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Lefay Flower

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Lachesis Nas







​Upon planting a Lefay seed under the correct requirements, it will germinate approximately five weeks after and start its grow over the surface of the land. The plant reaches maturity two years after germination and will start to produce buds 8-10 weeks after maturity. However, the buds in turn take another two years until ready for blooming, when the plant sprouts its very first flowers. At this time, the plant is considered an adult and fully developed specimen.


Since that moment, the plant will produce flowers once every three years. The flowers stay fresh and alive for about a week and a half before withering and receding, allowing the blooming cycle to start again.

  • Viability: 

​Lefay flowers are extremely hard to grow and truly delicate things. This is the main reason why they are not found in the wild, they were designed to be viable only under the care of hands that know exactly what the plant needs.


In order to grow, it must be potted in specifically enriched soil and must be the only plant present in its habitat. The exact mineral needs of the plant are kept a secret by its creator and shared only with select few. Needing plenty of water, sunlight and care; only expert hands with knowledge of this well-kept information would be able to successfully grow and care for a Lefay flower plant.


The most surprising characteristic about them is that Lefay flowers are force-sensitive, they need to be influenced by the Force in order to live and thus only a force-sensitive would be able to keep one without it dying. There are certain metabolism processes that the plant requires to survive and that can only be triggered by stimulating it through the Force. For this reason, it is believed that if the plant was able to survive in the wild, it would do so only near a Force Nexus that could provide the needed stimuli to its roots and buds.

  • Description: Lefay flowers are golden plants, with a strange glow about them. They are are highly distinguished by their sweet, enchanting smell and beautiful appearance, they would certainly be excellent decorative flowers were they not so monumentally hard to take care of.


  • Average height: 30cm.
  • Average length: Width of flowers: 15cm.
  • Color: Bright gold, alabaster white, silver, pitch black, dark blue, rose gold or deep red(extremely rare), transparent (not yet seen).
  • Nutritional Value: Lefay flowers can be highly nutritious if prepared correctly. They are rich in certain vitamins and minerals rarely found in other creatures that boost the metabolism and propitiate the healthy functioning of the body.
  • Distinctions: The Lefay flower's main distinction is its force-sensitivity. The cells that compose it have a high midichlorian count that make it tremendously sensitive and reactive to the Force. Because of this, a Lefay flower not only needs the Force to live (since its stimuli triggers necessary chemical reactions to keep the plant alive) but it can be influenced through it. In this manner, a Lefay flower adopts determined characteristics that vary its properties and most importantly: its color. A Lefay flower influenced by Light-sided energies will adopt Birght gold, or alabaster white colors. A flower influenced by neutral Force will turn into varying shades of shimmering silver while the dark-imbued flowers take black or dark blue shades. If a special force treatment is administered, one that is extremely hard to perform correctly and most often than not ends in failure and the death of the Lefay flower, it can adopt a rose-gold color (light-side) or deep red (dark-side). This specimens are the best and most prized among their kind, but the difficulty of creating them can truly not be exaggerated. There is one last possible tone that the flower can adopt: becoming translucent, with a crystal-like appearance. This occurs when another type of special Force treatment, one needed to be practiced by at least two different force-users, imbues the plant with either Neutral energy or equal amounts of light and dark, resulting in a neutral plant. Just like the rose-gold flowers are the best possible result of light-imbuement and deep red the one of dark-imbuement, transparent flowers are the best version of neutrally aligned specimens and the rarest and most difficult to achieve (even more so than rose gold/deep red flowers).

  • Strengths: 

​High Value: Due to their rarity, beauty and effects, Lefay Flowers or its derived products can fetch amazingly high prices in the market. 

Powerful, unique Brews: The brews made using the plants different components produce a variety of effects rarely seen, which many might find beneficial. (each brand will feature its own factory submission, detailing its effects, benefits and drawbacks)

Bonded: Like their genetic counterpart, the Murakami orchid, Lefay flowers bond to a force user and can communicate telepathically with them to an extent. Most specimens can only showcase feelings and sensations onto their bonded force-user, there are the rarer cases in which they can display more elaborate communication (this is more probable to happen with specimens that have lived for a long time, which given the feebleness of the flowers is rare).

  • Weaknesses: 

Extremely Delicate: Lefay flowers are very delicate and easily harmed. Handling it with anything less than upmost care is enough to harm it and unlike other plants, healing an injured/ill Lefay is almost impossible to do.

Force-dependency: The flower needs to be stimulated either by a force sensitive or a force nexus in order to survive. If neither occurs, the plant progressively loses its properties until it dies.

Bonded: Lefay flowers sense their bonded force-user if they are in close proximity and open communication with them regardless of the current situation. If the force-user is harmed or is experiencing intense distressed while around the plants it can have serious, possibly fatal effects. Also, if the plant is ill or experiencing discomfort, it will project this feelings/sensations onto its bonded pair causing equal effects on him/her.

Hard to Prepare: Only Esis Nas and Asha Hex know how to prepare and treat the plant correctly to obtain the desired results and they still find it difficult to do without failing. If the process was not hard enough, killing a Lefay flower that has been bonded to its cultivator for its usage is very emotionally harming. This is the reason why they only use their ill/weak/too damaged plants for the creation of the teas and thus do not obtain the same strength of effects they would if they decided to utilize the healthy, strong and younger specimens.



After years of research on Murakami orchids and preparation, a Je'daii Padawan and amateur Xenobiologist known as Esis Nas set hands to task in order to create a unique flower, unlike any seen before. Through genetic engineering of the curious force-sensitive plants from from the Murakam system and the usage of the Force, Nas managed to create the Lefay flower, with the objective of providing the Je'daii Order with the many unique and special products derived from this plant.


Many of the first attempts in creating the flower were absolute failures, with it not producing the desired effects or having a much too short life-span. A lot of effort and resources were lost but at last, the endeavor bore its fruits in the shape of a beautiful, golden colored plant with all the properties its creator had envisioned it to have. However, soon after the successful creation of the flower and before its presentation, Esis' Master died and she abandoned the order, stricken with grief. During this time she pursued a doctoral degree in xenobiology and made the last corrections to her plants.


Nowadays, Esis has returned to the Order with the many Lefay flowers she has grown during her time away and keeps them in a personal greenhouse in the Silent Academy at Ceto. She has introduced the flowers and has been instructing on how to care for them the fellow Joutneyer Asha Hex, who now keeps her own flowers in Aurum.

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Under review :D



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV

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Very cool little flower, direly craving a mug of tea now. I see nothing wrong, so, pending approval :D



the passage of time depends entirely on where you're standing. relativity theory… it's so romantic. but it's just so tragic too. 

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