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Fortress Worlds

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Darth Metus

Darth Metus

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In Star Wars Canon, Fortress Worlds are a unique and terrifying aspect of Galactic powers. They are a sign of strength, dominance, and resolve that numerous factions have taken advantage of. Yet, here on Chaos, they are not really explored. In my opinion, fortifying a planet should be held to such high esteem as a building a Flagship - and so I'm suggesting a way to bring the Codex some love while also bringing some attention to this aspect of Canon.

Creating a Fortress World:

Once, between Map Updates, a Major Faction can create a Fortress World. This planet can be Canon or Chaos Canon, but requires its own submission within the Codex. At minimum, a Fortress World should contain:
  • No less than three, approved location submissions.
  • No less than five completed faction-related roleplays.
Once reviewed and approved, the Fortress World will be added to an ongoing list posted within the Codex Discussion forum.


The perk of creating and owning a Fortress world, in terms of the Map Game, are simple:
  • A Fortress World cannot be invaded unless the attacking faction occupies the adjacent hex.
  • When a Fortress world is invaded, the defending faction can call a total of ten (10) allies.
The sole limitation is that Fortress Worlds cannot touch on the Chaos Map.

Fortress Worlds will not receive any sort of special representation on the Chaos map, so it will be the players' responsibility to keep themselves informed.

Much akin to the Mandate update thread, the Fortress Thread List does not have to be heavily updated constantly.

I figure this would be a fun way of bringing new life to a Canon concept, and is one that every Major faction would immediately have an interest in pursuing. The perks are such that the Map Game is made more interesting while the Codex can enjoy a consistent stream of attention moving forward. What do you guys think?

Allyson Locke

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Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

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I'm a big fan of the idea, the only revision I would like to see is probably a restriction on how many fortress worlds a faction can have, probably based on their relative size. I could see smaller major factions being able to abuse the system by building every second world into a fortress world. Perhaps if there was a restriction to one fortress world per five hexes, or something along those lines, that issue would be resolved, or perhaps in the vain of flagship dominions, one world could be made a fortress world per three dominions in a calendar month.


Ultimately though, I am very much for fortress worlds being a thing.



Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus

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Gotta agree with Aryn on that, it's a system that could very easily be abused. However, it makes for an interesting concept both OOCly for Codex reasons and a variation upon typical Invasions for IC purposes, adds more flavour. A bit more pepper and less salt preferably.


Overall agree that Fortress Worlds as a concept has a potential to add to Chaos Map Game whilst not overcomplicating things if kept streamlined and executed with balance/fairness in mind. I think the idea of it being one per every Five Hexes is a good start, however I think maybe Four to Five locations submissions would be more necessary, this is a fortress world​ ergo I think the technological level would require more than your typical world.


Also I wouldn't suggest making it a Dominion related perk, like every four or five dominions you can create a Fortress World, as depending on how someone sets up their Dominions, it has a potential to be abused as well.

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Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke


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As cool as this sounds, Codex will have to discuss and talk about this. It can so easily be abused. Their concept could move into superweapon territory. Because of that I feel it would strip the fun and the core concept of a fortress world into nothing but a space station. What also happens, is that it falls in to that weird gray area of "is this codex or factory".Its an idea and I'll explore it with the Codex team, but as of right now I'm going to say this isn't something that could work in the current format of the Codex and the Board. Darth Metus

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