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ERD-A Recon Drone

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Intent: To provide a drone unit specialized in planet surface reconnaissance and exploration
Image Source: No Man’s Sky
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A 
Manufacturer: EODD
Model: ERD-A Recon Drone
Production: Minor
Affiliation: Closed Market
Modularity: N/A
Material: Durasteel, transparisteel, electronics, droid components
Classification: Second Degree
Weight: 28kg
Height: 0.61m
Movement: Repulsorlift
Armaments: None
Misc. Equipment: Data transmission software, optical recording system, communications unit 
Self Destruct Mechanism
Advanced sensor systems
Remote control system
Sensor package: Contains powerful planetary scanners and sensors to aid in exploration and data collection, with a maximum range of 2000m in a forward arc.
Remote control: Can be programmed to operate independently under a set behavior system and driven by a drone control system, or directly controlled remotely by a user through its internal optical recording system.
Self Destruct: The drone contains an eight-second delay self destruct security feature, allowing it to be detonated remotely with the explosive power of two standard thermal detonators in the event of capture or attempted slicing to prevent accumulated data from being stolen.
Electronic warfare: As with all droids and drones the ERD-A is highly vulnerable to electronic warfare, with EMP or ion attacks completely severing its connection to the control unit and allowing it to be sliced or reprogrammed safely by its captors.
Slicing: While the self destruct mechanism can be remotely triggered, it still relies on a timer to function, which allows even novice slicers plenty of time to deactivate it and further access the technology.
Fragile: ERD-A units possess no armor aside from what limited protection the durasteel external parts can provide. In addition, the internals are quite fragile, and subject to damage from even the smallest external trauma, potentially rendering the unit immobile or even inoperable.
Jamming: Despite powerful sensors and scanners, the unit is highly vulnerable to jamming technology, rendering it unable to transmit data back to its control unit.
Extreme heat: Due to some internals utilizing plastic, sufficient heat levels can cause melting inside, potentially damaging the unit and ruining its abilities to collect and transmit data.
Named for the Agr, a predatory bird native to Kashyyyk, the ERD-A is a small drone unit intended to be used for exploration and reconnaissance without risking droid or organic troopers in the process. Its size and repulsorlift technology allow for quick traversal of even the roughest terrain, from dense jungle to rocky, mountainous wastelands. This, in addition to its powerful long-range sensor package, allows for quick scouting and recording of data, which is relayed back to a control unit in either a local base, orbiting ship, or synced datapad. The units also possess optical recording systems which allow controllers to directly see what the unit is seeing as it explores the local terrain.
A particularly interesting feature of the ERD-A is its internal self-destruct system. In order to protect stored data, a self destruct system is included, which can be triggered remotely by the operator on an eight second delay, that time being present in order to transmit whatever data has yet to be sent back to the operator. With the explosive force of two standard thermal detonators, the drone can eliminate any potential threats to its held secrets, though with its delay this allows would-be slicers time to find a way to override the order and safely continue to access it. Of course there is nothing preventing a controller from using the unit as a remote controlled guided bomb should they be so inclined to, with the only limiter being the very low amount of damage the unit can withstand before being rendered immobile, as well as the typical droid and drone weaknesses to EMP and ion weaponry, which would render the self-destruct system inoperable.
Whether it be terrain, local wildlife and flora, or a base’s defenses, the ERD-A excels at its duty to scout large swaths of land and provide a clear picture of what to expect on the ground before a more detailed analysis can be obtained by ground personnel.


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Under Review.

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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