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Nikolas' Apartment

- - - - - Coratanni Cartel Nikolas Thawne Apartment Home Sweet Home

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Coratanni Cartel

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  • Structure Name: Nikolas' Apartment
  • Classification: Residential Apartment
  • Location: Coruscant, Senate District
  • Affiliation: Nikolas Thawne, Coratanni Cartel
  • Accessibility: 

Nikolas' Apartment is like many other apartments in the Senate District.


It is located on the penthouse floor of one of the smaller and residential towers in the district, meaning that it is not quite as Exclusive as a place like SIN 99 or Republic 500. However it is still quite difficult for any random person to step inside. The lobby is tightly controlled by the front desk, there are cameras everywhere, and the turbo-lifts require a special pass to actually utilize.

  • Security: 

Security within the Apartment Building is quite simple. There are Camera's, a pass to use the Turbolifts, and several guards which to hourly patrols all around the structure. Aside from this the building has no other security.


The Apartment itself is not much different.


Nikolas' supreme narcissism and ego are such that he generally isn't worried about anyone breaking in. Thus the apartment has no other security measures safe for door locks and the standard stuff. That being said, there are several hidden weapon cabinets and smaller alcoves for knives, blasters, and other things Nikolas could use to defend himself if it ever came to that.

  • Description: 

Perhaps slightly surprisingly, Nikolas' Apartment is almost completely normal.


Though one might expect differently from someone as sociopathic and narcissistic as Nikolas, the apartment itself is relatively the same as one might find if it were owned by someone more...standard. This is mostly because Nikolas keeps his darker tendencies outside of his home, preferring his place of residency to be a calm little alcove that he can use to get away from his business.


Of course, just because it is more normal, doesn't mean that it is not entirely ostentatious.


Nikolas, or rather the Coratanni Cartel, holds an extreme amount of wealth and the Apartment showcases this quite well.


The Apartment takes up an entire floor, holds multiple rooms, and contains it's own indoor pool. Everything inside of the residence is lavish, luxurious, and very likely overpriced. There was an air of expense within the apartment, and it is very clear that most everything inside was made to make an ordinary person balk simply at the price tags. Of course humorously enough, even though the Cartel could easily afford it, most things inside of the apartment are actually stolen.


Foyer: Because the entire Apartment takes up an entire floor of the building, much of it is dedicated to a massive Foyer. This place is a sort of common area that Nikolas uses for pretty much everything that one can imagine. At times he exercises here, he lounges around, pretty much does anything that one can imagine.


The Foyer is most definitely the largest space within the entire apartment, and when his siblings come over to his apartment it is not uncommon for most of their time to be spent in this area of the apartment alone.


Of course, in times of crisis this area takes on an entirely different sort of air. The armory and the Foyer cross over, and very quickly this large space becomes more of a preparation area for war than a communal space for fun. Though oddly enough, for Nikolas the two are one and the same.


Armory: Tucked into the very back of the Apartment itself, the Armory is one of the more unique little spaces.


Build to withstand everything short of a turbo-laser, the armory is a locked safe like construct that holds a whole host of weaponry. Gaining entry to this is extremely difficult, though once inside it is clear that Nikolas could conceivably arm a small milita. Within the armory are blasters, blades, heavy weaponry, and everything else that one would conceivably need to take down a government.


Pool: On the far side of the apartment is a large temperature controlled room.


Within this room is a beautifully designed swimming pool. Clearly taking up part of the floor below, the pool is built into the ground and was designed to resemble natural construct. There are small rock cliffs, waterfalls, and a warm humid air preserves inside of this room.


The pool room is an incredibly calming place to be, designed for relaxation rather than exercise.


Other: Though these points of Interests mainly highlight the more non-standard areas of the Apartment, Nikolas' place of residents of course has all the normal features one would find in any other home. 


There are several bedrooms, bathroom, a kitchen, and of course an 'office space' which Nikolas uses regularly.


Just because something is not listed within the points of interest does not mean it is not within the apartment, and it can be assumed that many of the standard features of a home can be found within.


There isn't a lot of history behind the Apartment that Nikolas now owns.


The apartment came into being by simple necessity. The Coratanni Cartel's expansion throughout the galaxy was becoming more and more evident, with a particular focus upon the core and mid-rim. This meant that the Thawne Children, and Nikolas in particular were traveling quite frequently from Rishi to the middle of the galaxy.


Eventually this travel became more annoying than Nikolas could handle and thus he decided to do something about it.


Asking his sister Verin and his brother Felix, Nikolas was able to purchased three separate apartments on a single floor in a building within the Senate District.


Once this was done construction quickly began and the three apartments were renovated into a single home. This home was decorated, put together, and built all under the careful supervision of Nikolas himself. Everything was made to perfection, crafted so that Nikolas would feel comfortable in his new home.


Now Nikolas lives almost permanently within the apartment, using it as a base of operations as well as a place to relax between errands for the Cartel.

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Coratanni Cartel Under Review

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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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Coratanni Cartel Nice set piece for your character! 


Going to stamp this, pending trainee approval and then the usual secondary!


Jairus Starvald

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Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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Coratanni Cartel Irajah Ven


Don't see anything wrong here.


Lavish suite for the ultra-rich.


Pending secondary approval!



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