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Mulokhai Zarandur

Sith Pilot

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Mulokhai Zarandur

Mulokhai Zarandur

    Dragon's Wing

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"Strength is more than muscle. Much more."


General Information



Name | Mulokhai Zarandur

Aliases | N/A

Age | 29

Species | 1/4th Human, 3/4ths Zuguruk Sith


Rank | Commander/Sith Acolyte

Gender | Male

Vocal Sample | Alfonso Herrera

Force Sensitive | Yes



Physical Appearance



Height | 5'10"

Weight | 185lbs

Build | Muscular


Hair Color | Black

Skin Tone | Dark Red

Notable Features | 

Mulokhai, mostly thanks to his status as a mixed race Sith, does not sport the typical eyebrow ridges or 'face tentacles' of his kin, though his glowing yellow eyes and reddish skin makes it more than obvious what his heritage is. This alone tends to make him stick out more often, being distinctly not normal in either species.



Psychological Information



Sexuality | Bisexual

Relationship Status | Single

Personality |


Vicious | Analytical | Patient | Manipulative


Mulokhai sees himself as though he is simply any Sith, just normal for his profession. He views his manipulative and sadistic nature as very typical, and does not see the wrong in it. In reality, he enjoys toying with the emotions of others and will do anything he can to undermine the confidence and self-respect of those he considers inferior to himself. He doesn't have any set rules for what causes him to regard another sentient as being lesser, and it can seem to others to be totally random - usually it will be something trivial or petty, and in many cases will be because he subconsciously sees them as being better at something than him, which his ego will not allow.


If nothing else, one thing could be said for Mulokhai - he is intelligent, and a planner. Unusual in some ways for a Starfighter Ace, Mulokhai is a highly methodical and patient person and combatant, willing to spend a long time waiting for his opening in a situation. Though he seems to react with surprising quickness when sitting in the cockpit, even all of that has been meticulously planned and practiced. When a situation catches him off-guard, he prefers to pull back and think things through; only when this is realistically impossible will he rely purely on his instincts and impulses.


Though he could be said to be an awful friend (and he is), Mulokhai is an even worse enemy. When he has set his mind on someone as an obstacle to his own goals, he will pursue their destruction, crippling or otherwise defeat with unrelenting viciousness. He is not the type to forgive or forget, and will often bring back old grudges even if they have been long-since settled. He is not above some of the most cruel tricks and tactics possible, including long-term deceit or the taking of hostages. In some ways it is just as bad to be an ally he considers subordinate; he will repeatedly break down his 'lackeys' emotionally, desiring that their lives and time revolve around him, and that they believe they need him. Should he see one of them as useless to them, he won't hesitate to cut them off, seeing them only as tools for his own ends.


After only a short time of being an Acolyte, Mulokhai began to develop a certain resistance and determination against the suffering he had to go through. Rather than break like many prospects, he became stronger. Reaching his breaking point, his will only became unusually strong in response. He is highly resistant to torture, mind tricks and other attempts at forcing a will or agenda upon him.


Lightsaber Forms


WIP as hell


Abilities and Traits



Mulokhai's greatest strength and ability most definitely resides in his piloting - he has a natural talent when it comes to any kind of ship, though starfighters are his particular strength. Given a fast ship, he is able to outmanouver and outplay many ace pilots, and his powers in the force only add to this. His senses are enhanced, and he has a preternatural ability to predict an enemy pilot's actions, though that isn't to say some of the best haven't surprised him before. He seems to have no fear of death when seated in a cockpit, and is at his most daring when behind a ship's controls, often with unusual ideas and plans he's come up with beforehand.


Though he is far from a master, Mulokhai's ability with a lightsaber is nothing to be sniffed at. He is quick and nimble, able to avoid blows and counter in rapid succession. For this reason, he has focused mostly on the Makashi and Niman lightsaber forms, to accentuate his ability for swift movement and unorthodox planning. If he can, Mulokhai mainly prefers to lure an opponent into either believing they have the upper hand or into a specific attack so that he may immediately counter, a preference that sits well with Form II.


As it currently is, the young Sith is not yet very powerful in the force. He does have however, great potential. That much is obvious, along with his latent talent for Telepathy and reaching into and for the mind of others. He can communicate with others over a much greater distance than the standard force-adept, and has already made much progress on abilities that allow the probing of other minds and possible prediction of an enemy's movements, only accentuating his abilities as a pilot and predictive planner further.







Mulokhai's lightsaber, currently is quite plain. Using a particularly dark durasteel hilt, this weapon sports a typically crimson red blade. The length itself is rather obviously average, with a hilt that is just long enough for both hands (at least, of most humanoids) to fully grip it. Indeed, a weapon suited for an Acolyte.



The young Mulokhai Zarandur does not have a glorious start. Born on Belkadan, he was brought into the world by two Pureblood parents, who were split by his birth. His father believed that his mother must have somehow been with one of the humans dotted around the planet to have a son with no ridges, no distinctive Pureblood markings on her face. Having no idea of her own half-breed lineage, Mulokhai's mother was confused but begged her husband not to leave - to no avail. Left alone on the highly forested world with a child to take care of, the Sith woman became jaded and bitter. She missed the happy life she had once had, and blamed her son for it more than anything; if he simply hadn't come into the world, she wouldn't have these problems.


The boy as a result, had a miserable childhood. He was regularly beaten or sent out onto quests and chores that sent him stupidly long distances for menial things or for no reason at all. Each time, his mother would move their things to somewhere else, trying to leave her miserable child in the woods to be left. Each time however, he simply found her again, much to her disgust and irritation. Stupid and naive as he was, Mulokhai genuinely loved his mother, and believed that she loved him, too. Despite all the pent up anger, the frustration and the resentment he held against her, he did his best to look past all of it, beyond her grimacing anger and steely cold attitude to find the mother he so desperately wanted in her.


Eventually though, as with all things, his mother snapped. Tired that he had found her for the last time, his mother made a move to kill him, her hatred and fury at everything he had cost her boiling over from inside her. Though a young boy, Mulokhai still had the sense to know what was happening; and the sense to defend himself. As he realized that all along, his mother had simply seen him as a burden, an annoying child to be lost or dumped somewhere, his anger came flooding out just as hers. His however, had power. His mother was sent flying from their home, smashing lifelessly against various trees as her child screamed out in betrayed rage and hatred. Eventually, the anger stopped. The adrenaline died down, and the boy was left with nothing.


Coming to a human settlement, the previously-isolated Mulokhai was seen as a monster, some kind of apparition or simply bad luck. When traders came by, the settlement went as far as selling him, wanting nothing to do with the Sith child. Mulokhai was bought and sold at a few different markets before he was brought on as a scribe for a Hutt's Majordomo, taking notes for him and reminding him of his scheduled appointments. The Majordomo eventually grew attached to Mulokhai, allowing him to pilot swoops at his unusually young age and even try piloting, which he had a real knack for.


Things came crashing down in the boy's mind when the ageing Twi'lek said to Mulokhai that he saw him like his own son, and wanted to treat him as such. Paranoia and fear snuck into the young hybrid's mind, remembering the things his mother had done. Rage and fear continued to plague him, unable to shake the feeling that eventually, his new father would want to be rid of him, or would simply leave. He wouldn't allow it.


Calling on the abilities that allowed him to act out all the rage he'd pent up before, Mulokhai was able to convince his adoptive father to take part in just one, last swoop race. The talented little engineer that he was, the young boy made some 'adjustments' to the swoop's engine before the race. When the flaming ball that used to be the swoop went searing past the finish line, Mulokhai played the innocent and grieving son, finding it difficult to deal with the loss of the only man who had cared.


Uncharacteristically, even his father's former Hutt employer showed sympathy, and allowed Mulokhai to stay in his territory and even have his adoptive father's credits as an inheritance. It was here that he spent the majority of his teenage years, working for the Hutt as a smuggler, pilot and swoop racer. He became adept with blasters and in all kinds of close-quarters fights, having to survive his way in Hutt Space. Most of all, he became a talented and skilled manipulator. His charm and guile allowed him to slip past many a blockade master and charm many Trade Baronesses, much to his master's pleasure.


However, as he continued to call on the power within him, he only wished to develop it more and more. He would find no home with the Jedi; he refused to reject who he was, and something within him called him to home, to the home of his parents, where his ancestors had come from so long ago. Korriban and the Sith Worlds. Exploring that space, he found he was more alike people here than his own home planet. Perhaps this was the home he wanted; the place where he finally belonged.


Deciding he would stay, Mulokhai offered his talents to The Sith Empire, finding his place as a Pilot in the Sith Armada. Quickly, he stood out as an Ace, being one of the best new pilots that the Empire had to offer. As his sensitivity in the force was discovered and he began to properly understood what his power meant for him, he was only too happy to learn more. To be able to use his abilities to crush his enemies, to influence others and improve himself was a fantasy he'd long had.


Rising eventually to the rank of Commander, Mulokhai relished the opportunity to have command and control over his own squadron of pilots. Not for any desire to be a great and wonderful leader, but to exercise control over and dominate others; especially the independent types that pilots tended to be. This however, actually made him a better leader - nobody would harm his Squadron except him, and viewing them as extension of his self, any harm to them was harm to him.


Now finding his true purpose, Mulokhai's ambition and desire to grow in power and status only became more obvious. With the opportunity to become what he always wanted, his ruthless nature began to truly flourish...

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Nice character. Diggin the art!

Mulokhai Zarandur

Mulokhai Zarandur

    Dragon's Wing

  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 45 posts

Nice character. Diggin the art!


Thanks very much! I didn't make it, but I'm sworn to secrecy about it.