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Love and Kindness

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  • Manufacturer: Rusty's Custom Arms and Armament 
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • Modularity: N/A
  • ProductionUnique 
  • Material: Phrik, durasteel, walnut, disruptor components


  • Classification: Disruptor
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight:  Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Proprietary single cartridge
  • Ammunition Capacity: 1
  • Reload Speed: Very Low
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil:  High


  • Immense stopping power
  • Classic styling
  • Internal StabiliGat™ modules reduce recoil to manageable levels


  • Stopping Power- Love and Kindess are extremely powerful. At their maximum effective range of 30 meters, they have the potential to punch through light to medium armor. At 5 meters, they have the potential to penetrate heavy armor. 
  • Melee- Their weight and phrik barrels make them sturdy enough to be used as clubs, if the need arises. 
  • StabiliGat™- Once the integral StabiliGat™ modules are tuned to the user, recoil will be heavy, but manageable. Without it, attempting to fire Love or Kindness would most likely result in the user gaining the ability to touch their elbow with their thumb, and on the same arm.


  • Size- Love and Kindness are both 33 cm in length, making them longer than some submachine guns. They're also quite hefty. While they're balanced well enough to offset some of the weight related difficulties, they're not the sort of thing one can casually sling around without effort. 
  • Reload Speed- There's no way around it, reload speed is extremely slow. You'll be extremely lucky to get off a shot every minute. 
  • Range- While powerful, the unstable nature of the bolts reduces effective range to less than thirty meters. After that, they tend to explode violently. 
  • StabiliGat™- Proper care and charging instructions must be followed. Without a fully functioning StabiliGat™ system, Love and Kindness would without question break the arm of the average humanoid, and ever a Wookiee would find them damnably uncomfortable. 

Haven't we all fantasized about killing our enemies with love and kindness? Well, now you can.


Love and Kindness are a pair of matched dueling pistols, identical in every respect. They were modeled after ancient single shot cap and ball dueling pistols, and function in exactly the same manner. 


To load Love and Kindness, one must first measure a powder charge and pour it down the barrel. Premade propellant pellet charges may also be used. Once the powder has been tamped down into the back of the chamber, the user then inserts the cartridge and rams it home. The hammer is then moved to the half-cock position and a percussion cap is placed on the nipple. The half-cock position also functions as the weapon's safety; until it is cocked completely, a mechanical block will prevent the percussion cap from setting off the weapon prematurely if it's struck by something else. When ready to fire, cock the hammer back fully, aim, and reduce whatever's standing in front of you to a pile of smoking ash. 


The key difference between Love and Kindness and your run of the mill dueling pistol is the ammunition. Rather than a lead projectile, Love and Kindness use proprietary cartridges that contain a measure of tibanna gas, as well as a rapid discharge power cell. When the powder is ignited, the power cell is ruptured, and it releases all of its energy into the tibanna reservoir at once, creating an immensely powerful bolt. At the front of the cartridge is the necessary equipment required to render a proper disruptor beam.


While all this is going on, the pressure from the powder charge ejects the spent cartridge from the front of the barrel. The length of the barrels is a necessary evil; any shorter and there would be no guarantee that the cartridge would remain pointing the right way while emitting the bolt. After it leaves the barrel, the cartridge usually breaks up, and is relatively harmless. 


After firing, one must wait at least fifteen seconds before attempting to reload, in order to give the barrel a chance to cool. Firing more than once per minute will dramatically increase the chances of catastrophic failure. 


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Arken Lussk

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Under Review.

Arken Lussk

Arken Lussk

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne




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