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Cornerstone Scientific

Tier 2

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  • Image Source: This concept image, edited by me
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  • Corporation Name: Cornerstone Scientific
  • Headquarters: Coruscant
  • Locations: Coruscant
  • Operations:
    • Medical Supplies
    • Droids
    • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Tier: II


Cornerstone Scientific began as a small startup on Coruscant, owned by an aging Atrisian doctor who went by Milos Tso. After working in the medical field for ages, Dr. Tso became fed-up with medical supply companies that knew very little about medicine themselves and saw patient care only as a means to make money. After a mishap where faulty equipment lead to the death of one of his patients, Dr. Tso was inspired to create his own medical supply company that focused on producing quality products and researching better methods to produce medical instruments. Given his reputation, Dr. Tso has employed a small team of dedicated doctors and scientists under him.
Though small, Cornerstone Scientific has a talented team of medical physicians and researchers that focus on producing top tier medical supplies including equipment, experimental drugs and therapies and medical droids. The company has a few contracts with local hospitals to whom they sell supplies to and is slowly gaining popularity in the medical field as a company run by doctors, for doctors.
Recently Cornerstone Scientific has come under the ownership of Dr. Farah Navarro, a young Zeltron surgeon known for her relentless drive and ascorbic nature. There was very little public coverage of the ownership transfer and current employees of Cornerstone Scientific have refused to comment on this transition. Despite the new ownership, there seems to be very little change in the way Cornerstone Scientific is run. However, Dr. Navarro seems uninterested in anything that has to do with personal relations and tends to send an envoy when it comes to communicating with other companies or interested parties.

Cornerstone Scientific caught Farah’s eye for a few reasons; it was a company created by medically minded people to serve their peers and had a heavy focus on research and development into new technologies. After doing some research of her own into the company’s history and working with a few of their prototype products, Farah determined that it would be a valuable resource for her to have. Cornerstone Scientific was the perfect target for her given that it was staffed mostly by non-business types and still a very young company that was just appearing in the public eye.
With the help of Nikolas Thawne, Farah was able to take over the company with ease and slide smoothly into a leadership position as acting CEO. Dr. Tso withdrew from the public eye for the time being, and most of the existing employees of Cornerstone Scientific were able to keep their jobs, likely under a mix of threat and promise that they would be taken care of so long as they cooperated.
With Dr. Navarro as the new company head, very little changed within the company’s day to day operations. Employees were bound to a strict code not to discuss company operations with outsiders, though they received a steady paycheck and were allowed much of the freedom they had under Dr. Tso. While Cornerstone Scientific still produces medical products to fulfil its company contract, the focus of its research and development focus has shifted over to Farah’s personal projects.
Subsidiaries: N/A 

Parent Corporation: N/A

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