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RR-AW 'Prowler' Mk. 2

- - - - - Republic Remnant

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Iona Immarya

Iona Immarya

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  • Intent: To provide the Republic Remnant a medium, 'all-rounder', Assault Walker.
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Republic Industries (Republic Remnant)
  • Model: RR-AW 'Prowler Eradicator' Mk. 2
  • Affiliation: Republic Remnant
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Ferrocarbon frame, composite armor plating (Ferrocarbon [Top layer] Trimantium [Second layer], Dura-armor [Final layer]. between each layer is a layer of Quantum Fiber), standard vehicle components.


Classification:: Heavy Walker
Role: Assault Walker
Size: Average
Weight: Heavy

Minimum Crew: Two [Gunner/Driver]
Optimal Crew: Three [Gunner/Driver/Commander]
Propulsion: Quadrupedal
Speed: 100 km/h Fast
Maneuverability: Very High
Armament: High

  • Pintle-Mounted Heavy Repeating Blaster, Low 
  • Heavy Autocannon, High

Defenses: Low

  • Composite Plating, Low
  • Redundant Shielding, Low

Squadron Count: Low | 8 
Passenger Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: Very Small




  • Wall Crawler - The Prowler's leg design allows it to climb and scramble up surfaces normally considered impassable by other vehicles as it 'digs' them into the surface. This isn't always safe and the harder the surface, the more likely the Prowler is to not be able to dig in deep enough to climb. High surfaces have an increased chance of slips, however, it is a potent tactical advantage the Prowler enjoys over the 'chicken walkers' of other nations.
  • All-Rounder - The Eradicator was designed to be more of an 'all-rounder' compared to the earlier Mk of Prowler and the subsequent Destroyer that followed. Its heavy autocannon can be loaded with either HE or AT rounds allowing it to engage soft and hard targets.
  • Fast - The prowler is fast for its size and being a walker. Able to out run and maneuver most other heavy walkers giving it a level of force projection most other vehicles do not have especially in dense environments.


  • Vulnerable - The defenses of the Prowler are lacking compared to other heavy walkers as they are rather mundane by comparison. 
  • Slow Tracking - The autocannon has trouble engaging fast, mobile targets as while the rounds fired are not slow, the cannon, itself, has trouble swiveling as fast as the other Prowler Mks. 
  • Limited Penetration - The Eradicator was given an 'all-rounder' main weapon, however, the heavy autocannon was not designed to go up against the more heavier of armored vehicles out there, its weapon is not the best at true armor penetration, especially, when compared to the Prowler Mk. 3. 
  • Walker - Walkers come with a number of inherent weaknesses, such as incredibly vulnerable joints. The eggheads at the Republic did their best to mitigate these by adding more legs so the loss of one wasn't the end as well as building it lower to the ground allowing it to 'crouch' behind cover, however, there is only so much that can be done for the inherent weaknesses of the chassis.


The Prowler was designed to fill the role of assault walker for dense urban environments, jungle environments and other environments where standard tanks and other such vehicles would have trouble moving around it. Due to the bureaucratic, and cheap, nature of the Republic Remnant, the walker designed would form the basic 'chassis' for a range of walkers that would follow its production primed towards different targets. The Prowler Mk. 2, designated as the Eradicator, was made to improve the overall combat abilities of the Mk. 1, especially, against harder targets. It is not a complete upgrade as it lacks the pure firing speed of its earlier mark and isn't nearly as optimized in facing fast, mobile targets, at the same time, it lacks the pure anti-armor specialization of its successor, the Mk. 3 Destroyer, instead the Eradicator sits in a 'happy middle'. As is becoming common of the Republic Remnant vehicles [at least the ones I make], speed and mobility is far more important to them then raw durability which the Prowler exemplifies.


Technical Explanations


Crew: The Prowler has three crew members, the driver's job is a bit more complicated then others as they have to be mindful of the structural integrity of walls that wish to climb, this is aided by a powerful sensor giving it readouts on the material and a rough estimate of likelihood of collapse, as well as a strong spacial awareness as the prowler is meant to be able to flank and 'crouch' behind cover, using its smaller silhouette to its advantage. The Gunner operates the main gun, Their job is rather simple, on the vehicle's down time, the gunner can act as an engineer making needed repairs on the vehicle if given supplies and enough time. The Commander acts, well, as the commander, keeping an eye on the tactical displays and sensors to remain on top of the situation and controls, via remote, the pintle-mounted heavy repeating blaster.


Defensive Systems: The Prowler is protected by advanced composite plating, however, the plating is not thick as they didn't want to slow the prowler down, its mobility and speed were to be its strengths, not its pure durability. The armor is slanted to better resist direct hits, however, like all walkers, its joints are incredibly vulnerable as it isn't something that could be plated effectively. It has two shield generators set up in a 'redundant' system, only one is ever active at a time, when it gets to 40%, the second generator will kick on allowing the first time to recover. This is designed to endure over long firefights, however, due to its nature, high power weaponry can punch through the first shield before the second comes up, however, the Republic Remnant researches feel this is an acceptable trade-off for better protection against 'common' AT weaponry. The Prowler, like nearly all Republic Remnant vehicles, comes with a 4x-Phantom Short Range Sensor Jammer to help protect it further by disrupting targeting systems.


Weapon Systems: The Eradicator, like the other Prowler variants, has a pintle-mounted heavy repeating blaster that is remotely controlled by the commander. It has a 360° firing arc able to fire in any direction around the Prowler, it is only designed to engage infantry and the lightest of vehicles [unarmored speeders], but is good for suppression. The large turret on the back of the prowler houses the main weapon, theheavy autocannon. The autocannon fires kinetic rounds in either HE or AT variety. The gunner picks which he wants before firing and the autoloader inserts the correct ammo. The heavy autocannon can fire burst of four rounds in quick succession before the auto-loader needs to slide in more shells. This weapon was designed to engage infantry, in cover and out, as well as light to medium vehicles.

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Iona Immarya

Iona Immarya

    That One Padawan

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EDIT: After copying and pasting them over, forgot to lower defense rating. Corrected.


Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Under Review.

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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Lily Kuhn


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