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Thus Always to Tyrants | Galactic Alliance Invasion of First Order Held Varonat Hex

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Symara Tarriq

Symara Tarriq


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"Mortars are set up, Major," Pakma reported, "we've got sights on the walls, variably timed fuses with a mix of HE and WP." 


White Phosphorus for the smoke screen, and HE for the fun. Symara nodded, "good what's the status on Veruna?"


"Camp Veruna reports landing strip secured and they're rotating their mortars now." Pakma answered, the Mon Calamari put his hands behind his back and followed the Major as she walked into the command tent. Goldenrod-hued lights from above shined down on the map. Symara only looked at the man before he turned, "Nuuc Lapt you're needed in the main tent."


Symara activated the holoprojector, "cameras activated on Varex, Aryn Teth, and Kyle Ajahn." Visuals came through, they were rocky at best but they got something on the inside of the base. The Corellian crossed her arms, "get me eyes on Twilight." Grainy body camera footage was all that she had to go on besides the map and the details laid out by the former grand admiral. "Right, set our mortar fire for here and here, this is the main gain and will no doubt have the heaviest of guards, we've already got men on the inside so we can't hold back any longer, what's the status on Forward Base Naboo?"


Pakma activated a comms channel on the table. "Venner, come in."


"Lieutenant Venner here, we've just got the artillery set up, we're just south of you but well within range, five clicks of the base, setting sights just need a target."


The Major held up a hand, and pulled the radio from her jacket. ""Fiolette Yvarro where are you?"


"In a bloody jungle, Major."


"Right sweetheart can you get me eyes on the base?"


"I've got eyes, something that wasn't on the blueprints just opened up, bloody trees, right then make your targets on the maintenance yard and the barracks."


"Thanks a bunch," Symara cut the channel and turned her attention back to the table, "you get that Naboo?"


"Aye, we'll start with the practice shells just to measure and switch up to HE," Venner reported, "Naboo out."


Symara looked over at "Nuuc Lapt, "you, I need your team to head in with the vehicles. Reconnect with Twilight Company [Lyra Sunfell], and help them with those Mercenaries we spotted on the drop." She paused a moment and looked at Pakma and then, "Tarriq to Kyle Farnes, there's a low wall entrance to the base, take your team of pathfinders and knock it out. I'll be sending you and Lapt's teams with sticky bombs, set your charges - it's baradium so it'll blow nice and clean."


"Sgt Kada, give me a status on our vehicles." She cut the channel with Farnes and switched to Kada.


Kada replied, "good to go from Veruna and Onoam, we've got more on the way so long as the fleets hold in orbit."


"Right, once our smokescreen is established, we'll roll the vehicles in from Veruna and Onoam here, to the main point, they've got the turbolasers here, and here as well as here. Hopefully this will pull enough of their forces this way, so that Farnes can relink with Twilight and/or our main forces in the central zone here. The Maintenance yard is going to be a doozy but hopefully it'll be soften up by the time our boys get there."


The plan was set, and as they looked at the visuals from Varek and Teth alone, they knew they had to roll now. Unfortunately they had more walkers than vehicles, as some of the vehicles hadn't seen service since the Republic days. Fortunately, the Galactic Alliance had enough duct tape as it were to get them functional, and all Tarriq needed was for them to be functional enough to run into the base. The shield would do nothing to stop them from getting in those turbolaser encampments on the other hand? Probably.




Camp Veruna laid one click south of Onoam and three clicks off to its east. A total of three from the Naval Yards, and behind the two to at the point with artillery, Forward Base Naboo. A quick shanty-town set up that now established their guns, guns that were now lining up to fire at the Naval Yards. Mortar pits had been dug at either of the camps, just as crews ran to establish ground cannons. Reports from scouts spoke to an underground hangar, Fiolette's team was looking to make their entrance but there were still too many stormtroopers to just make a rush in. Symara knelt down in one of the mortar pits as they loaded the white phosphorous, she looked down at the shell for a moment before sliding it down.


:: Aryn Teth, Lyra Sunfell, Varek, Kyle Ajahn, Major Tarriq of Camp Onoam. Prepare for incoming fire, we'll be rolling the heavies into the base shortly ::


Veruna, Onoam and Naboo were silent. 


Ion cannons were established at Veruna, at least two, with another two sitting at Onoam ready.


Anti-Air guns were also being set up, the sounds of flak pocketing the sky would soon be heard as they whistled sweet promises of death to the TIEs.


D and Y-Wing bombers would return to their carriers, while the K, X, E and A-Wings continued their work against the TIEs, the K's would be pulled off to do strafing runs against the Naval Yard. So while they rearmed and refueled, Symara let the silence fall over her. She looked out over her pit and saw the tanks, the Walkers, the APCs, and the guns all on their tracks, their repulsors, feet or wheels. Veruna would mirror their actions and from the two bases they would rush into the front entrance, but first.




Rows of mortars, standard 120mm. Carefully dug in to avoid hitting each other, and in line to land their shells well inside the Naval Yard. Range was easily 200m to 7500m. Sustained fire with ten rounds per minute, variable timed fuzes, some would detonate on impact and others would detonate one to two meters above the ground. They would use both HE and WP. With WP with to start, laying down the thick smoke screen.


Artillery would start with practice rounds, concrete filled shells that would test their range and accuracy. Once their shots felt right, they'd start to load the HE rounds, Symara looked around again. Each camp was quiet still, but they busied themselves, "ON MY MARK!"




Pakma directed Nuuc to the tanks, "ride in with them."


Howlrunners would begin the charge with their repulsors. Gwelds, right behind them they were lightly armored but would prove to be just as well in the leads with the Howlrunners.They would benefit the most from the initial smokescreen, and as they rushed out, the light tanks would be followed by what would seem like a mass of walkers, but a dozen only thus far, AT-SE with more being brought up from Naboo as quickly as they could. Symara could hear the whistling sounds of the artillery now, their shells headed for the Naval Yard. Kinetic weaponry, which would assuredly pass through the shield without question but where the shells would land was another story.


Mortar fire continued raining from both Veruna and Onoam, as Infantry loaded into APCs, with their rotary cannon heavy infantry brothers running along the Bhesj tanks. 


AT-TE's would march behind them. 


Vehicles targeted the turbolaser encampments and would later switch their aim to the buildings, whilst infantry and heavy infantry rushed forth both from APCs and on foot into the base's main entrance. 





Asharad Graush | Therran Graush | Racosidae | Gerhard Maxim | Khonsu Amon

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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

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"And here I thought you would've been kept in the loop of everything," Pathfinder Evalia remarked while Sarun chuckled.


Fiolette resisted the urge clock the both of them now, "right, well there goes the smoke and the bulk of the forces."


"Let's go."


Fiolette with a small team of four others including Evalia and Sarun, "and for the record, I was only ever here once and that was for the opening. I can't tell you what else is here as there is no way I could have ever kept up with the madman known as Carlyle Rausgeber nor would I want to." She climbed down from the jungle canopy, they were still some distance away from the base but the goal wasn't the base, no it was finding the entrance to the mountainside HQ. "Are you sure whatever it is you're looking for, isn't in the main base?"


"I'm positive but we're wasting time, and I'll likely find what I'm after through another way," 


She had been hoping to secure the location to the FIV Hellstrom and the FIV Warspite but with time whittling away and the assault on the Naval Yard taking just a touch too long. "Right then, down we go, the low wall entrance is there."


:: Major Tarriq, bodies on the low wall? ::


:: Yeah, just sent Farnes that way ::


:: Who? ::


:: Pathfinder Farnes. ::


"Oh, Kyle." Sarun said with a smirk, "this'll be nice."


Fiolette narrowed her gaze on Sarun and he had better be thankful that the visor on the light helm covered the scour she held at the moment. "Right."


:: Kyle Farnes, Fiolette Yvarro here, making way to the wall meet you there. ::


Sniper fire from the towers whizzed by her head, "sooner rather than later, c'mon!"


More sniper fire from the towers as turbolasers were turned in the direction.




It had always been one thing to be the one giving orders to fire, it's another completely when you're the one being shot at. Fiolette and the team rushed through the jungles of Varonat with crimson whisps of death chasing them down, pocketing the lush green with scorch marks.


Cathul Thuku

Cathul Thuku

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Location: Varonat

Objective: Blockade Varonat

Allies: Mazik Stazi Lokthra Dawning Bandor Kre'fey Mathieu Bahreiko Jyoti Nooran Allyson Locke

Enemies: Gromm Cardan Cyrus Tregessar Sieger Ren Gerhard Maxim

Directly engaging: Robogeber




"Incoming transmission from Symara Tarriq"


:: This is Major Symara Tarriq to Aryn Teth, Jyoti Nooran, Cathul Thuku, Kyle Ajahn we're ready to roll out vehicles at Camp Onoam, setting up second site Camp Veruna, Tarriq out. ::


"So Robogeber didn't do a whole lot to prevent our own forces from landing on the planet... our distraction has worked, but at what cost?" Carmen commented, realizing that it was only possible with inaction from Gromm Cardan and also Cyrus' crewmembers being too affected by a collective psychosis (in the latter case, caused by bad memories from Cyrus' fleet walking away from Kaeshana with tattered, mostly firepower-killed remnants) or nagnol to even fire.


"Open a channel to other friendlies in-system"


"Channel open"


"Robogeber was mostly unable to prevent our own ground forces from landing on the planet; on top of that he made foolish use of his fighters, while mostly holding position at range, so make this droid and the monsters under his command pay for his bad choices, from aft, underneath, or on some other vector!" she told Jyoti Nooran, or whoever was still in charge in that CIC, after Jyoti proper was boarding the Imperator, as well as Bandor Kre'fey.


But despite his bad choices, the Viscount was targeted by a high volume of fire, and, since the enemy didn't move very much, it still affected by the nagnol, It was nevertheless able to absorb incoming enemy fire like no other ship she'd been on. Because she was securely fastened by a set of safety belts to her command chair, Cathul did not have to fret about being rocked around, unlike the rest of the CIC crew, which ended up banging on each other, as well as on consoles. Also, the only reason the Deliverance was still alive was because Carlyle sent the Vindicator to cover for it, and its glorious explosion was, unfortunately, of little comfort to her, not even with the majority of missiles exploding in front of the enemy fighters thanks to the missile deactivation transmitters, given that her own flagship was having and its crew being vented out in space along with it. Her lekku began to feel so heavy from the weight of those poor crewmen's deaths onboard the Viscount that her head was tilting upward, while her Force-tethers were still active, providing buffs to her allies, on the ground and in orbit by now. And it dawned on her that, while Gromm proper would be unaffected, his crewmen were now on another set of Force-tethers to which Cyrus' crewmembers were also attached, the very same Force-tethers that regulated the ability to trigger collective psychoses in them. But I had to do something, now that the enemy corvettes are within point-defense range of me! And yet I still need to get casualty reports from the frontlines; I want the survivors to realize they owe their lives to fallen friendlies, she thought, while still reeling in from the sadness that induced the upward tilt of her head. 


"Damage report!"


"We lost a few hundred men when our ventral bulb was hit!" the chief engineer reported back in, before seeing Cathul's tears flowing, very similar to the end of the battle on Kaeshana.


"All bombers, fire at the Fortan heavy corvettes! Artillery escort line, switch targets to the Malice, split the gravity wells between the Deliverance and the Predator, all other units, repeat!"


At the order of repeat, another volley was fired at the same targets as in the previous volley, pelting additional punishment for their arrogance under the form of withering turbolaser, HVC, ion and solar ionization fire towards the Deliverance, cruisers and frigates, but with the Predator turning around to face the Purity of Thunder, that Resurgent was going to pay for its bottom aft quarter shields under the form of debris from the Vindicator converging towards it at speed, but not quite the fastest since the fastest debris will be smaller and less affected. With, of course, the pointy bow from the Vindicator being menacingly accelerated towards the Predator's reactor dome, threatening to penetrate it and cause a reactor breach, while its command tower was being attracted towards the Deliverance's main batteries. And, despite the poor aim of the enemy, both fighters and gunners onboard capital ships, most of the fighters made it back to the fleet in one piece. At the same time, the artillery escorts opened fire at the Malice's reactor dome, with the requisite lead and the enemy battlecruiser apparently staying at the edge of standard turbolaser range, while they also engaged their point-defense to pick off enemy fighters threatening the 225 bombers making bombing runs on the heavy corvettes, using heavy plasma bomblet generators, in an attempt to make the enemy fighters suffer for them getting too close to a whole nest of point-defense fire and fighters. Now it's clear the enemy doesn't underestimate me as much as it had in the Metharian Nebula, she thought, while the battle was far from decided and she still held the Force-tethers of battle meditation tightly, and pouring her sadness into the tethers tying her to the enemy crewmembers, in hopes that these enemies caught in a collective psychosis would not be snapping out of it until friendly reinforcements could arrive, or they retreat to another system. But even if they did retreat from the system, they would have to deal with Mathieu Bahreiko or Mazik Stazi, and then their nightmares wouldn't be over.


Summary of actions


Therapy Command

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The Bible is Bullpoodoo


Location: Varonat - Upper City, Heading towards the Naval base

Allies: The First Order, Asharad Graush, Therran Graush, Sieger Ren, Khonsu Amon

Enemies: The Galactic Alliance, Coren Starchaser, Rook Andron, Varex, Aryn Teth

Objective: Still the tides of war

Directly Engaging: (Eventually) Varex

Equipment: SaberstaffArmor


It was rather frustrating to be held up so long on her trek towards the naval base. She was faster than she had been in her many previous paths, but the crowds had refused to thin even as she neared the base.


At perhaps the last possible moment, and with a certain fury in her eyes at having been unable to arrive sooner, much of that directed at herself, the woman known as Braith had arrived, saberstaff now in hand.


Nuuc Lapt

Nuuc Lapt
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Allies: Galactic Alliance, Aryn Teth | Symara Tarriq | Varex | Kyle Ajahn | Kyle Farnes
Enemies: First Order, Asharad Graush | Sieger Ren | Racosidae | Therran Graush | Shaydae Desmaris | @ Khonsu Amon
Objective: Help open an entryway into the base
Having gotten their orders, Nuuc reconnected with his team as the Alliance assets in the camp began their preparations for the vehicle push. Quite a large amount of them had been dropped in and readied for the assault, from heavy repulsorlift tanks to lighter troop transports, the latter of which his team and the rest of the Alliance troops loaded themselves into. 
It would be a hard push, one that saw Nuuc's vehicle rocked with nearby turbolaser fire, but the roar of tank fire and blasting of the vehicles' turrets once they'd passed through the shield drowned out most external noises. Before long they came to a stop, and the ramps dropped, signalling the infantry rush into the base. The heavier vehicles had done their job, it seemed, as there was significantly less heavy turret fire than he expected, though they still were on the receiving end of a massive amount of trooper fire.
Using the vehicles for cover during the push, Nuuc got a view of the low wall that was their last obstruction to enter the base proper, and the primary goal of the infantry. Taking out that wall would get them through. His team and that of Kyle Farnes had been equipped with baradium charges, which would punch a serious hole in that barrier. Now they just needed to get through to it.
With his squad joining the rest of the Alliance troopers in returning fire to the First Order soldiers, he made his way over to Kyle's position.
"There's the wall. Do we have a plan, or are we just booking it to set the charges?"

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Kyle Ajahn

Kyle Ajahn

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Location: Varonat Naval Base, Varonat, Outer Rim Territories

Objective: Assault the Base, Allow Troop Setup

Allies: The Galactic Alliance Assault Force 'Rancor'

Enemies: Khonsu Amon, the First Order and the Knights of Ren


War never changed. A statement ever analyzed by those engrossed in the conflict of their worlds bordering on perpetual stagnation. To Ajahn, however, it went far beyond such a simple, short minded, observation. As he cut his way through the building walls, listening to the hammering steps of the soldiers moving through behind him to the very same point as himself, the Grey couldn't help but withdraw into his thoughts momentarily; careful not to lose himself but allow the Force to guide his hand until he was fit to mind it himself.


He knew war. Had lived it for decades under the terrorizing approach of his father and the continued onslaught of the Sith upon the galaxy. But even as the galaxy continued to contribute the worst of it's merit to the individuals living within it, Ajahn refused to believe that war was consistent. His reasoning falling on the notion that each person fought for something different and those could rally others to a cause far different from a presently universal norm. Perhaps war was war, unchanging, but there was no denying that one did not simply have to fight for the sake of fighting.


People could be better than that.


As the Grey's body crossed the threshold of the far wall into the Naval complex, he drew his mind back to the forefront and ceased his assault on the metallic structure that had since fallen paces short of him. Troops began to pour through the hole behind him, few but numbered enough to grant him a moments reprieve as the First Order's forces lined to meet them. He had neither exerted or burdened himself, but rather he sought to gather perspective on the Naval base itself. Aryn Teth's presence had met another and the rest of the Alliance continued to make their move.


Ending his reprieve, drawing upon the Force as his eyes focused on the soldiers before him, Ajahn's drive changed entirely in that moment. He knew his presence would not go unanswered and, under recognition of that understanding, he sought to make short work of the troops that hindered he and the Alliance' troops advance. Thus, with aggressive and controlled movements, the Grey tore into the standing line of First Order troops; gold bladed sabers cutting them down with deadly precision as the troops that had followed him hunkered down to set a perimeter.


He didn't care for the violence. Nor for the death he brought upon the troops only following orders. His only focus was upon preparation. Even as Fiolette Yvarro's communication came down the line into his ear he uttered only a few words in acknowledgement of his role; unable to comply but willing to do his part.


They would come and he would be ready.

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Corey's OOC

Corey's OOC

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There was still work to do. The invasion of Varonat was heating up and he and his team of Pathfinders had finally landed and made their way to the surface. They had men inside the base and his team was tasked with linking up to them and getting them out. Orders were to find the Jedi, Nuuc, and follow him in. Simple enough, right?


The wall was going to be the problem. He was supposed to be meeting Fiolette Yvarro here, as well as working with the Jedi. But with the way Pathfinders worked? And the war was moving? It was time to just blow them damned thing and get inside.


“We have the charges. We can set them, give us some cover!” Farnes yelled, and almost ordered the Jedi. He had his own rifle and was working on suppressing First Order soldiers that were taking shots at his own men. No way was he going to let his people get picked off like fish in a barrel on this foreign world. Brass was making some ballsy calls, and Kyle wasn’t completely on board. But it was better than having the Sith or First Order running the galaxy.


If this was what it took?


Nuuc Lapt