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RR HW Scorpion Series-4

- - - - - Republic Remnant

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  • Intent: To provide a heavy AA/Artillery hybrid walker to enhance the air defense and long range power of the Republic Remnant
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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Republic Industries (Republic Remnant)
  • Model: RR HW Scorpion Series-4
  • Affiliation: Republic Remnant
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Ferrocarbon frame, composite armor plating (Ferrocarbon [Top layer] Trimantium [Second layer], Dura-armor [Final layer]. between each layer is a layer of Quantum Fiber), standard vehicle components.


Classification:: Walker
Role: Anti-Aircraft/Artillery
Size: Very Large
Weight: Heavy

Minimum Crew: Two ]Driver/Gunner]
Optimal Crew: Three [Driver/Gunner/Loader]
Propulsion: Quadrupedal
Speed: Very Slow, 40 km/h
Maneuverability: Very Low
Armaments: Extreme

  • Kinetic Cannon - Extreme

Defenses: Low

  • Composite Armor - Very Low
  • Shield Generator - Low

Squadron Count: 4 | Very Low
Passenger Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: Very Low



  • Multi-Role Platform
  • Advanced Targeting Computer
  • Kinetic Cannon
  • Superior Firing Angles
  • Composite Armor
  • Shield Generator
  • Autoloader


  • Multi-Role Platform - The Scorpion walker is a very simple machine, in principle, being just a gun on legs, however, thanks to the simplistic nature of its main gun and physical make-up, it can provide AA coverage, using high velocity rounds, or as artillery using heavier HE rounds. This does help in large scale invasions as, thanks to its dual nature, they can help fill two roles with one and free up space for other equipment.
  • Shock and Awe - The walker isn't just a gun on a walker, its a big gun on a walker. The immense booms as each round is fired can echo over large distances and the impacts of this weapon are a sight to behold especially the HE variety which is designed to provide maximum explosive impact and radius.
  • Advanced Targeting Systems - The Scorpion has an advanced targeting computer as, thanks to its dual role, it needs to quickly make the necessary calculations from firing heavy HE rounds in a parabola to strike at the desired area to firing a quick succession of high velocity rounds to engage vehicles zipping through the air and be able to switch between them on the fly. This advanced targeting computer is designed to aid in firing at vehicles with jammers.
  • Firing Angles - The Scorpion has an impressive amount of gun firing angles. Its gun can raise and lower, swivel in 360 degrees and, most importantly of all, its legs can raise and lower independently of the other, what this allows it to do is 'arc' its gun, and so fire the shell in trajectories that other weapon systems would struggle to replicate allowing it to better fire around obstacles.


  • Lumbering Beast - The Scorpion is a very large and very slow walker. Its legs were built to give it more firing angles and handle the immense recoil from its weapon and is not built for speed or maneuverability. This weapon platform is meant to deploy and then sit, if it has to move, it had better be for a good reason as it will be awhile before it gets there especially if the terrain is tight.
  • Multi-Role - As much as, on paper, a multi-role vehicle is useful, it can also be a handicap especially if the roles are as diverse as AA and artillery. When most think of this, they can only see the ability to flip between each on a dime, what they fail to consider is what happens when you need both support options? You are forced to choose, AA or Artillery. Which is more important at that exact moment in time as, due to its nature, you can't have both at once. Yes, it saves space and gives you more options, however, if you are facing both situations in close proximity, which is often the case on the battlefield, you have to pick one or the other, if you attempt to split in half, you get a half-hearted effort and control in both fields.
  • Long Range Fighter - As one can imagine, the Scorpion is geared towards long range combat, spewing fire at fliers up in the sky or shelling targets at ground level miles away. It is not meant to engage targets up close and while it 'can' aim at targets up close and personal, its pathetic defenses and very large size means it is very easy to spot and nail, and because of its low armor, it wasn't designed to resist damage. Soft targets [infantry], up close, are especially brutal as AA rounds are horrendous for the job and the HE rounds can pose just as much danger to itself when firing danger close as it can the enemy infantry.
  • Vulnerable - As previously alluded to, the Scorpion is a very vulnerable platform. Its defenses are low, its armor plating light enough to only resist light small arms and its shielding, while stronger, is meant to resist glancing hits from return artillery fire or a lightning airstrike. This vulnerability is only heightened by its weight and it being a walker as it has, literal, tons resting upon its weak joints just begging for heavy weaponry to come swinging by.
  • Large Target Acquisition - While the Scorpion can fire at smaller aircraft, that is not its primary design purpose. It was designed to engage larger, more durable aircraft such as gunships, heavy bombers, freighters and other such fliers where the large, powerful shells can be employed to maximum efficiency. This is why it is best coupled with the lighter AA vehicle the Republic Remnant Hunter. 


The Scorpion was designed to round out the Republic Remnant's ground-based areal denial weapon systems, meant to be used in tandem with the Hunter. The Scorpion was not designed with the purpose to engage large, fast, nimble fighter or other smaller aircraft, it was designed to go up against larger, better armored fliers such as gunships, heavy bombers or freighters thanks to its large, portent kinetic cannon. However, quick in its development, the engineers discovered that its chassis was a perfect fit for an artillery walker, in an effort to save money, [Force save the blessed Republic Bureaucracy], they merged the designs together rather then create two different variants as the debate was still raging over if this was a correct decision with the Prowler series.


The project was a claimed to be a success as it preformed its artillery role well thanks to its heavy HE rounds that quickly became dubbed 'Earthshakers' for the 'feel 'of the earth trembling beneath the feet of those standing near the site of impact. Despite, what they claim to be a success, generals and military theorist are still debating on if multi-role, when the roles are so drastically different, are truly worth employment rather then separate, specialized, vehicles.


Technical Explanations


Crew: The scorpion has two crew members, a driver and a gunner. The gunner's job is the most important as he works the main, and only, gun and sole purpose of the vehicle. The gunner is always chosen from the most experienced of tank crews as they have to have steel in their veins to properly learn fire discipline and control as they will have to change on a dime, most of the time, they will watch the skies, but they need to be ready to providing firing support ASAP and return to airspace control just as fast. The driver has a much easier time as the Scorpion doesn't tend to move much once planted, however, once it is set, the driver takes over the communications systems as well as punching in coordinates and relaying them to the gunner for firing solutions for artillery support. The loader's position is a bit odd as the gun, itself, has an autoloader, however, the walker does not hold much ammo, as such, the loader's job is to stay outside the vehicle 'feeding' ammo on demand into the walker's bay. The loader's position is not.. desired as they are the most exposed and have the high mortality rates, especially, from returning artillery strikes.


Defensive Systems: The defensive systems, or lack there of, of the Scorpion leaves it dangerously exposed. The armor plating is incredibly light designed to resist small arms fire but its light plating, coupled with its walker platform, means it was not rated against even moderate firepower. The shielding, while decent enough to give it some protection, was not designed to resist direct fire, instead, it was focused on resisting glancing blows from in-direct return artillery fire or from strafing runs from fighters that break through the defensive networks. The Scorpion is also one of the few Republic walkers without a jamming system in order to cut cost as the expectations of this walker was to be well within the back lines where, theoretically, it would be safe.


Weapon Systems: The Scorpion has a single weapon, its massive kinetic cannon firing 16-inch shells. These large shells are in an auto-loader within the walker able to switch between them, however, it only holds 12 of these massive shells before it must be reloaded, this is why it is common place to place the supplies, and why the loader usually remains outside of the walker to ensure the weapon can fire unimpeded. The weapon can fire two different shells, a lighter shell with a superior propellant that is designed to target fliers, especially heavily armored fliers, with its high velocity AA shells, or, HE 'earthshaker' rounds to provide long range artillery support.


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Under Review.


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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne


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