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Veronika Fleischer

Veronika Fleischer

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Veronika Fleischer

Veronika Fleischer

    I'll tell you one thing, it's a cruel, cruel world

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Welcome to exploit freeware v2.24.
command > set payload exploit root
payload set

command > exploit root
exploit... success...
that guy's craftshop/root > select Veronika Fleischer from database > D:>Veronika.data
attempting to download... data is too old. Please reconstruct her profile
that guy's craftshop/root > reconstruct Veronika Fleischer
warning... data will be overwritten. Press Y to continue or N to exit
that guy's craftshop/root > Y
reconstructing profile... loading... done...







Faction: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
Rank: I’m a Goddess
Species: Human Goddess, see above
Sexuality: Mmmm...I like all kinds. What do you like? Tell me... boy.
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 175 cm
Weight: Thinner than you
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Beautiful platinum blonde. Hair treatment and cut costs a mere 800 credits.
Skin: I’m the fairest of them all
Force Sensitivity: I belong to the elite. What do you think?
Hobbies: Spending money, dressing up, clubbing, drinking, gym, tennis



Diary Entry 157#
I am quite bored at times. All I do these days is work, shop, go to the gym and visit the clubs at night. Shopping is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as fun as making a man do things for me.
Diary Entry 206#
I saw that hot hunk again. Yes, again. The same club that I had been going for the past two nights. Tall, dashing and muscular. I saw him dancing with another woman on the dance floor. So I went up and dance beside him. He instantly switched his attention to me. Why not? I’m famous, as you have already known by now.
Diary Entry 210#
That hunk was cute. Too cute. Truth be told, I was a little reluctant to end the relationship with him. However, he actually refused to compromise when I told him that he should be more attentive to me and worship the ground that I walked on. Now he is sleeping soundly underground.
Diary Entry 245#
I am starting to like this new way of creating art. You know the times when people moan in pain and scream for mercy? It’s so beautiful... and soon they will talk. I’m such a genius in making people speak up. I have to thank my tutor for that, even though he is gone long ago.
Diary Entry 389#
I have discovered a new brand of wine. From Alderaan, they said.
Diary Entry 402#
I saw someone who looked like me. It cannot be, I don't have a twin... No, that's not possible!!! NO!!!



Mind Tricks: Listen to me. Show me your thoughts +++

Witch: I am a Witch of Ryloth. Spells are my speciality +++
Beauty: Check me out on Coruscant Fashion Week ++
Famous: I’m a holonet sensation, a celebrity ++
Hacking: I know my way around technologies -
First Aid: What’s healing? Just use bacta and the Force -
Piloting: I prefer to be chauffeured around ---



I only speak Galactic Basic. I prefer to write in High Galactic Alphabet. I also understand Droidspeak because that’s what schools taught me.
Peak athlete: I got the goddess body. Perfect in every inch +
Takes drugs: I like to get high when drinking. ---
Manipulative: I wear many faces, darling, hahaha... ++
Narcissistic: I like my mirror --
Selfish: No one can love you more than you love yourself --
Sadistic: You will never understand the beauty it creates -
Bipolar: I like excitement. I am also irritable -


Early Days

The younger of the Fleischer twins. Her father was a hunter who made his living by selling animals and fur to animal traffickers on Nar Shaddaa. Her mother had a more illustrious background, being the only daughter of a wealthy fashion house. Due to the disapproval of her mum’s grandparents, her father eloped with her mum and the couple stayed in Nar Shaddaa for years. When an unknown disease brought upon their deaths, the two babies were already on their way to their grandparents’ home, thanks to her mother’s pleads to send them away. However the convoy was attacked by a Hutt gang. Her sister was kidnapped but Veronika was fortunate enough to escape the same fate.


Growing Up

Became her grandparents’s precious little treasure. No surprise that she would get her way in almost everything. Need a new dress? Want a cool toy? A holiday trip to an exotic planet? Just ask and she would get it. Went to the best schools for studies. When her Force sensitivity was discovered, a rogue Force User was paid handsomely to become her personal tutor. He taught her how to control her ability, although he was cruel in his methods. Young Veronika was forced to endure his beatings whenever they practiced dueling. Her grandparents were blinded by the tutor’s mind tricks and were unable to help her.


Turning Adult

Growing up into a fine lady. Lavish clothes, finest restaurants were the norm. Her Force abilities were now strong enough to stand against her tutor’s skills. Started to hang out with other socialites. She never liked any of them, but she could always pretend to. If pretending meant she could earn more likes on the social media, all the better.


She also took down her tutor one night when he left his guard down for a moment. Next, she convinced her grandparents that she would help to run the fashion house and grow it bigger. She became the new creative director with her grandfather's blessing. Sending new designs down Coruscant Fashion Week was top of her list.


Things began to take off. The media liked the new owner’s glamorous looks. Social media was flooded with holovideos of her fancy life, including wild parties and scandals with celebrities. The new holonet darling had cultivated an image around herself, an image which was clamoured by young fans and older folks. She became famous for being famous. But only she could be the fairest among all.


Sibling Rivalry

The discovery of the existence of another sister made Veronika confronted her grandparents, who acknowledged that they had known about the abducted twin years ago. Not letting Veronika know about her sister's existence was their way of protecting their granddaughter. Discussions were made at times during family gatherings to see if there was any way to acknowledge the sister and bring her into the family, something which Veronika disliked.


She had been the precious one, the heiress to the family fortune and fame. To ask her to share it with a stranger whom she had never met was unthinkable, but her grandparents seemed to hold a different opinion and she could not change their minds. Her grandfather was still the authority figure in Chrisyakova, owning a majority stake in the company and she had yet to inherit his wealth. 


How great it would be if her sister did not exist. Veronika always found that thought to be amusing and entertained it every now and then. An illogical thought? Perhaps not, not when there had been instances of family members fighting over inheritance in the courts. So why should one judge Veronika's perception of making things simpler by removing her rival from the equation?








Veronika's purple lightsaber
HV-55A: "Allfate" Disruptor Rifle
Echoy'lii Shuk'orok (Echoy'lan Crushgaunts)
Mandragora Spellweaver Armor
Light-Shield Bracelet
Talisman of Reflection




Maple Harte


Mariya Fleischer




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Veronika Fleischer

Veronika Fleischer

    I'll tell you one thing, it's a cruel, cruel world

  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 321 posts



Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Chapter 2 - Adventures

Chapter 3 - Growth

  • Sojourn to Naboo - After the Ryloth encounter, it's time to relax with her lover. At least till the next deadly thing...

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