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Iturizu Yuvie

Sith The Resistance

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Iturizu Yuvie

Iturizu Yuvie

    Be carfule what you wish for

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The Red Jedi

Individual General Information-

Name: Iturizu Yuvie

Race: 100% Mirialan.

Sex: Though originally female Yuvie has transition to male though alchemy to avoid the Galactic Empire but retains some of his facial features.

Age: Yuvie,going of birth records is 24 years old at this current time.

Home world: Birth records provided show that Yuvie's home world is Miral, though has spent much time traveling to nearby systems in his child hood.

Relative: He has no known close relative at this point in time.

Force Sensitive: Yuvie been definitely proven to be force sensitive.

Force Alignment: Though a follower of the Sith code Yuvie has not seemed to delve into the dark side with extent and identifies as a 'Light Sith'.

Sexuality: Due to her transition this is currently unknown more so since she has never entered a relationship before.

Status: Currently an agent for the Galactic Alliance, often helping out with the Silver Jedi on sting operations.


-Social Information

Former Affiliations: The Glorious Galactic Empire, Independent

Current Affiliation: Yuive is currently a member of the terrorist organization refereed to as the resistance, backed by the Corrupt Galactic Alliance.

Allises: As part of the Resistance Yuive now goes by the code name 'Night Shade'

Rank: Investigation has show Yuvies current position to be a member of night Owl, further information needed to clarify what this unit is as well as personal rank.


Surveyed Traditions & Influences:

  • Sith (Main): Upon joining the ranks of the Imperial Inquisition it was quickly found out that Yuive was a strict follower of the Sith code in a very literal sense. This is due to himself follows it's teaching and not the example of other Siths, pointing out the codes says nothing about conquest.
  • Jedi (Major): Reports have indicated that upon desertion Yuvie has started to study into Jedi practices and teaching, though keep only piratical,useful skills to heart and not their misguided code and ways.


Governmental Ideology:

  • Imperialist: Despite him current traitorous action investigation has shown that Yuive remains a stead fast supporter of imperial rule and doctrine, believing that a strong and powerful government is the only way to bring lasting peace.


Personality and Behavioral Traits-

Iturizu tries to be calm and put and outwards apprentice of disinterest most of the time not really caring about what others thinking unless it affects him personally. She is rarely happy but sometimes shows empathy to those who are very unfortunate, unless they are a person she deems unworthy to live. Respect is something she often shows to others that display skill and is willing to humble herself to someone stronger, (though this will just cause her to pursue more training to beat said person). Despite harboring anger towards both Jedi and a reasonable amount of Sith, she can put her emotions on hold when required to prevent confrontational events, most of the time.


Notable Traits-

Jedi Bias:It has been noted the Inquisitor Yuvie remains judgmental of Jedi and those that follow its code, believe it to be misguided and quote 'silly'.

Heavy Armor/Medium: Yuvie has shown a likeness to wear medium-heavy armor while on assignments


Past Background Check-

Iturizu pre-joining the empire was led a normal childhood, reports indicating her(now his) family were traveling merchants in the outer rim worlds, stationed on Miral.


Around 842ABY during escalation of hostilities between the two former galactic powers of the Resurgent Empire and Dominion, Yuvie lost most of her immediate families members in one of the many skirmishes between the two factions.


Further information is scares but it is highly believed that Yuvie was taken in but an undocumented Sith knight that served the dominion. Thus may be due to the Sith feeling the girls hate and anguish over losing her family, soon showing signs of force sensitivity. Reports indicating that the knight soon went rouge leaving the Dominion with Yuvie for reasons unknown making their way to a neutral system.


Personal records, that is all we can go on, reveal that though Yuvies mater taught her(now him) to focus on her anger and hate towards those responsible for her families death the man also instructed her about some aspects of the light. Such teachings seemed to have been more out of necessity then want, but such action seemed to make Yuvie slightly more respectful of Jedi who quote 'properly used their powers'.


(being rewritten)



accessing observed and recorded skills and force abilities


Lacking Skills & Behavioral Weaknesses

Marksmanship: Yuvie has rarely under gone any training for the use of blasters/slug throwers despite their situational advantage.

Social Inept: A very secluded life has left Yuvie very unfamiliar with many social environments and situations, most notably romance.

Short Temper: It has been know that Yuvie is prone to angry outburst easily when in disagreement with someone, even over the most simplest of things.

Acquired Skills & Behavioral Strengths

Light sabre dueling: Yuvie has dedicated weeks to mastering sabre dueling, focusing on form 1 and 2 the most becoming a formidable fighter.

Slicer/Hacking: Testing and early assignments have shower Yuvie to be a skilled hacker when it comes to security programs and basic droid AI.

Pilot: Merhcant traveling life coupled with imperial training makes Yuvie a skill pilot, even taking pointers from the insurgent group black squadron.

Honorable Fighter: It has been noted that Yuvie fights with a sense of honor, refraining from cheap and cowardice tactic during fight, unless her opponent uses them.


Abilities- {stages novice, adept, proficient expert, master}

Lightsabre Forms

Shii Cho: Masterstage 2/5

Makashi: Expert stage 4/5

Djem So: Adept stage 5/5


Other Skills

Alchemy: Adept stage 2/5

Hacking: Proficient stage 3/5

Marksmanship: Novice stage 4/5

Stealth: Adept stage 5/5

Force Abilities

Art of Movement: Expert stage 5/5

Telekinesis: Expert stage 3/5

Force Smell: Expert stage 4/5

Force Sight: Expert stage 2/5

Sense: Expert stage 3/5



Lighting: Proficient stage 3/5


Mind Trick: Proficient stage 4/5

Psychomesty Adept 2/5

Choke: Proficient stage 3/5

Mind Probe: Adept stage 2/5

Healing (Jedi): Proficient stage 3/5

Kenisis: Adepts

-Pyro stage 4/5

-Hydro stage 4/5

-Cryo stage 4/5

Crush: Adept stage 5/5

Drain Knowledge: Adept stage 3/5

-Memory Walk

Force Fear: Novice stage 2/5



accessing physical and medical reports....


Physical Dimensions-

Height: 173.6cm
Weight: 77kg

Hair Colour:Dark black with purple highlights

Skin Colour: Light green yellowish

Eye Colour:Light Blue

Tattoos: A dimond shaped tattoo on his head with the top most being a 'V', similar tattoos on his cheeks each in the shape of a slanted 'L'. All tattoos using 4 shapes, in addition to another small 'V' shapped marking on her chin.

Other Notable Markings:During a raid on the Kessal mines under the control of the Tyrannical SJO Yuvie suffered several wounds resulting in scaring along her body.

  • Slight burn marks along his right arm and waist from a napalm attack
  • Fading slug shot scars along his left waist
  • Fading slug shot on back


Fashion Description-

Uniform/clothing taste: For clothing Yuvie has shown a likeness in the use of purple/black (with bits of white) colours. This show in her causal and combat clothing being designed in more simple robe like manners with small intricate patterns here and there, often with the addition of long gloves. As of late Yuvie has also decided to sport more casual clothing when around other in more social environments.


Make Up: Yuvie is not one fore detailed make up, but often(if not always) wears dark purple lipstick




accessing old and current ISB reports on individual.....


Service record, Mission & Other Activities-


Report#01-Service to the Empire: Unfortunately Yuvies time among our ranks was short, still she(now he) undertook several mission and proved to be a useful asset at the time. First reports on Yuvie start with her collaborative effort with Imperial forces on the Rihsi space station.


Maws(Event):Personal admittance reveals that Yuvie came to Rishi space station looking to enlist in the empire, any recruitment detail though was cut short as a miner's horror soon attacked.

First Training<: Due to her acts on Rishi Yuvie was offered to become a member of the Elite Imperial Inquisition, being assigned a teacher rather quickly.

Unexpected Meeting(character development/duel): Yuvies first assignment in tracking down a potential spying vessel in employment of the Silver Jedi, final report on the mission was mixed.

Kessel Skirmish<: His first and last combat assignment that took place during the Kessel raid, reports are very contradictory, but one thing is certain, at some point a First Order storm trooper fired up Yuvie leaving him incapacitated and thus captured


Report#02-ISB Investigation Report Pre-capture/Defection: Upon being captured attempts where made to investigate inquisitor Yuives location and try and obtain information. Such acts were carried out in attempts to conform a rescue operation due to the information she had on person once captured. Reports unfortunately came back stating Yuvie had shown defective nature, officially being labeled as a traitor, *Chance of Jedi brainwashing being involved is highly likely*.


A new Hope?: Intelligence reports indicate after the raid on Kessal Yuvie was transposed to a hospital on world for treatment and integration (Character development)

Rebel treason open:(Skirmish)

The Bay:(Noobs everywhere)

Irregular Sniping:(Crafting)

A Republic In Pieces (Open) (Event?)

We take from the rich:(Skirmish)

A Surprising Spar:(Duel/Training)

Pragmatism (Escape)

One Man's Trash [Resistance]:(Faction Event)


Recorded Kills: Information from Pre-Imperial service has show Yuvie to have terminated several groups of pirates and gangster while making her way to Rishi. Current imperial kill count is zero, but was able to bring in several suspected spy during his time among the Inquisitors.




accessing combat analysis and gear and known contacts....



Fighter: TIE fighter Mark IV

Land: Z-74 speeder bike

Other: non


Known Collaborators & People of Interest-


@Alema Valla: A Twi'lek inquisitor in service to the empire, who offered Yuvie a place among the its ranks, neither has interacted with each other since

Krieg Merriden (Designated Teacher): Yuvies head inquisitor and assigned teacher for her inquisitor training, no effort has been made by him yet to track down his former student.

Kha'ro Ottosuki: A manipulative Jedi knight that Yuvie was sent to track down on her first assignment and is suspected to be the one responsible to planting the ideas of deceit into her mind as well as Jedi propaganda.

Tristram Senan:

Belle Morte:




Mico Binoculars: Standard Military Issue Mirco Binoculars for recon and spying.

Standard Inquisitor Armor: Supplied inquisitor armor for those under the inelegance branch as opposed to the imperial knights.

Security Slicers: Military grade security slices to assisting with hacking terminals

Multi purpose data pad: A supplied data bad for personal record keeping as well as wireless hacking.

Alchemist Armor: Commissioned heavy armor enhanced by alchemy that Yuvie uses for more serious combat situations.

Combat Cape: A semi-uniqe cape that had been on the market for some time being sold by Shrouded Republic General Kiso



Light sabre: A single bladed sabre that was either crafted or given to Yuvie by her Sith master, information inconclusive at this time.



Fighter/Spcae: TIE fighter Mark IV

given to all new Imperial Recruits and Inquisitor Initiates

Land: Z-74 speeder bike



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l Armor l Combat Cape l



Solan Charr

Solan Charr


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Hello, Welcome

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Iturizu Yuvie

Iturizu Yuvie

    Be carfule what you wish for

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Solan Charr are you saying that just In general? because this is just an update not a new character

l Armor l Combat Cape l



Solan Charr

Solan Charr


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Saw new character topic, looked cool, said such. Did not know this was a previous character in the least.