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Coruscant First Charity Auction

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Xzav Ine

Xzav Ine


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Xzav lingered in the background, which he found strange - apparently his stark contrast from the rest of the guests had done little to bring attention to himself. Which was fine, he supposed, but he had hoped to meet whomever it was in charge of this home-grown rebellious movement. A black-gloved hand reached up and tapped the side of his helmet, or appeared to, and words that were made silent by his choice of attire were uttered just beneath the reflective and glossy material.


"I suppose I ought to meet with the Mayor, then." He said, out loud, as he drew his hand away from the side of his head and returned it to his side. His voice was somewhat strange, as though it had been forced through a modulator of just slightly less-than-stellar grade, either because he didn't care about the quality of hiding his voice or because he wanted those he spoke with to know that he altered his voice. It mattered not, however, as he ventured back into the throng of people that meandered around the casino like drunken cattle.


Soon, he hoped, he would find Zeradias Mant somewhere else in this hotel. And then they would talk.




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 "Sorry?" Domino said snapping her attention back to the Zeltron next to her. Her thoughts had been on a muggy jungle world where slaves had been kept as cattle, a blond valkyrie, and the bubblegum princess. Mentally she scrambled to catch up to what they were doing. "Right, sorry," she apologized again, the woman and her entourage had moved on and were out of sight now. "I used to own and act as CEO for Phenix Industries. Ships and components mainly. though we dabbled in everything." The Twi'lek couldn't help but give a grin over the rim of her nearly empty glass. This part was always fun when she allowed herself to show off a little, not because she used to be a CEO, there were more of them than brands across the galaxy, but because sometimes people linked that to the other position she'd retired from, others reacted when she told them "My name is Domino." Most of them did anyways.



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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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Twin Stars Hotel

Presidential Suite



The suite that occupied half of the top floor of the Twin Stars Hotel was bigger than most apartments Irajah had lived in. Heck, she suspected the walk in closet was larger than the entire footprint of her apartment when she'd lived in Avalonia. Warmly lit and open, she still suspected that they could have put four luxury suites in the same space and no one would have batted an eye, but what did she know? As Jairus Starvald had pointed out, she was easily impressed by things like that. She had shrugged and agreed and let it go- he wasn't wrong after all, not on this. 


Sitting in a white upholstered, overstuffed chair, the dark haired woman had her feet propped up on a matching ottoman, her hands folded over her belly. Six months pregnant with twins, things were getting to the point where the sheer enjoyment of simply sitting couldn't be over stated. Oh, it would get worse before it was over, but for now she could tap her toes to the soft piano music she'd selected to listen to as she waited, eyes closed and relaxed. 


She and Jairus owned the hotel- through a series of dummy corporations to keep their names off of it. Just like the Medical Center and the Mechanic's shop (and increasingly more businesses in the neighboring Agua district), it was best that way. The hotel had been built deliberately on the edge of the neighboring district, with more credits being funneled into the 'beautification and improvement' of that district- in reality the intent of deliberate gentrification to drive more of the poor from here into the Agua district for Raj's particular needs. The needs of study, of her work. Keeping it under wraps very much necessitated an influx of people and what better way to do that? The opportunity to work the grand opening of the hotel into support of Coruscant First was icing. Irajah and Jai didn't particularly care, but Irajah had certain ill opinions of the Alliance and their methods- so anything done to poke that bear in the nose was perfectly lovely as far as she was concerned. 


Hazel eyes opened, at the sound of the door. 


A petite blonde woman she didn't know sashayed in and Raj looked her up and down for a moment before-


"It's a good thing I'm not particularly vain, or using my favorite dress that I can't fit into anymore and looking better in it than I ever did as part of your disguise might make me wroth," she said with a smirk.


She didn't get up. Remained relaxed.But she did lean forward a touch, eager for news. 


"Sooooo how's it going down there? Anyone we know? Any chance it'd be okay to go down ourselves later?"


The petite blonde was, of course, Jairus. She didn't need to see through his work with the White Current to know. Bonded in the Force, he couldn't sneak up on her if he wanted. 


"Tell me everything."

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Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

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Cecile Miraxus Sargon Vynea

"Oh, I respected that part of the model just fine. The issue was-"

He broke off as someone new bought in: a blonde human who stank of wealth and claimed naivete. Maybe she was being honest, maybe she was a card shark, or - most likely - she had an inflated opinion of her own skills. Regardless, Jorus set out to take her money.

"Raise," he said, sliding a datacard into the small pile of chips. "Coordinates and deed to one uncharted habitable moon."

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Sargon Vynea

Sargon Vynea

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He rose his eyebrow up at the play, an interesting game indeed it seemed. "Ah, the mystery bid, could be worth a fortune, could be well it's a moon so a much larger fortune depending on the mineral deposits." Checking his own cards he was only at eighteen and not nearly where he wanted to be for a bet of this size. Still the entire idea was to keep the game going and drain the house. "Why not, I'll see you for one another round, never owned a moon before."


Nodding his head to the newcomer he was curious to see if this naive thing was a reality or just a ruse she played. It was a good ploy, but he wasn't the type of man who believed women were weak or dumb, and he doubted Jorus did either. "Ma'am if you do take my friend's moon here, you have to let me know if it was worth the bet. The mystery bid just makes me itch with curiosity. It's a cruel thing really."


Jorus Merrill  Cecile Miraxus





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Farah wasn’t offended that the Twi’lek’s attention seemed to be elsewhere. As long as she had her wine, cheese and a gaggle of hoity toity rich strangers to watch and judge, the Zeltron was content. Sometimes it didn’t take much.


“Oh.” She swirled the glass in her hand gently. “Ships and things. That’s pretty neat.” In truth, Farah knew very little about ships. She knew that they flew and that they got her from one planet to the next, but that was about it. Honestly, she didn’t know much about anything if it wasn’t relevant to the medical field.


“Farah.” She offered her name in return before taking another sip from her glass. Her brows knit in disappointment when she found that it was empty, placing it on the counter and waving the bartender over. “Why did you retire, Domino?” She looked young.




Hazel Zanteres

Hazel Zanteres

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At the mention of Mishel's friends, the Hapan glanced back at the building in silence. The last time she had seen Mishel she had been part of the First Order - or at least seemed to be anyway. Hazel would've never expected to see the young woman in Galactic Alliance space.


How things had changed.


"Well, it's good to see you Mishel." She returned her daughter's hug, before watching and listening as Mishel began to ramble.


Hazel wondered if it was just her general demeanour, or if she was a bit off put but the changes that had happened. Both physically in the form of her horns and the more spiritual with the shift in alignment. They always seemed to be the mirror of the other; once Dark now Light, and what was once Light was now Dark.


"You certainly don't go long without acquiring another scar or two." The comment amused Hazel, given she had at this point essentially erased all of own.


Her attention shifted as Mishel revealed the damaged neurotransponder, and it certainly looked like it had been through hell a couple times. Frankly, she was surprised Mishel was even able to use it in its current condition. The last she knew, the tech was still from the First Order. She was unsure whether Mishel Noren had it modified since, but fortunately for her Hazel knew just the person to ask.


"Well, I just so happen to know someone who would have a field day fixing it." If anyone could, it was Sinara. "For now, let's get you off your feet, yeah?" Hazel motioned over to the bench and took a seat.


"So Mishel, what's happened since we last met?"

Cecile Miraxus

Cecile Miraxus


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She looked at her cards and then looked at the two men and decided that she was going to use this as an opportunity to study interspecies interactions. It was a fun thing to do sometimes and this was a new situation to observe.

She took a moment and arranged her cards so they read in proper sequential order from left to right before she considered the bet in play. The moon could be utterly useless to her but with her resources even an asteroid could be made useful. It was hard to put an actual value on it though.

"Interesting, indeed." She said as she adjusted her cards so they were evenly spaced and the same height as they sat in her hand, "I'm not sure I've ever had a deed to a moon, uncharted or otherwise. Let me think."

She didn't need time to think. She had already decided to raise. She slid a few thousand credits forward and sat her cards and opened her hand bag. She wrapped her handkerchief around a Durindfire crystal necklace. She had a deep seated love for the silver color the crystals gave her lightsaber but this one had been cut into faceted sizes and placed in the hapan silver chain. She made certain it was mysteriously wrapped and placed it carefully on the table.

"I will see your bet and maybe raise you one piece of extremely rare jewelry with much personal value." She said as she looked away and did her best to look concerned, "But I honestly don't know what a four, a six, and an eleven even mean in this game."

She picked her cards back up and leaned forward on her elbows with the cards close to her fave as she went back through the process of adjusting them so they were just right and waited for the bets to be placed. She knew the cards could change randomly but the rules had genuinely never been something she had learned. She was more interested in their reactions, names, and what they considered themselves to be. She could gain those things while losing or winning. It didn't matter which.

Jorus Merrill Sargon Vynea

Mishel Noren

Mishel Noren

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Mishel hobbled over and took a seat on the bench she set her crutches against it and winced a little. She ran another hand through her hair and exhaled as she rested her back. It felt good to take the weight off her hair was messy, badly in need of a comb or a shower - both. Things certainly had changed and the teenager noticed her eyes focused on her mother's new horns and she wanted to ask all the questions. But first to answer her mother's question, "all the thing." Mishel gestured and gave a rather dramatic sigh with a smile, "like..." her mouth opened but no words just a shrug and a bit of laughter, "it's all a bit upside down, yeah?" Another shrug, "don't even know where to start."


"I left the Ren, question mark."


The Tygaran looked her mother in the eyes and just, "and uh, yeah, there you go. I left, and it's honestly probably been the most freeing thing I've done?"


"Like, don't get me wrong, I - I think somewhere I still care about them and I sort of always will but, I just..." Her voice trailed again and her attention drew away from her mother, hair spilled over her shoulders. She focused on the ground, mostly on a single piece of dirt as she collected her thoughts, Mishel then looked back at Hazel, "just didn't feel, I don't know it was like I got back from Bespin and I was losing myself in something way darker and I just, there was this moment where Seiger came in and he basically whooped everyone used Ysalamir, a few Pikes and a lot of Force Lightning and I just broke down, I just lost it."


Mishel took in a deep breath and exhaled, "and you... you, you went dark." The teenager seemed a little hurt by it, "and I felt it when I was on Utapau and that's - that's where I knew that I had to go back to the light."


"I mean, this is after I left the Ren - cause, I was supposed to go reinforce some troopers at L-49 but jumped ship, got caught by some slavers and was rescued by Joza Perl before Utapau, anyway, I was there and I realized you and Kismet were right, there had been a light but it wasn't there just because of what you did for me on Monastery. It had always been there, no one is born evil or born dark or even good, it's made. We make those choices, we decide - and I decided to take my light and let it shine." Mishel threaded her fingers together and shrugged again, "I uh, got this." She rolled up her shirt and showed the carbon fibre mesh, "from that Beskad yeah so I could've totally dodged it but instead I just took it because I was just so tired of the darkness. I was so tired of being depressed, of being angry with myself and angry with the galaxy, like it's so karking exhausting and I was done."


She shrugged again, "because if being a Knight of Ren means that I have to sit there and be this brooding entity for the sake of Seiger Ren then they can just gorram'en stuff their chit and take it somewhere else."


Mishel cleared her throat and looked around, "right, so uh, that's been me you know fighting Mandalorians on Utapau, having family reunions on Dagobah where I got this." She gestured to her leg, "cause I uh decided that I would do Force Speed which is great y'know, until you're fighting Force Slow and then get kablew'ed by someone else and end up falling through the trees, and uh, land, land on your leg the wrong way. And yeah... uh, lets see there was Ember Farseer who is my master? I'm not sure if that's what he is... I guess mentor is a better word and uh yeah we were on D'Qar and then the Vergesso Asteroids and uh like I said, I'm here with friendos who are probably being nutters in there." A smile and then she leaned over and put a hand on a horn. "Are these like... okay, your turn mom, spill everything and can you at least give me the story behind these?"


"Also... don't spare any gory bits, please - I mean, I have literally blown up cities, and stabbed and killed countless things so.... yeah."


Hazel Zanteres