:: Fleet Admiral Rausgeber. :: he paused. :: See to it that you end the Alliance assault here. Now. I have been watching you Admiral, since before the Mustafar offensive. You have not failed me yet, and should you stay on current trajectory, who knows what power might be yours. Good hunting Admiral. Do not disappoint me. ::


Terminating the line, Sieger's eyes flashed alight with malice. It seemed the Alliance had tired of being on the receiving end of a long and bloody offensive. They were mistaken if they thought that going on the offensive would offer them anything but more blood and early graves. With a manipulation of the small panel of the chair he opened another line, this time to the newly promoted Commodore Gerhard Maxim. It was a coded command, one that required little more than acceptance on the Commodore's part. Closing his eyes once more, Sieger began anew what he had started during the blockade of the Hydian Way. Invisible tethers reaching out first to those nearest to the man, then farther, then farther still. Fueled by a bolstered rage drawn up from within and around Sieger it advanced rapidly, powerfully. Once again Sieger found himself endlessly embedded in the very minds of those he sought to guide and control. The overwhelming force impressed upon each one's mind drove them harder, it drove them faster and more efficiently. Security crews began to see clarity in what was going on around them, repair crews were hustled into overdrive, even reaching those intrepid TIE pilots who'd managed to already get airborne, they too could feel the power of Sieger Ren guiding their hands at the controls. Soon enough the Alliance would realize their mistake, soon enough they would pay the price in blood. 


Shaydae Desmaris

Shaydae Desmaris


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Location: Varonat Spaceport, Outside of Edgefields-on-Varonat
Faction: First Order \\ Enemy: Galactic Alliance \\ Coren Starchaser \\ Rook Andron
Allies In Vicinity: Leskie Tomiet
Equipment: F-11 D Blaster Rifle, SE-44C Blaster Pistol, FO-02 Stormtrooper Armour, Disruptor Pistol


The confused look shot towards the staff sergeant and her miniature dragon droid passed unnoticed against the crackle and pop of a multitude of conversations pinging in the Trooper’s ears. The various comm channels vied for her attention, everything from the rumbling chuckle of the gentlemen surrounding their small brigade to the normal chatter of daily operations of the nearby naval base. The myriad of frequencies rose to a droning buzz, mixing with that of the wings beating nearby, her teeth gritted against each other in annoyance as the sounds bled into her thoughts, the conversation of the Pilot and Ensign lost to the cacophony of noise.

Despite the frustration growing within, her figure followed behind at a brisk pace, each footfall perfectly in sync with the squad surrounding them, years of strenuous training ingrained within each movement. This was the machine of the First Order, the units which moved and acted as one, the ivory duraplast flashing against the sunlight, the dark carbonite of the bodyglove peeking through with each bend of the elbow or knee, each soldier indistinguishable from the next. The staccato rhythm of boots against rough ground echoed the steady thrum of her heartbeat, every fiber of her being in tune with those around her, an unconscious synchronization drowning out the conversation of those ahead.

The siren wail of alarms shattered the companionable exchange, the lights of her H.U.D. display blinding against the warning system triggered by the engagement far above.

::All hands man your battle stations. Enemy fleet engaged in the system. This is not a drill!::

::Secure all non-essential personel. Evacuations to commence immediately for all civilian areas, by order of Admiral Rausgeber, General Mellhurse confirming.::

::Naval Base confirming lockdown. Shields engaged, all vessels to remain on lockdown without express clearance from Naval Yard Control. This includes all vessels coordinating the evacuation. All departures must be validated by Varonat Control. Anything else is to be shot down.::

Cool metal rested in her palm near instantaneously, the comforting weight of her blaster drawn the moment a threat was announced, eyes casting about as the ranks tightened around the small imperial contingent, the nervous ensign looking thoroughly lost against the sudden wash of excitement. The crackle and pop of the public broadcast system roared to life around them, the lockdown procedures echoed to all those within earshot. As the poor ensign moved to continue, dutifully following orders despite the pandemonium of anti-aircraft fire engaging, the full defenses of the spaceport activating in threat of attack.


Our post is with you and your people. If you would kindly follow Ensign Tomiet, we will ensure your safe reunion.

Running around unescorted was a sure-fire way to get themselves shot on sight, the insignia of the Galactic Empire meaning little during such a lockdown. Tentative allies they may be, war was precarious and any unknown presence would find themselves on the wrong end of a blaster. Karking idiots, Des mused, the additional commentary by the rest of the Hexes echoing her own, surprisingly silent sentiments. Her gaze snapped between the TIE pilot and his attaché, expression cool behind the opaque visor.


Bandor Kre'fey

Bandor Kre'fey

    Naval Intelligence

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Location: Union II-class Assault Carrier Purity of Thunder, travelling through hyperspace

Objective: Take to the (space) field

Allies: Mazik StaziLokthra DawningMathieu BahreikoJyoti NooranFiolette Yvarro 

Enemies: RobogeberGromm Cardan 


"And your point is?" said Kre'fey, crossing his arms.


The bothan's golden fur was already rippling in undulating waves, a sure sign to others that he was becoming irate. Command Rann Lomina quickly snapped his jaw shut. Perhaps it was his Alderaanian heritage, perhaps it was his strict observance of decorum, but whatever his motivation was, he kept quiet. Kre'fey stared him down. He'll just take it. The bothan's fur ceased moving as he calmed down. His golden eyes quickly scanned the amphitheatre-like bridge of the assault carrier. But none of the crew were paying attention to them. Or perhaps they knew better than to.


"Intelligence is no sure thing in war," observed the bothan, "frankly, I could give a flying feth if the route we're travelling is more than 35% slower than originally projected, as long it works. And if we live to see the day after, I'll roast Balu into either giving us some of those creds back, or into giving me some information for free. Besides, this thing over there seems to be making it faster."


At that last point, the bothan jauntedly pointed a finger at the holographic visage of a Duros busily engaged in conversation with one of the ship's navigators. A casual observe probably would have been offended at referring to what seemed to be a person as a thing, but "Arapto" wasn't a duros at all, but rather a Compass AI on loan from the Directorate. Kre'fey had to trade a large number of favors to the Directorate to even get a handful of the devices for a week. A costly but worthwhile trade. The navigational AIs combined with a smuggler's charts bought from an infochant had managed to turn a backroads smuggling trail into a passable thoroughfare for the Galactic Alliance fleet, taking them around the Ivax Nebula and skirting them near Bendeluum before they would arrive at Varonat. It certainly wasn't faster than the established routes within the Anoat Sector, but it would take them on an approach vector that he doubted that the enemy would expect. And if he could accomplish his surprise attack with any modicum of success, he had little doubt that his superiors would take note of his daring and resourcefulness. He expected that he would finally move past being a mere Commodore. The brevet-admiral rank which he held for the mission would become permanent. Or so he hoped. Lomina eyed him cautiously.


"That Admiral Reshmar fellow seemed nice."


"Yes," muttered Kre'fey quietly, turning his attention to the console.


"You think he'll attack Indellian?"


The bothan slowly turned around to face his executive officer, "What do you think?"


"I couldn't tell what you were trying to get him to do..."


"I can't order a Directorate officer around," said the bothan, "not at my current station. And those are not my assets, but he's a smart enough officer. If someone gives him the opportunity...I'll give him more of a carrot. Sweeten the deal even, if the circumstances are right..."


"Not everyone thinks like you," observed Lomina.


"The more's the pity," retorted the bothan, turning his attention back to his computer console, "but I suppose that just means more opportunities for us."


The bothan tapped a button on his console, "Line Captain Narit. The Ascended Devotion is doing well?"


The female quarren's came back with her trademark coyness, "We are well enough."


"Our journey together ends in two minutes."


"Aw...you make it sound so romantic."


"Duly noted," said the bothan, "I trust that you will not mess up the reversion."


"I have little intent on failing."


"That's what I like to hear. Koh Pa and his people can keep you company for a little bit longer then."


That elicited a brief moan from the quarren officer, causing Kre'fey to offer a toothy smile. He had only found a few other officers in the GA fleet with his sense of humor and love of verbal sparring. Narit had become his closest ally in the sometimes closed off social circles of the GA Navy. Several of which seemed intent on torturing them. Koh Pa, a young gungan officer from Naboo, seemed to be their favorite scourge at the moment. While deceptively intelligent and competent despite his appearance, Koh Pa was also a by the book officer. And while the trio had come to tolerate each other's presence in the command meetings, it seemed evident that Koh Pa was just as ready to be rid of their presence as they were of his. He muttered a muted goodbye to his friend. Narit's and Koh Pa's paths would now diverge from that of the Purity of Thunder and her consorts. 


The bothan turned his attention back to the massive ARENA-7580 holo-projector that displayed the tactical feed of Varonat as seen by Admiral Thuku's forces. From the feed, he could see several ripe pickings for acquisition and study by Naval Intelligence. But perhaps his ambition got the better of him. He found himself drawn to a massive battlecruiser already being picked away at by Therapy Command: the Deliverance. What kind of design is that? His fur rippled as he considered the possibilities and tried to piece together its capabilities by its responses to Therapy Command's proving. We'll find out soon enough. He tapped several more buttons on his console, designating it as their primary target. He glanced at the countdown chrono. Two minutes...The native of Bothawui entertained himself with visages of analyzing the battered hull of the Deliverance with the world of Varonat liberated below. But the fanciful daydreams ceased as the starlines around Battle Group Purity of Thunder vanished. Guided by their borrowed artificial intelligence, the Purity of Thunder had reverted into realspace close to the starboard flank of Robogeber's fleet, already beset by Admiral Thuku's Therapy Command. The gunners of Battle Group Purity of Thunder wasted little time in opening fire on the admiral's fleet, intending to assault through the enemy fleet and right up to the Deliverance itself. Kre'fey had hoped that might be somewhat closer to fully take advantage of their surprise, Alpha strike attack. Yet he knew that while they were close, they were not close enough to take full advantage of that situation. What weapons that could hit the massive dreadnaught itself were directed to fire on the Deliverance's bridge, while the battlegroup's Erebus Arrays began to jam and misdirect enemy sensors. The quartet of assault carriers began to launch their strikecraft for the inevitable dogfights that would break out across space as the fleets clashed.


As Battlegroup Purity of Thunder began their assault, a series of cronau radiation flashes errupted in the distance directly behind the embattled Deliverance. The Guardian-class Star Destroyer Ascended Devotion under Line Captain Narit had reverted onto the battlefield, though without any HIMS devices on their ships, they were at a much greater distance from the main engagement than the Purity of Thunder. The star destroyer began to spin on its y-axis to orient its bow towards the Deliverance's stern. The Nonnah-class Assault Cruisers, Protector-class Frigates, and the Liberte-class Light Corvettes accompanying the Purity of Thunder followed suit before they all began to fire their long-range weapons at the vessel's stern. Hypervelocity and lesser mass driver slugs joined by hundreds of energy torpedoes and long-range turbolaser bolts began to fly through space towards the glowing exhaust of the First Order battlecruiser. Kre'fey turned his eyes to face Lomina.


"Tell me, do you believe firepower should support maneuvering, or that maneuvering should support firepower?"


Lomina blinked, "I don't have firm doctrine allegiance on that issue."


Kre'fey's fur rippled, "Something to think about, then."


He tapped several more buttons on his console, making sure that Koh Pa's ships had arrived at their designated spot in case reinforcements were needed.


Summary of Actions


Fleet Listing

Asheda Tyr

Asheda Tyr

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Asheda Tyr


Location: Lower City

Allies: Veiere Arenais Samka Derith Kyrel Ren First Order pepes

opposition: Alliance peps


Before being able to take a further step Ahseda felt a strong hand clasp around her shoulder, pulling the Togruta away from the two force users and shadow troopers, how she did not sense her 'master' or notice his presence at all.It was kind of embarrassing, but then again she kind of assumed the man would be in the thick of the battle, not doing secret under the table diplomacy stuff, and snapping peoples necks."Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, still getting used to the whole bureaucracy and all, I'm just doing my job sheseh you get mad so easily, just like a lot of 'other' things.


Asheda gave a small tongue poke at the master of Ren, hinting to some rather, private business the two had some time ago, and the rest, though other may such a powerful force user, the ex-jedi had some rather personal insight on the man. Part of that personal insight coming from when the two had met, when Asheda herself was on some person business to Na Shadda. How Kyreal found her location she did not know but one things was certain, she was now apart of the First Order as a Security Bureau Agent, and a reasonable influential person with her position as lady of Mustafar, in some sense.


As such Asheda did not shrink back for Kyreal's berating tonne, giving the master of a Ren a cocky smile look as Samka Derith excused her action, "Thank you Master Derith, and hello against Master Veiere Arenais, it has been a while no"? She would have given the former Jedi master a detailed welcome if not for a sudden feeling of danger approaching, the sudden sound of alarms wailing indicating the Alliance presence coming ever closer. "Oh my it seems we have visitors, what ever shall we do Kyrel"?