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Coratanni Cartel

Coratanni Cartel


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  • Intent: To continue subbing Coratanni's expansion on Coruscant
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The Akkara Starport is not the most accessible place on Coruscant. Located in the works, in the middle of the planets highest Industrial sector, the starport is surrounded by dozens of factories, warehouses, and other more mechanized concerns.


Though it is obviously possible to reach the location via speeder and starship, getting to Akkara on foot can be both difficult and highly dangerous. The structure itself is easy to traverse of course, but The Works are generally not a place that one wants to run around in for multiple reasons. In general however, Akkara is easy enough to reach when inside of a vehicle.

  • Security: 

Perhaps unexpectedly, Akkara Starport is one of the most well defended structures that can be found on Coruscant.


Though not in any way militarily fortified, the Starport does contain a host of Coratanni Enforcers and Soldiers. There are no turbo-lasers, no shields, and nothing beyond the standard blast doors and auto-turrets that one would find in any modern starport. This was all specifically put in place to make Akkara seem normal. The usual fare is all out in the open, including scanners and security checks.


Beyond this however is an extensive network of defenses built up by the Coratanni Cartel. These defenses include a host of Synthetic EnforcersCoratanni Executioners, and one or more of the bio-slicers.


This 'garrison' provides an extreme amount of protection for the Starport, meaning that anything short of coordinated military strike would have extreme difficulty in breaching the facility. Of course certain parts of the Starport are also hardened against strikes, built with far thicker durasteel enforced walls and double blast doors in order to keep them secure.

  • Description: 

The Akkara starport is outwardly no different than any other small Industrial Starport on Coruscant.


Ostensibly Akkara is little more than a private landing sector for various corporations and factories located within The Works. If anyone were to look they would find freighters, transports, and large bulk cruisers coming in and out of Akkara on a daily basis, and for all intense and purposes this is not far from the truth. Of course below the surface, Akkara is something far different.


Hidden beneath the fail of legitimate imports and exports are an extreme amount of contraband. 


This includes but is not limited to arms, armor, drugs, and even slaves.


Akkara is owned and operated by the Coratanni Cartel, though they are by no means the only ones who utilize it. Though it is not well known, several Galactic Oligarchs, and other organizations utilize the starport to smuggle things in and out of Coruscant. Of course on the surface this is all extremely veiled, with most of the ships coming through Akkara serving legitimate businesses located within the works.


Everything at the Starport is carefully and tightly controlled. There are no drugs out in the open, no weapons, nothing that could give away the true purpose of the place. This is all part of the carefully crafted illusion maintained by the Coratanni Cartel and it's associates.


Hangars: The main component and most important feature of Akkara are of course its hangar bays. This is what takes up the largest portion of the Starport itself, and there are over twenty four individual hangar bays of various sizes located around Akkara. The largest of these can accommodate a ship of two hundred and fifty meters while the smallest can only contain a vessel of twenty. 


This of course means that compared to some of the Other Starports on Coruscant Akkara is relatively small, though that comes as no surprise. The Hangar bays in Akkara are fully furnished and equipped with everything that an incoming vessel might need. There are fuel ports, maintenance droids, and even security measure to ensure no one can board ships that are parked there.


All hangars are connected to the central building of the Starport, though a few of them contain paths directly to the warehouses. These special hangar bays are mostly reserved for select businesses and corporations.


Center Building: Akkara Starport is not a commercial Starport, it is an Industrial one. That means the Center Building of the Starport is not filled with bustling civilians looking for their next ship. 


Instead the Central building is simply a place where captains, crew, and the few passengers that do come through are able to rest and grab a quick snack. Some sponsored restaurants are featured within the Central Building, and of course this is where the offices of the Starport are located. The Central building is connected to everything at Akkara, including the Control Tower and the Warehouses.


Control Tower: The Control Tower of Akkara Starport is one of it's most important features. 

Taking quite a long time to gain proper authorization, The Control Tower is what actually guides, directs, and communicates with Coruscant Traffic. The Control Tower is staffed by extremely skilled veterans, all of whom serve at the pleasure of the Coratanni Cartel. It is these men and women who direct and control the flow of ships coming in and out of Akkara. The Tower oversees everything at Akkara Starport.


Due to it's importance, the Control tower is almost always staffed by at least one Coratanni Bio-Slicer, as well as Mara Thawne herself at times. The Control Tower is also the most well defended, with heavily reinforced walls, ray shield projectors, and auto-turrets.


Warehouses: Akkara Starport serves mainly Industrial clientele.


This means that the Starport itself is connected and contains a series of warehouses which are used by said clients. These warehouses are built exactly as most others within the Works, save for their increased security. These buildings contain everything from newly manufactured droids to luxury speeders that are being imported to Coruscant.


Of course, the warehouses are also somewhat of a front, and throughout a various number of these storage buildings are located hidden rooms and false doors which hide illicit and illegal goods stored and distributed by the Coratanni Cartel.


The Akkara Starport is a new fixture within The Works. Originally the structure had no name, much less any sort of purpose. It was used as a storage facility by a handful of different corporations, all of them simply seeing it as a way for keep things out of the way.


It took the Coratanni Cartel, and by extension SIN to turn it into something else.


With it's business expanding on Coruscant and throughout the Core, the Coratanni Cartel needed a way to bring it's contraband and legitimate merchandise onto the planet at a more rapid pace. It was Mara Thawne that took the initiative to facilitate this, and using her connections she managed to purchase the series of warehouses that would become Akkara Starport.


Through various bribes and favors, Mara managed to gain the proper permits from the local Government to build an official starport. Within a few months SIN managed to construct Akkara, a small, but operable place for various freighters and transports to dock and unload their cargo.


This quickly became wildly popular with both smaller and larger corporations within the Works, and before long Coratanni Cartel managed to hide it's illicit traffic beneath a veil of legitimate commerce.

Of course since it was her idea Mara Thawne is the overseer of Akkara Starport. Though she does not maintain a constant presence at the location, she is well aware and in control of everything that goes on there. Akkara is a vital lifeline for Coratanni on Coruscant, and thus it is a well protected and extremely guarded secret.


Everything on the surface of the Starport appears clean and sparkly, no one having any idea of the darkness that lies beneath.

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Coratanni Cartel


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Coratanni Cartel


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