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Starship 5.0 Sub-Capital Ship Tool

- - - - - Excel Guide

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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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Welcome to week 6 of Factory 5.0!


We have a new addition to the Starship 5.0 excel tool today!


Added to the excel guide for 5.0 Starships, previously only a tool for capital ships, is a tool to check your ratings on Starfighters and other ships under 50 meters.


You can still find this at the bottom of the Starship 5.0 templates, in the reference material section, bundled with the previous iteration of the excel guide for capital ships.


Things you might notice:

  • Squadron size only features ratings: Similar to our process of assigning a 'default' maximum size per rating for hangars, the Squadron sizes have their maximum amount listed for each rating listed in the Squadron Count field within the template. When selecting a rating the number which correlates to that rating is in our template.
  • Hyperdrive Speeds: As whether or not a starfighter has a hyperdrive can greatly impact their use, as without one would require the use of capital ship hangars, as well as how fast or slow one is. Because of how much of an impact a hyperdrive can put on the use of starfighters, we've included their ratings (None or No Hyperdrive, Very Slow, Average, and Very Fast) into the tool so you can determine how much of an impact it has on your ship if you were to make its hyperdrive faster, slow, or remove it altogether.

As with the previous iteration of this tool, it does not take into account the use of advanced systems and other strengths present in the submission. You may still be asked to amend your submission if your ship is thrown out of balance by adding additional strengths and advanced systems.

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Tylane of Isobe

Tylane of Isobe
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Very nice. Thank you much!

Nadja Keto



Anweald Bermann

Anweald Bermann

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Nadja Keto

Good work!