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The Dark Magus

sub-group TSE

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The Dark Magus are a collective order of Magi, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and use of the Dark Side. Theirs is the path of power through study, experimentation and then perfection of the Dark Arts. As advanced practitioners of rituals, alchemy, spells, mystical arts and prophecy, the Dark Magus wield considerable power by most Sith standards.
It also falls on the Dark Magus to perform other tasks involving the Force and the Dark Side, as determined by the Emperor.
The Dark Magus are a sub-group of the Sith Empire.




A hierarchy is used for the Dark Magus, giving a title and position based on capabilities and understanding of their field of study. The elevation of any lesser Magus is an important event, as a test must be completed - with failure meaning either death or exile - and is determined by a small council of High Magus, to avoid claims of favoritism or corruption. Following the successful completion of the elevation rite, the newly christened Magus is given a new mark on the forearm and takes his/her new placement alongside fellow brothers and sisters of the Dark Arts.
Those that fail the elevation rite are either killed (usually by their own failures) or exiled by the Arch-Magus.


The Arch-Magus is the leader of the Dark Magus, and is typically associated with the title Lord of Dark Arts. There may only ever be one Arch-Magus, with replacement only occurring due to death or self-exile from the order, and it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the Dark Magus are performing their purpose to the Sith Empire, and that training and development are proceeding as expected. The Arch-Magus is also prone to selecting a very few promising Lesser Magus, and personally training them to become High Magus, providing advanced skills and abilities not usually available to the lesser members of the Dark Magus order. This personal tutelage is seen as a very high honor, and shows that a Lesser Magus has very great potential for advancement within the order.
In times of conquest or war, the Arch-Magus acts as a Battle-Magus, providing command of the Dark Magus members and conveying orders from the Emperor to the Magus contingent. This capacity is usually as an overseer for the Magus forces, monitoring and supporting other Sith forces where needed or advising on possible tactics or options in battle.
Concerning the Dark Magus, in all rulings and decisions, the Arch-Magus has final say. He/she does, however, utilize a Council of Magi (a more informal title of no more than two High Magus), which have been hand-selected by the Arch-Magus, to deliberate and act as a voting triumvirate in times of need.
Additionally, working with the High Magus, the Arch-Magus mediates any elevation rites decisions, and approves the final test for the promotion when the rite is agreed upon.

The High Magus are the highest members of the Dark Magus, capable of performing great feats of power and Dark Arts. Two members of this rank are always members of the Council of Magi, and work with the Arch-Magus by creating elevation rites for other lesser members. Working in conjunction with the Arch-Magus, the High Magus are tasked with training Lesser Magus in experimenting and perfecting all manner of rituals, spells and alchemy, developing the order in power and status among the Sith Empire.
The Dark Arts skills and powers of the High Magus are considered the highest of the Magus, if not the Sith Empire itself. It has taken numerous years of dedication, sacrifice and willpower to reach this rank, and to master the arts involved with reaching such a position. Those of High Magus rank wield the very essence of the Dark Arts, and all lesser Magus should show due respect, despite personal opinion.
In times of conquest or war, the High Magus serve as lieutenants to the Arch-Magus, receiving orders through him from the Emperor and ensuring all lesser Magus involved are put to task and complete that which is demanded of them. Each High Magus is also capable of acting as Battle-Magus in any conquest, if the Arch-Magus is otherwise unable to perform the task, with the appointment falling to the most senior High Magus.
At any time, a High Magus may take a Lesser Magus as his/her personal pupil, to hone their development and train them in preparation of becoming a High Magus; but this is in addition to maintaining general Lesser Magus training.

The Lesser Magus are the majority of the Dark Magus order. They are Sith that have shown high potential and are capable of wielding most mid-tier Dart Arts skills and abilities. This is where personal capabilities are truly recognized, and status gained by willingness to develop and grow in more abilities and powers. Lesser Magus are very capable of utilizing their powers, and while not to the level of High Magus, are still serious threats to their opponents. Due to the learning status of the Lesser Magus, the majority of members of this rank are regulated to assisting Servant development and preparing the hopeful initiates for the High Magus' considerations.
All Lesser Magus are given training and lessons by High Magus, and are also expected to seek personal advancement through pursuits of their own in the Dark Arts. Whether they do this alone, or with other Lesser Magus, is entirely up to him/her, however all elevation rites are conducted on a personal basis - so relying on one another to supplement personal weakness is parallel to failure. Any member of the Lesser Magus may request an elevation rite, should they deem themselves ready, but should be truly prepared and not act out of selfish need to seek promotion... otherwise, the High Magus are able to select Lesser Magus they deem fit for the testing.
It is not uncommon for the Arch-Magus to seek promising Lesser Magus to teach personally, but it is at his/her discretion - only those that truly dedicate and take it upon themselves to improve gain the Arch-Magus' attention.
In times of conquest or war, all Lesser Magus are assigned a High Magus to serve as their commander. All orders received are followed exactly, and to the utmost capabilities of the Lesser Magus, as the tasks appointed have come directly from the Arch-Magus (in his/her capacity as Battle-Magus) and the Emperor.

The Servant is simply that, a servant. A new initiate of the Dark Magus, the members of this rank are there solely to prove if they are capable of becoming Magus. It is their purpose to assist with tasks appointed to them by higher ranked Magus, and to learn from any Magus willing to teach him/her in the ways of the Dark Arts. It is during this initiation period that any hopeful Magus is assessed on capability, knowledge and application of powers taught; and if proved worthy, the Servant is given the elevation rite and proceeds to become a Lesser Magus, earning the next Mark of the Magus from the Arch-Magus directly.
During conquest or war, the Servants provide any and all assistance they can to every Magus above their rank, regardless of how unimportant or mundane the task may seem to be. It is only through service and development that these initiates earn their place in the Dark Magus, and any unwilling Servants are typically observed and judged harshly - but those that dedicate themselves to the order, and serve diligently, are seen favorably when their elevation rite is presented...






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* - denotes Council of Magi member




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