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My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

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Gray Raxis

Gray Raxis

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 Seemed that the charity had slowed down due to Gray overdoing the number of lots. Good thing to keep in mind for later. Poor Teagan though was getting pretty nervous up there and no one was bidding as the political side of the event had taken over full swing. Time to wrap it up then. Gray turned to Lady Kay and Baiko no Kaho to say, " Excuse me one more time ladies." He then raised his hand and said in a voice loud enough for the auctioneer to hear, " 10,000 credits, 2 more BDS generators, 1 more each of the TEA and TELAS systems. And the date I will be handing over to some lucky girl later on." After that he made a motion with his hand that told the auctioneer to wrap it up with his bid. He turned his attention back to the two ladies at his table and smiled. " What do you mean Songbird? I've considered us married since after that date on Concord Dawn. Haven't you?" He gave Baiko a warm smile. " I promise we will come visit you soon Kay. Not just for politics either. We are family after all." With that he gave Kay a warm smile as well.


 The auctioneer got onto his mic as Teagan slipped off back behind the stage curtain. The man was glad things were finally over. He smiled big for the crowd and said, " Well looks like that is the end of the auction everyone! All of the winning bids will go towards those who need it most on Mandalore and we are taking donations still. Thank you for helping put on such a great event and please enjoy the rest of your evening!" As he left the stage, the band from before took place up on it again getting themselves set back up. Once they were done the music continued once again.


 With the music playing again, Gray was thinking of asking Baiko either to join him out on the dance floor or perhaps just have some privacy in his personal room of the embassy. No matter what it was really just about spending some time with the woman that mattered most to him right now. But then he was approached by Kaine Australis and the man introduced himself. Gray turned his attention to the other Mandalorian and said with a smile, " Greetings Kaine! I'm Gray Raxis alor of Clan Raxis. How can I help you? Hope you enjoyed the free food and entertainment. Not exactly a Mandalorian event I know, but it isn't for our people. Got to do what we must for Mandalore." Seems he was going to have to wait a bit longer before he could take Baiko off somewhere.


=Current total of bids=

-653,000 credits

-2 hydro-treatment equipment for outlying towns

-1 vertical garden for Cold Iron City

-10 BDS generators

-5 TELAS systems

-5 TEA systems

-1 terraform processor

-2 fuel stations

-2 medical frigates

-3 fuel haulers

-2 shipyards

-1 personal favor from Cecile Miraxus

-5 ship repairs from @Amanda Kryze

-1 pod-racing arena fully paid for by Nolan Kitari


=Current total of donations=

-1 bantha

-1 mobile construction vehicle

-1 ancient sword



Baiko no Kaho

Baiko no Kaho

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One thing was becoming radically clear to Baiko no Kaho. Mandalorians were much less formal than she could wrap her head around. “Ma-ah… ah… Gray, you cannot be... ma... ah...” 
Baiko plunked down in the chair in a shocked swoon. Her cheeks flushed and she reached for her glass of brandy, taking a long sip. “Gracious, are all Mandalorians so quick with… with… you think spending over a decade on Mandalore, I’d have learned their ways already, eh Lady Kay? Goodness me.” Pulling out her hand fan, Baiko snapped it open and fanned herself, taking several deep breaths as Gray Raxis spoke to Kaine Australis
She looked up at Lady Kay, put durasteel in her spine and found it in her to stand once again. “My pardons, your majesty, apparently Gray’s laid a claim he needs to back up with more than a few scant words. I would gladly meet you in your palace for a cup of tea, if it is convenient. We have much to discuss… thank you for the auction, Yasha will be most pleased. Ah… hmm.” 
Still blatantly shocked by Gray’s announcement, Baiko fanned her cheeks and looked to Kaine and Gray. “Alor Australis, how lovely for you and your vode to come. Mand’alor will be most pleased at your presence here. Have you had the pleasure of being introduced to the Queen of Commenor?” 
Baiko slid her hand in the crook of Gray’s arm, he had MUCH to explain in private, later. 




Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Kaine was surprised and a little unnerved to find himself in such exalted company. He'd done ettiquete training of course, one didn't make General without learning to mind one's Ps and Qs, but he was never quite ready to meet Queens. Still, despite the alcohol, he managed some reserve of dignity and respect.

Kaine nodded to Raxis, again with a warm smile to Baiko no Kaho, and then more formally and deeply to Lady Kay. Addressing the most senior rank first, he greeted the Queen of Commenor. This was about as formal as he could manage.


Your majesty. My respect to the people of Commenor.

Then he relaxed somewhat and addressed Baiko.

My Lady. Clan Australis is always ready to serve Manda'yaim and Mand'alor.


Kaine then looked to Alor Raxis, but spoke to them all.


I've just come to make a quiet donation of a million credits, on behalf of my aliit, for the children of Manda'yaim.

Manda'yaim has been good to Australis, it's only right and proper that we give back. At the end of the day, all of us belong to the same Clan, whatever name we wear.

He smiled then, trying to bring light to such a serious moment, it wasn't in his nature to be too serious, even at formal occasions. After decades of brutal war, few events could match that level of grim, so it took the galaxy coming to an end, as it nearly had in the vongese war, to totally dispese Kaine's good humour.

Alor Raxis, you throw an excellent party. I fear several of my men enjoyed themselves a little too much, and exited close to the horizontal. Kaine laughed. It was after all, funny watching a full armored mando trying to walk whilst severly intoxicated. He himself had had more practice than most of his men though.


Gray Raxis Caz Australis Baiko no Kaho Lady Kay



'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'

Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais


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Kay raised a brow to Gray Raxis . So they were married, sorta, and their children were married to eachother too. Well that sure made a confusing arrangement even more confusing. She was REALLY glad that she wouldn't have to suffer such a thing herself. Nor her children. Her family life was all straight forward. The whole Raxis Clan thing was just...seperate. Due to the Crusades and her resentment to the culture of war, Kay made sure to stick to Commenor. It was far better to be in control of her own life than to have others dictate it for her.

A visit with Gray was never without politics. She was stubborn and did what she could for her people, even when it was the opposite of what Gray wanted. Afterall, what was the worse that could happen? Probably nothing.

She turned her attention to Baiko no Kaho and smirked. "I don't think that it has anything to do with Mandalorian culture, but everything to do with Gray's personality. That in itself takes some time to get used to. A visit would be nice. Just let me know ahead of time so that I can be sure to be here."

Now she felt a bit like a third wheel, or very much out of place. Let the two lovers have their space. That is until Kaine Australis arrived. She bowed her head to him, offering a polite smile. "Welcome to Commenor. I hope that you enjoy your visit." As he was formal, so was she.

It didn't take long for her to get lost in the conversation, not knowing the language used made her feel more out of place than she already was. She chewed the inside of her cheek a bit. "Well I'll just...leave you all to it. Have a good evening." Kay bowed her head to them and headed off. She needed to get a tally later. Afterall, she was supposed to match it as promised. It wasn't as though the CSA couldn't afford it. And people couldn't say that her people did nothing for others. Sure they chose to not fight in the Galaxy's wars, but they were there to help clean up. Someone had to.